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Things to do in Miyajima

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The top 10 attractions in Miyajima

Temples in Miyajima
Itsukushima Shrine
Miyajima has something magical. We arrived at noon from Hiroshima. We spent the afternoon on the island and finally spent a day in Deer Isle. The magic begins when you first see the ferry appear from the Seto Inland Sea. It is the entrance gate of Itsukushima Shinto temple. I watched from different distances and at different times: Down Mt Misen, going to Mt Misen, at noon when it seems to float in the morning, in the evening when there stuck in the sand and tourists rub it, and looked for night. The typical black, red, and blue background image of Japan really caught me attention.
Islands in Miyajima
Situated several train stations from JR Hiroshima is Miyajima Island, an ideal place to make a day trip from Hirshima, famous for the Shrine pagtrimonio of humanity, but it also has many other attractions, parks, walking , countless nooks where you can take a stroll, read or write, you can choose to walk or take a cable car up for the price of about 15 euro to the top from where there are views of the island, I decided not to go up, and I stayed at the bottom reading and walking between the sea and forests
Islands in Miyajima
Sunset in Miyajima
After spending a morning at the Peace Park in Hiroshima, I went to Miyajima Miyajima guchi guchi and JR took the ferry to get to Miyajima. I got to the island at 2 in the afternoon, during high tide, the torii of Miyajima was in the water. I strolled around the island and went to the top of the summit by cable car and then walked down the streets between temples and forest. I walked down the boardwalk and went to take the ferry across to Miyajima guchi. It was great. The sky was on fire. All eyes were looking to the sky. A sunset with the full range of colors of the flames. The ferry ride was very short. I was entranced by the beauty of the sunset, in Japan and in July, between seven and eight o'clock.
Viewpoints in Miyajima
Shishiiwa Viewpoint
If you enjoy majestic views of the inland sea, you absolutely must climb Mount Misen. You can continue up to the summit which is about 100 meters above this viewpoint. This really isn't even necessary because the views from there are already incredible. The site can be accessed on foot or in a cable car. I would have loved to walk up the hill and enjoy the virgin forest, but I enjoyed uploading a rented bikes and we parked in front of one of the most interesting, Momijidani Park, which Valley is Japanese maples, and should be even more impressive in autumn ... But the heat was unbearable that day and so don't even try walking. The rise in the cable car is not very expensive, are about 15 euros round trip, and the views are amazing, but if you go with good weather and you enjoy hiking, well worth doing at least some of the walking steps. Besides temples you meet along the way. With a little luck you stumble upon any of the monkeys living on the island, and it seems to be common to find, though I had no luck. Yes, darling, you have the hand very long ;) For me, a must if you're going to Miyajima.
Hiking in Miyajima
Mount Misen
There are two ways to get to the top: walk (it's really difficult) half the way in a cable car and walk the rest. The cable car price 1000 yen one way and return 1800. You have to be very careful, wear suitable shoes as we saw the odd snake, you do not see how fast I went down, jejejejeje. The cable car leaves you halfway and then you go to the top of a fairly steep road and drive down or get the cable cars.
Of Cultural Interest in Miyajima
Close Iwaso Ryokan
In May 2010 we went to Japan for the 1st time Mary my wife and I, we were married on the 15th and decided to see the modern and traditional Japan. One of the destinations was Miyajima Island. It is close to Hiroshima and a sacred island that is the heritage of humanity. Fawns go around freely, it houses important Buddhist temples. Very close to our lodging was down riachuleo up her cause we have this amazing view and I took what I consider one of my best pictures. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
Hiking in Miyajima
This path can be walked in about two hours from the station, near the top of Mt Misen. It has fantastic views of the inland sea, forests and sanctuaries. Leaving the station, you start walking along a road that leads across a rainforest, where I stumbled upon the first Jizo. These small statuettes represent the protective spirits of the souls of children ve have died before their parents. Occasionally, I found a temple with monks in, the ruins of what was once a temple or a shrine. I also enjoyed the rugged landscape of streams, mountains and I saw some deer. A very interesting tour. At the end of the path is the Daisho-In temple. It closes at five so I had to wait until tomorrow to visit.
Hiking in Miyajima
Shishiiwa Station
Many people who travel to Japan think that in Miyajima there's only a beach. There are more interesting things. Once you get the photos of Miyajima follow the arrows to the funicular or ropeway. You will see the amazing views there. At the second station, enjoy the view and when you exit the station, you will find very friendly monkey families living in the place. A single ticket costs 1000 yen from Miyajima. I recommend going down by foot. There are many points of interest. Enjoy the scenery.
Of Touristic Interest in Miyajima
Theme Parks in Miyajima
Paddle Park
The red Otorii of Itsukushima Shrine is a UNESCO and 1 of the 3 most scenic spots in Japan. The gate appears to float in the Seto Inland Sea, it is a spectacular sight from both ferry and the shore of Miyajima. But why not get a close up view and kayak through it. Paddle park is a short walk from Maezora station. Upon our arrival Masashi-san checked our experience and sorted us out with the necessary equipment. The kayaks are light weight with rudders and therefore easy for novices to use, with a choice of a single or double. The launch site is just five minutes away. This area is also famous for oysters. After an hour of gentle paddling through the oyster farms we reached Miyajima island. We went ashore, leaving the kayaks on the beach, encountered marauding deer and wandered past numerous shrines. Half and hour later, we were back in the boats for the high point of the day, souvenir photos and paddling beneath Otorii the boundary between the human and the spirit world. Should a capsize occur, Masashi-san is calm and efficient and can get you back in your boat in a flash. A relaxed paddle back through glassy sea and we were back at paddle park. Highly recommended and no experience required.
Activities in Miyajima