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Things to do in Tuxtla Gutiérrez

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Activities in Tuxtla Gutiérrez

The top 35 attractions in Tuxtla Gutiérrez

Canyons in Tuxtla Gutiérrez
Sumidero Canyon
The Gully Canyon is a deep narrow canyon, located 5 kilometers from Tuxtla Gutierrez, capital of Chiapas, Mexico. The cliffs of this canyon are more than 1000 meters high. The river Grijalva, which runs through it, has a depth of over 250 meters. The fault line developed about twelve million years ago. In the Sierra Norte de Chiapas it is among the most spectacular, with walls that rise over 1300 feet. The river is flowing through the states of Chiapas and Tabasco and flows into the Gulf of Mexico. In its southern entrance, the canyon begins in Chiapa de Corzo, and flows into the artificial reservoir of the hydroelectric dam Manuel Moreno Torres, best known as "Chicoasén". The relevance sump barrel is such that part of the Shield of Chiapas. By its unique beauty and historical significance, the icon of Chiapas is nominated for one of the "New 7 Wonders of Nature" as the sole representative of Mexico in this international competition.
Ruins in Tuxtla Gutiérrez
Ruins of Yaxchilán
In Yaxchilan, we had a 100% natural experience as we went on a sail boat on the Usumacinta River. It was quite a fascinating experience - the roar of howler makes you think of the largest cat of America: THE JAGUAR. We were surprised when, about 30 minutes into the journey, we found this beautiful feline swimming just a few meters from our boat and in broad daylight.
Churches in Tuxtla Gutiérrez
Santo Domingo Temple
This beautiful 17th century Baroque church is, for me, the most beautiful of the entire city. Built in the purest colonial baroque style, the facade is an exuberance of designs, patterns and figures. Many of them were made directly by indigenous labor and perhaps that is why the temple "smells" of the Mayan religion. Located in a very popular area, it is the meeting place of the local community (and known as the cathedral of the poor). At night, the whole church is illuminated. The atmosphere is very unique. The spot brings to mind the old legends of Creoles recalled in the fire, legends that spoke of conquests and wars, but also caches and voices at midnight.
Lakes in Tuxtla Gutiérrez
Montebello Lakes
I took my family to experience a visit to the lakes of Montebello. It was an amazing opportunity to admire the different colors of the lakes. There are more than thirty but we visited the seven major offered in the course. My family and I were in awe of the surroundings.
Cathedrals in Tuxtla Gutiérrez
Tuxtla Cathedral
I'll share secret place that you definitely have to visit . That secret place is the Cathedral of San Marcos . Something that characterizes other than its architecture is its tower which houses a beautiful carillon with 48 bells and a music system. Every hour, the figures of the 12 apostles come out on full display on a pedestal. Everyone who visits this area, can not help stopping to hear the sounds and see this event. It's a shame that the last time I was there, they were remodeling this cathedral, otherwise I would have included more photos.
Squares in Tuxtla Gutiérrez
Parque Jardin de la Marimba
It is definitely one of the capital's most beautiful folk and cultural sites. This park has become the soul of the city, because at night, groups play marimba, escorted by the audience dancing and having fun so that it is impossible not to join the dance. This park has become a meeting place and family entertainment, where visitors enjoy snacks. At 6pm every night you can go to the park and spend a very pleasant cheerful time. It is not to be missed. The videos will give you a clear idea of ​​the atmosphere that prevails at night in this park.
Churches in Tuxtla Gutiérrez
Santa Lucía Church
The peculiar and beautiful ornamentation of Santa Lucia Church is very striking. The whole facade is decorated with pine leaf garlands and bases. Its color varies from green to brown depending on the time of year when you visit San Cristobal. This kind of "clock," which marks the seasons of San Cristobal, is also a remembrance of ancient Mayan traditions. This ancient village is filled with Chiapas inhabitants, the shrine is decorated with pine needles, almost mandatory it seems. Although, in this case, the floor of the church is respected, the exterior decorations are provided by the faithful of the neighborhood. Try to access the backyard of the church. There are several altars decorated with candles on the floor, and we can confirm how the Catholic and Mayan mix traditions together in this town.
Squares in Tuxtla Gutiérrez
Square of Arcs
The park and the square of the arches is the real commercial center of this beautiful city. Under the arcades, you can find banks, shops and the most exclusive restaurants and hotels. Every evening, locals roam stroll through it, they sit on the benches or seek out a burrito stand where they can have a snack. The rate does not decline at night as it is overtaken by young musicians with guitars and drums. A nice place, good starting point to explore the fascinating San Cristobal.
Squares in Tuxtla Gutiérrez
Cathedral Square
If the center of San Cristobal trade is considered in the Plaza de los Arcos, then the main area for social gathering is the Cathedral Square. The Plaza de la Paz (Plaza of the Peace) is a huge open area with a stunning cross in its center. Every Sunday afternoon, local families gather between the balloons, the food stalls and music to enjoy the plaza. But it is also the venue for most of the city's major events. The square can also be considered the nightclub of city's youth. Revolutionaries, families and a rich cultural and night coexist in this space. It is the clearest symbol of the essence of San Cristobal.
Of Cultural Interest in Tuxtla Gutiérrez
Cristo de Chiapas
Personally I enjoyed it because I have been part of the development of this project. From here you can enjoy a panoramic view of the city of Tuxtla , as it is located in one of the higher areas of the region, of course surrounding the urban area, while in the sanctuary of the Christ of Chiapas can enjoy the magnificence of this work, currently holds the record high in works of its kind (the world's tallest Christ), a visit here if you are traveling through the Mexican state of Chiapas, in the natural wonders that saves the state, this wonder has crept artificial well worth knowing
Cathedrals in Tuxtla Gutiérrez
San Cristobal Cathedral
San Cristobal Cathedral is the seat of the Diocese of Chiapas province. This province is famous for its rebellious spirit and deep social conscience. A perfect example is the fact that the first pastor of this cathedral was Bartolomé de las Casas. This religious, fervent defender of Indian rights was able to get Carlos V to agree (for a while) to stop the conquest and discuss the dignity of the native american people. They have preserved interesting sculptures and much of the altarpiece from this period. There is a very curious small sculpture called the "child of luck" which locals offer toys and candy to get protection.
Of Cultural Interest in Tuxtla Gutiérrez
Decoración Bicentenario México
On the Bicentennial of the Independence of Mexico all cities were filled with green, white and red colored lights (the colors of the Mexican flag). To give an example of this scenario, here are some pictures of what adorned the capital state of Chiapas. I love the decoration because it creates an environment in keeping with the holiday, it's Christmas now, security is also impressive. Visit Chiapas my friends, don't miss it. Regards.
Flea Markets in Tuxtla Gutiérrez
Church of Santo Domingo. Near the walls, the shadow brings about the most interesting craft market in San Cristobal. It brings together members of the poorest indigenous communities in the region to sell to tourists and the most varied indigenous goods. In a magic-though small-market there are many options of things to do: you can eat one roasted corn from corn-on-fire, buy a wonderful Handmade multicolored cloth, braids us, buying a Zapatista ski mask, or a wool cap, or a necklace made of seeds, or a pair of boots ... Many things are offered, and prices are pretty good, though haggling doesn´t hurt and the atmosphere is very lively. Songwriters who sell their music "protest" on CD, completely unknown fruits, ponchos and embroidered by hand ...it is a true paradise for people who love markets!
Cities in Tuxtla Gutiérrez
Tuxtla Gutierrez
This is the most hospitable place in the world and the best meal you will ever eat. The area has been widely criticized for their problems in terms of crime but it is beautiful and in some places very safe. "AMAZING"
Squares in Tuxtla Gutiérrez
Santa Lucía Square
The beautiful square of Santa Lucia is one of the many squares that are scattered within the city of San Cristobal. With its colorful facades and beautiful Indian women sitting on the benches is the perfect place to spend an afternoon. From there, you get a beautiful view of the city. The election season is very interesting, as locals decorate the entire square with garlands and flags! As if it were an everlasting fair- colored paper, live music and lights at night living in this place for more than two months.
Zoos in Tuxtla Gutiérrez
Tuxtla Zoo
The Tuxtla Zoo is very interesting because most of the animals roam around freely within it. All of them except for the really dangerous, which are enclosed. You have to follow a path through the vegetation, where you'll pass by guinea pigs, pacas (both are rodents), birds like toucans, parrots, macaws and parrots. There are pools with different kinds of caged monkeys and you'll also have the large cats such as jaguars, cougars, bobcats, etc. The walk through the zoo in Tuxtla is fun and you'll be really surprised by what you see here in this interesting park.
Markets in Tuxtla Gutiérrez
Juan Sabines Market
It is said that in order to really get to know the cuisine of a place, it is necessary to go to one of the city's markets. Here, there was no exception, so on the recommendation of my guide, we went the traditional crate Pozol selling Sabines 1CJuan in the market 1D which is in the center, and left amazed to find a clean and modern market, which is easy to navigate with great order as found in sections, so it was easy to find water , had a good time, enjoying pozol water which is rich and traditional Chiapas. So I hope you enjoy the pictures and on your next visit to Tuxtla, be sure to check out this market. You will be sure to be full when you leave. Greetings to all you fellow travelers.
Of Touristic Interest in Tuxtla Gutiérrez