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Things to do in Nicaragua

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The top 131 attractions in Nicaragua

Volcanoes in Masaya
Masaya Volcano National Park
This is the sign we found in the parking lot upon arrival to the volcano. The sign states that the Masaya volcano is still active, a fact quickly realized by detecting a large sulfur smell when first getting out of the car. Therefore it is important to take precautions and be ready to run ... Once we approached the volcano we took photos of clerics headed to the Cross of Francisco de Bobadilla. From here we had a nice view of the valley and the lake of Masaya (after climbing some steps but it's worth it ...).
Islands in Moyogalpa
Ometepe Island
Ometepe is an island located in Lake Nicaragua and is formed by two volcanoes that join to form an interesting figure of eight which can be seen from the sky. A tour of its forest is amazing such as the Ecological Reserve of Charco Verde which is inhabited by monkeys, reptiles and many birds. The beaches found amongst the vegetation from which you can contemplate beautiful views of the island is a joy to the senses. Not forgetting the Ojo de Agua, a natural spring to relax in and stop along the way for a swim in crystal clear waters. I also recommend making the most of Moyogalpa parties, music, food, dancing and a completely indigenous atmosphere. Best wishes for the conservation of this beautiful island!
Islands in Isla del Maíz
Corn Island
Big Corn Island and Little Corn Island: 2 paradises on the 7th kilometer from Bluefields Bay, without tourism. The few 2700 inhabitants of these islands are reluctant to sell the land they first took from the Pirates of the Caribbean: evidence in the funds of its beaches for diving lovers all in the form of Spanish galleons and other vessels of the old empire. But it is also known for its interesting heritage of that era found in the people. The Creole English of Nicaragua . Pristine beaches whose main fans are indigenous, proud of its coral reef paradise. To reach it there is an airstrip in the same Big Corn Island, but I advise you to go up to the pangas of fishermen, which is much cheaper and a more pure and humble spot . Discover the essence of its most intimate tenderness even in the distance from my home, it has only been possible traveling to certain regions where its people have taught me humility to beauty, and the people of the Corn Islands , that is all they want .
Lakes in Masaya
Apoyo Lagoon
The Mirador Catarina, located near the town of Masaya, offers an unbeatable view of the lake Managua. I love this place becuause of the wonderful contrast of the blue valley and the two lakes it contains. Here one can have a good time admiring the mesmerizing beauty of nature ... There are also bars for a drink (a tamarind zumito mmhhh .... please ...) and plenty of fun to be had listening to traditional instruments, or you can take donkey rides around the lake. There are many other ways to enjoy this beautiful place.
Beaches in San Juan del Sur
San Juan del Sur
Here I enjoyed some of the best sunsets on my trip traveling through Central America. Despite the fact that there are many tourists who come here to surf, the people do not lose the local atmosphere that still exists in the streets, in the market, etc.. And at night there is a lot of rum and lots of partying in the beach bars ...
Canyons in Somoto
Somoto Canyon
Considered to be one of the most impressive geological landscapes in Nicaragua, the Rio Coco is about 5km long and 10 - 15 metres wide. It runs through canyons with walls that reach between 120 and 150 meters high. The calm current is interrupted by rock formations that give rise to pools, where you can swim. In addition to appreciating its beauty, you can take a boat trip further in. For more entertainment, other activities available are doing the water course in a large floating tyre. In recent years, we have marked a route with viewpoints that can be toured by visitors, though the roads are safer. For active travelers, it is also possible to practice abseiling from some of the walls that reach up to 60 meters high.
Cathedrals in Granada
Granada Cathedral
The Granade Cathedral can be found in Plaza de Colon, in the center of this beautiful colonial town in Nicaragua. UNESCO declared it a World Heritage Site. The neoclassical style is easily recognized on the building's entrance. There are four chapels in the cathedral. The cathedral has been rebuilt several times since its construction in 1583. The building was completely destroyed in 1856. In the late 19th century, the construction of the new cathedral was halted due to a lack of funding. When new plans were drawn up its construction continued and ended in 1915.
Nature Reserves in Matiguás
Quirragua Mountain
I speak of my experience in these places and in taking these pictures. We were doing a tour through the mountains of quiragua. We wanted to climb the famous Pena de Quirragua or Trapiche and swim in the falls and rivers of the same mountain, it was a wonderful tour and I love the photos.
Beaches in San Juan del Sur
Playa El Coco
This is one of the best places on Coco Beach. Here you have the beach to yourself, it is amazingly clean and watching the sunrise is beautiful. You may have the opportunity to see pelicans catching fishes and if you are lucky you will see the beautiful rainbow that bathes the beach its beautiful colors! I dare you to go to Nicaragua!
Beaches in León
Poneloya Beach
Poneloya, Nicaragua it is the beach the people love! Yes it is a dangerous water but be sensible and sober and you won't get hurt! Lovely restaurants in Las Penintas and looking forward to exploring restaurants along the lagoon area...Te Amo Poneloya!
Beaches in San Juan del Sur
Majaual Beach
The beach is right on the border of Majaual Timber Beach and San Lorenzo on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua. Its beaches are immense and filled with limestone and little vegetation and mass tourism. It is also a spot loved by surfers and travelers that come to the town of San Juan del Sur, which they said was quite a sight. The truth is that these beaches are a delight for the mind and a litmus test for the body as waves surely know how to break here. The rocks in the distance are directing the waves coming in and playing with them and as swimmers, we are faced with the magnitude of the Pacific Ocean. The town of San Juan and its beaches is an absolute recommendation if you're traveling to Nicaragua. I am not sure if this should be done at the beginning or the end of the trip, but either way it will be a mistake not to visit. To reach the village: there are buses from Managua (and other cities, I guess) market, and from there you will be able to reach Rivas. From there, you will take another bus that goes to the same town.
Cities in Matagalpa
Forest Coffee
Forest Coffee is in one of the most beautiful cities in Nicaragua and it's in pure Nicaragua with its unrivaled great weather all year round. If you want, you can go in shorts and T-shirt and not be cold or hot. The people here are the most welcoming and have wonderful hearts. At night the streets are safer in Nicaragua if you're with your partner. Don't be afraid of anything or anyone and I say this because I am Matagalpa in soul, heart and life!
Of Touristic Interest in El Tortugero
Pavona to Tortuguero Tour
In Pavona, you should take the boat to Tortuguero because it is the only way to reach the village. To reach Pavona from Cariari San Jose, you take a bus. Normally you get on the boat at 13:30, and it usually waits for the bus as this comprises 90% of the passengers. The journey takes about an hour and you will see some wonderful animals, especially birds and crocodiles if you are lucky. You will certainly enjoy this water ride in the jungle. You can take a return trip on the boat later. These paths are maily full of locals and the occasional backpacker.
Beaches in San Juan del Sur
Las Maderas Beach (Nicaragua)
To the south-west of the country, San Juan is a fishing village that year after year is opening more to tourism. Depending on the time of year, it is an ideal place to get lost at the beach. The official beach becomes the beach of San Juan del Sur, enclosed between two cliffs that hide from the world. From the north to the south, though, there are ranges of opportunities and some are much less crowded. Some are defended by surfers who travel from around the world looking for this side of the Pacific, and others are perfect for disappearing from the world and relaxing. Timber Beach, north of San Juan del Sur along the coast, is one of them. Perhaps not as well known, but, isn't that preferable? The rock ledges force you to leave the beach jumping from the rocks reaching the limestone plate to the beach and crumbling into sand. Giving the feeling of a violent nature magnitude under the waters. And yet it is a perfect beach for swimming because it is large enough to occur together sea violence and serenity of its flow. To arrive by bus to San Juan del Sur from Managua, you can either take a bus in Managua to Rivas market town or you can choose to take another to San Juan if you rather, just hop in a taxi.
Museums in León
The Carcel de la 21 Museum is a very nice museum that has a lot to offer Leon's population and tourists, such as counting the myths and legends of our ancestors and keep it because I think it is part of our culture. The only problem with this museum is that it doesn't receive any kind of support, which I think should be different in order to keep this place in better condition. It's important to the city of Leon, but it could be in better condition.
Of Cultural Interest in Masaya
Dance of Masaya
The National Dance, our folklore, the marimba, is very particular Call Look After the Flowers, this is where all the idiosyncrasies that may represent in part my beautiful country, Nicaragua, looked at from a distance. The Black Ball (men only ), the dance of White (Women Only), begins in September and ends in late November, these are the longest festivals taking place nationally.
Volcanoes in Moyogalpa
Concepción (volcano)
Located on the island of Ometepe, near the town of Moyogalpa, is the most perfect volcanic cone of Nicaragua. Although the fog covered a part of it, The volcano was still incredibly impressive. It's visible from the entire island. It's active so you might not go any furher than half way up, but it's worth it if it's a clear day. You have to hire a guide but it's easy to get one in the village (15 euros). The climb is not easy so I don't recommend it to people who are unfit.
Islands in Granada
Las Isletas
Located on Lake Nicaragua, opposite the town of Granada, there are 365 islets, which were created after an eruption of the volcano Mombacho. For about $15 you can take a boat (fitting 8 people) from the port of Granada. The journey normally takes just under 1 hour and it often visits the island where Fort San Pablo is located (possible to stop to view it) and the islet with a colony of monkeys.