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Things to do in Naples

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The top 161 attractions in Naples

Squares in Naples
Piazza del Plebiscito
One of the largest squares in Naples is the del Plebiscito, in the heart of the city, just steps from the famous Café Gambrinus and among the buildings of the Royal Palace and the Theatre of San Carlos. The square is ellipse-shaped and when it stopped being used as parking space it regained its former prestige of public space where concerts, demonstrations and even Christmas operas are sometimes performed (usually outdoors).
Historical Monuments in Naples
Galleria Umberto I
The glass dome roof of the First Galleria Umberto of Naples corresponds to the type of architecture that was popular in the nineteenth century. Constructed 1887-1889 and designed by architect Emanuele Rocco, who followed religiously the fashion canons of that wonderful time and raised the glass structure with a stunning iron frame of such dimensions that when you enter you don't have to even lift your head to see where the light comes from. The glass roof and dome are harmoniously implanted on the lower structure, but it's definitely the top of this construction that takes the cake.
Exhibitions in Naples
Gulf of Naples
Is there anywhere in the world more beautiful than the Gulf of Naples? I would say no. It is the very center of Paradise (perhaps it's also by the door of hell, yes, because Mount Vesuvius could erupt at any time). The Gulf smells like sea, lemon, fish, tomato ... and also sounds wonderful, due to Naples' Italian music. "O sole mio", "Torna Surriento", "Questa picolissima serenade" ... Want to know more about Neapolitan music? Well, come here, turn the speakers up and enjoy.
Museums in Naples
Naples National Archaeological Museum
Roman mosaics, bronze sculptures, stone and marble, utensils and jewelery recovered from the ruins of Pompeii to the ruins of a village named Papyrus recovered from its ruins near Erculaneo.This place is a must. It's in a huge building in the middle of the chaos of Naples and very very near the old neighborhood and cathedral. It´s an unforgettable visit. They allow you to take photos. See that some rooms are closed before others in the museum, at least Sunday when we went to visit.
Castles in Naples
Castel dell'Ovo
The Castle dell´Ovo (castle of the egg) is found in the isolate part of Megaride, inside the gulf of Naples. The legend says that a hidden egg supported the building´s structure. Visitors can appreciate the defensive structure of this place, like its terrace with canons and a marine villa located at the foot of the castle.
Castles in Naples
Castel Nuovo (Maschio Angioino)
It is called this to distinguish it from the oldest royal residences, the Castle of the Egg and Campuano. The imposing fortress overlooking the port of the city was established in 1279 by Charles I of Anjou. The triumphal arch giving access to the castle and is its principal ornament was erected to celebrate the triumphal entry of Alfonso of Aragon in 1443. The magnificent sculptures are an important monument of the revival of southern Italy. Inside is the Palatine Chapel, which preserves the original aspect dei Baroni room, is something you cannot miss. Be aware of robberies in this place. Naples is an interesting city with constant action, but also it´s unsafe.
Churches in Naples
Gesu Nuovo Church
This is the church that was built by the Jesuits. It's called "New Jesus". Construction began 1584, under the direction of Jesuit architect Giuseppe Valeriano. Completed in 1601, dedicated to the Name of Jesus and the Immaculate Conception of Mary, as in the parchment placed next to the first stone, under the first pillar. The church is popularly known as the "New Jesus".
Of Cultural Interest in Naples
The Neapolitan Presepio
In the center of Naples, in Spaccanapoli, there´s a mavelous street. More than marvelous, it is a dream, like from Harry Potter. It´s the Via San Gregorio Armeno, where you can find workshops and stores of the artisans that still make marvelous figures like they made in the XVIII century. YOu want to know more? Enter here to see all the details.
Palaces in Naples
Royal Palace of Naples
The Royal Palace of Naples was begun from the year 1601, by the Viceroy ruling at the time, and was possibly visitedby the King of Italy. The initial project of the architect Domenico Fontana underwent many modifications and its style was modified until it became completely baroque. Its exterior is stunning but not overdone. Inside they are stairs and profuse marble columns, statues, lamp everywhere. It was the center of power of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. Located in the heart of Naples, is a neighbor of the famous Piazza del Plebiscito.
Museums in Naples
Certosa Di San Martino
The Charterhouse of San Martino and the adjacent Castel Sant Elmo is one of the main monuments in Naples. Founded in 1325, the Charterhouse has undergone numerous structural changes in its history. It houses the museum of San Martino, the museum of the history of the kingdoms of Naples and the south. It is located on the Vomero hill, from which you can enjoy a splendid view over the Gulf below.
Harbors in Naples
Port of Naples
THis port is close to the center of the city, with easy access, barely 3 minutes walking to arrive to the Nuovo Castle, where you can go on a ferry and leave quickly to Capri. IT has a good view, I recommend to rent a motocycle and in 3 hours you´ve seen everything. In the port of Naples it is interesting to see the storse to buy whatever little useful thing for a trip or a toy at low prices. They want to sell you an iPad for little and later give you a case. We were warned about that.
Of Cultural Interest in Naples
It is well known that FAME has not always brought good things to the city of Naples: Chaos, scammers, etc. I will not deny that I read too many reviews and I was clinging to my belongings and especially my camera during the trip. Damn paranoia! Naples is a chaotic city. Divinely chaotic. And no scammers are making more money than they already are in your city dressed in suit and tie. The route s.Biagio dei Librai was one of the most surprising finding in my short lifetime. It is a tourist street but does not appear to be one. Decadent in the best sense of the word. This must be the street with the most churches in the world. Its pubs, shops, and art stalls on the same route and street art are hard to forget. A greeting
Cities in Naples
Downtown Naples is anything but organised, but the chaos is its greatest charm. You'll find all kinds of vehicles racing through the narrow alleys, many walkways, street markets and generally a lot of outdoor life, full of nooks, intimate little corners and shops, and street stalls. You're sure to find some surprises.
Theaters in Naples
Teatro Di San Carlo
The Theatre of San Carlos is the most important in Naples and is one of the largest in the world. It was opened in the month of November 1737 and is the most oldest and most active opera house in the world. It has served as a model for other major theaters worldwide and was declared a Unesco World Heritage Site. It is famous for its expression of music and Italian culture, having had some of the most famous actors and singers on its stage. A glorious example of Italian theatre.
Historical Monuments in Naples
Cloister of the Clarisse
The cloister of Santa Clara is a haven of peace and beauty. Recently renovated the walls are painted with many pastel frescoes and the garden is dotted with colonnades of majolica decoration, all perfectly in harmony with the trees and shrubs. During my visit a piano was being played and it was a paradise to sit a moment and enjoy the atmosphere prior to visiting Naples or touring the monastery museum and its cradle eighteenth century cradle.
Cathedrals in Naples
Naples Cathedral
If you are in Naples during the first Sunday in May, or the 19th of September, this is something you can't miss: the liquefaction of the blood of St. Januarius. Twice a year, dried blood in a glass carafe that becomes liquefied (if it doesn't, it's interpreted as an omen for terrible catastrophes), and then there's a big party. Want to know more? Go to
Stadiums in Naples
Stadio San Paolo
If you get off at the Campi Flegrei stop, you can see the San Paolo stadium, a real temple of football culture here in Naples, which opened its doors in 1959. The sport has long been loved in the city, and it has a glorious history. This stadium is one of the most famous in Italy, a true place of worship for the fans.
Museums in Naples
Museo di Capodimonte
This museum is characterized by its large size and has works by Luca Giordanos, Luca Signorelli and there are also Españoletos. It's one of the largest art galleries in the world and the unique works are in all the art books. It's a must.

The best things to do in Naples

As with all major Italian cities, the list of
stuff to do in Naples
is a gigantic! A good place to start is the port area. The Castel Nuovo, one of the most important attractions in Naples,
serves as the entrance to the city from the sea. Then, head
to Piazza del Plebisticio where you'll find some of the most essential
things to see in Naples, like the Basilica Reale San Francesco di Paola and the Galleria Umberto I.

If you continue walking to the historic city center, you'll find plenty of interesting things to do in Naples. Do not miss the National Archaeological Museum (one of the best archaeological museums of the world), the Piazza del Ges Nuovo, the
diamond-shaped stone facade church of the same name, and the chapel of the impressive Naples Cathedral.

Other top places to visit in Naples are the celebrated
archaeological ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum, and the cause thereof: Mount Vesuvius. If you want to include some day trips on your list of what to do in Naples, the islands of the Gulf of Naples (Capri, Ischia and Procida) and the beaches of the Amalfi Coast are just a short ferry ride away!

To find more about the best Naples attractions, check out these recommendations from real travelers and discover all the most highly-rated Naples attractions.