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Things to do in Guitiriz

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The top 11 attractions in Guitiriz

Castles in Guitiriz
Pobra de Parga Castle
This castle served to monitor the road connecting Lucus Augusti with Flavaia Brigantium in Galicia. The castle that stands on the fort must have been built in the late fourteenth or early fifteenth century. It looks of Roman construction. Today, all that remains of the Castle is one of the walls of the fence and in one corner there is still the cylindrical tower about four meters in diameter, one of the most advanced defenses.
Of Cultural Interest in Guitiriz
Sundial of Guitiriz
The Guitiriz is an unusual sundial, a unique piece of work in Galicia. I'm going to explain its operation: a sundial uses the shadow cast by an object on a level surface with a shadow. The scale indicates the time. First you have to put on the graph, in figure 8, that reflects the sun's position in the sky every day of the year, always watching from the same position and time, and the date corresponding to the day and month of today. Secondly, make a shadow on the scale. To do this, you have to remember that daylight does not match the official time and you have to make a correction for this. This means that it is 1h 32 min more in the winter and 2h 32 min more in the summer.
Churches in Guitiriz
Church of Sta. Maria Lagostelle
Just recently I took a trip to the town of Guitiriz and certainly one of the places worth visiting in the village is this beautiful church. It is located in the center of town, in a small square. At first glance it is very eye catching, because it is a fairly large church and to the right stands a tower where the bell is located. It was built in 1949 by the priest Manuel Bande Lopez and the material that was used to build it was pulled from a granite quarry in the village. Right next to the church there is also a bust of Manuel Bande Lopez, funded by donations from neighbors and visitors. I personally like the Romanesque style façade, with its large rose window, and several arches. A great place to visit.
Rivers in Guitiriz
Seven Mills
This beautiful place is near Guitiriz, Lugo. It is a path along the river, with stone and wooden bridges, pretty waterfalls and rapids. Appropriate footwear must be worn as it often rains. Highly recommended.
Hiking in Guitiriz
Churches in Guitiriz
Santo Alberte Chapel
Alberte Holy Chapel is located in the town of Guitiriz, within the province of Lugo. Its construction is in a typically Gothic style, dating back to its construction in the thirteenth century. Once here you will not only have the opportunity to view this wonderful piece of architecture, but also appreciate a unique natural environment. You should also make time to see the bridge over the Parga river.
Villages in Guitiriz
This town is just a few kilometers from Guitiriz and has retained its Romanesque church with two doors and a striking vision in the atrium. A large chestnut tree keeps the church company and, in its hollow trunk, local sculptor Victor Martin has built a chapel to the Virgin. If you surround the tree you will see that it also has carved squirrels and other animals. Lugo Cottages http://www.Toprural.Com/galicia/casas-rurales-lugo_bd-es-27.htm
Music Venues in Guitiriz
Xoldra Pub
This pub is located in Guitiriz, within Lugo in Spain. It is very modern and nice, spacious and very well decorated. Historically, concerts were held here, so the staff have years of experience and very loyal customers.
Churches in Guitiriz
Parish St. John of Lagostelle
Guitiriz is a town known for its hot springs resort in the Terra Chá, Lugo (Galicia). But what I really love is that you can enjoy Bolla and Torta, which are fantastic.
Villages in Guitiriz
Of Touristic Interest in Guitiriz