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Things to do in Pontedeume

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The top 19 attractions in Pontedeume

Nature Reserves in Pontedeume
Fragas do Eume Natural park
These magical forests, declared natural park in the nineties, are the result of the equilibrium between the natural evolution and the mainteinance of the ground’s characteristics, the climate and orientation. They form the largest and most representative atlantic forest and they inspired “El bosque animado” by Wenceslao Fernández Florez. The Eume River, that has its source in the Serra do Xistral (Lugo) in the backbone of the park. The guides explained to us that, a long time ago, Galicia used to be covered by “fragas”. They are mixed forests, mainly with oak trees, but where you can also find maple trees, birch trees and holly trees. Its main threat is the eucalyptus tree plantations, which slowly displace the fragas. A very important factor of the fraga is that it joins various species that resisted the glaciations thanks to the ground’s orography. For example, the laurel is specie that is very resistant. It remained as a relict of the time of the Pangaea, where there existed only one continent that slowly separated. Another example is the fern, contemporary to the dinosaurs. This plant has no flowers, so it hasn’t received a lot of importance in decoration. But it reveals a special beauty in the humid brightness of the spaces where it is found. While walking through the park, you can see the remains of mills and old constructions used to the preservation of chestnuts because, before the potato was brought form America, it used to be the basic food of the people in Galicia.
Villages in Pontedeume
Every Saturday there is a fair and many people come from the surrounding area. Walking around the stalls "bargain hunting" has its appeal. Afterwards, you can have a drink and snack in the village. In fact, for lunch or tapas, I recommend "Compostela" which, although small, has a variety of delicacies. If it is full, there are many other places in the village.
Historical Monuments in Pontedeume
Castles in Pontedeume
Andrade Family Castle
Castillo del Conde de Andrade is on top of leboreira rock and from here you can see the entire Gulf of Artabro, from Ferrol to Corunna, from a vantage point the Eume River estuary. Perfectly combine a visit with a walk by Fragas del Eume and have tapas on a Saturday in Pontedeume. For many years it was abandoned, but now you can go there for 1 euro, every day of the week, morning and evening during summer and Easter. Henry of Castile granted to the Count de Andrade in his support payments, control of all the territory that you see from the tower. The site is very well chosen.
Historical Monuments in Pontedeume
Historical Centre of Pontedeume
Pontedeume is one of the coastal villages of the Rias Altas of Galicia, it is very beautiful thanks to its perfect location between river, sea and mountains. Located at the mouth of the river Eume and the hillside of Breamo, its medieval past is seen by the marks left by Condes de Andrade, such as the intricate stone tower. The hallmark of Pontedeume is a stone bridge over the river Eume with stone arches. The old part of town is also very nice with Santiago and Las Virtudes churches, the remains of the old wall and Andrade Castle.
Bars in Pontedeume
Bar Apnea
I love this bar for drinks, not only for its decoration (you feel like you're in an old ship), but for the atmosphere. The site is very good to play with pool or darts with your colleagues, the rock music is mostly Spanish with you can make requests, the waiter is very good and branded drinks only cost 4 and 5 euros!! Imagine the beer!
Castles in Pontedeume
Festivals in Pontedeume
Pontedeume, revolta Irmandiña
It is the first theme party of Galicia but is well attended. First we attended the speeches given by the priest and the town's mayor to the masses against the feudal master "Count de Andrade". Then there is a brawl and finally the death of the Count at the foot of the tower. All enlivened by cries, sounds of laughter and photographic cameras. All staging!
Castles in Pontedeume
Nogueirosa Castle
To reach this ancient restored fortress, there are two options. You can either approach from Pontedeume or from Campolongo. The fourteenth century Nogueirosa Castle, like Pambre Castle in the province of Lugo, can be accessed by a wooden staircase. Although it is only open for a few days in summer, from Easter you can visit for € 1. Then we descend down a track passing the popular Caaveiro Monastery, to the banks of the river Eume. In Pontedeume you can walk through the arcades of the Rue Royale and admire the Tower who also belonged to the Andrade family.
Beaches in Pontedeume
Viewpoints in Pontedeume
El Cabría Viewpoint
The view from the Mirador down to the Pontedeume is excellent.
Churches in Pontedeume
San Miguel de Breamo Church
With an excellent panoramic view of the region of La Mariña Dos Condes, is the Romanesque sanctuary or church of San Miguel de Breamo, in Pontedeume, Corunna. Construction started in 1187 and is characterized by its capitals with human figures and animals. The buttresses and resetón of its facade have other notable elements of architectural design of the church. It is surrounded by the beautiful beaches of Perbes, Ber and Centroña, achieving a magnificent combination of natural beauty and man-made work.
Of Cultural Interest in Pontedeume
Dende O Castelo
This is a coastal town located in Galicia Rias Altas. Its main attraction lies in the perfect combination of river, sea and mountains. It is located at the mouth of the Eume river and the Breamo hillside, which makes it one of the most attractive Galician towns for tourism.
Rivers in Pontedeume
Dam of the Eume
The beautiful Eume River was dammed up by a dam.
Of Cultural Interest in Pontedeume
Academia Moares
Professionalism and efficiency.
Of Cultural Interest in Pontedeume
Bridges in Pontedeume
Forests in Pontedeume