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Things to do in Bosra

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The top 11 attractions in Bosra

Villages in Bosra
Bosra Village
This town is one of the most interesting of all Syria. Aside from the fact that it has 1 of the best preserved Roman theaters in t
Historical Monuments in Bosra
Roman Theatre at Bosra
This great theater is one of the biggest and best preserved in the world. It was constructed in the 2nd century, at the time in wh
Cathedrals in Bosra
Bosra Cathedral
Just to the south of the ruined monastery stands the Bosra Cathedral. The Cathedral was constructed around 512, is now in a painfu
Markets in Bosra
Roman Market
The Roman Market is one of the most visible ruins in Bosra. It is a paved esplanade before served as a Roman market. Besides being
Historical Monuments in Bosra
Bosra Citadel
The magnificent Bosra ampitheatre is next to its full citadel that has a ton of secret places that are worth exploring. It was for
Historical Monuments in Bosra
Ancient City of Bosra
It's not up for debate, you absolutely can't leave without visiting Bosra and the remains of the ancient Roman city. Many people f
Historical Monuments in Bosra
Bosra Decumanus
This road that runs through the city of Bosra from east to west is fantastic when the it is nightfall. As you walk the 2 kilometer
Of Cultural Interest in Bosra
Transport in Bosra
You can get to Bosra via several ways: You can hail a taxi, hop on a bus, ride a motorcycle or go for the cheapest and most comfor
Ruins in Bosra
Life Around the Ruins
Apparently oblivious to their history, the friendly people of Bosra live among the ruins surprised that, in less than five years,
Of Cultural Interest in Bosra
Historical Monuments in Bosra
The Nymphaeum or Public Fountain
The 4 massive Corinthian columns are the "Nymphaeum" or public fountains that are the most characteristic emblem of the ruins of B