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Things to do in Tunisia

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The top 448 attractions in Tunisia

Shopping Centres in Tunis
The Souks of Tunis
While on vacation a few years ago, my partner and I were in the wonderful African country of Tunisia. Amongst the other places we
Mosques in Susah
Sousse Mosque
For me, without a doubt, the best thing about this mosque are the views from the tower. Access is via a narrow, dark stairway, but
Of Cultural Interest in Tunis
Sea Door (Bab el Bahr)
The puerta del mar, which is now called France's Door is what divides the fascinating Medina of Tunis with the modern part of the
Mosques in Monastir
Bourguiba Mosque
The town of Monastir has several interesting mosques, oftentimes very modern. Undoubtedly, the most important is the Great Mosque.
Deserts in Duz
Desert of Douz
The Douz desert is quite an experience: cross impressive dunes, showing great courage (rewarded by the discovery of breathtaking l
Waterfalls in Naftah
Tamerza Falls
A large waterfall lost in the immensity of the Tunisian desert. Set in an area of great scenery and majestic views, this is one of
Airports in Tunis
Túnis-Carthague International Airport
Tunis-Carthague International Airport is located about 8km from both the Tunisian capital and the ancient city of Carthage. Althou
Historical Monuments in Beja
Dougga Roman Theatre
There are many historical monuments that attract attention in Tunisia but today I will make reference to Dougga, a declared World
Streets in Susah
Streets of Sousse
The center of Sousse is an amalgam of narrow whitewashed streets, with surprising hills. Tunisian family life takes place in the h
Of Touristic Interest in Duz
Markets in Tunis
Tunis Central Market
The capital of Tunisia is a show of aromas and voices. It's the ideal place to find out about this market! Among the stalls there'
Beaches in Hammamet
Yasmine Hammamet Beach
I could not swim because the weather wasn´t a great temperature but it should be during the summer. There are several bars with te
Cathedrals in Tunis
Cathedral of St. Vincent de Paul
Located in modern Tunisia, the capital's Catholic Cathedral seamlessly blends Gothic and Byzantine art. The most notable aspect of
Villages in al-Mahdiyah
Streets in Qibili
Tozeur to Kebili Road
The road between Tozeur and Kebili, situated to the southwest of Tunisia across the huge salt lake Chott El Djerid, the largest in
Beaches in Jarjis
Zarzis Beach
Zarzis is a small village in southern Tunisia, just below the Gulf of Gabes. There are hardly any tourists here, only Spaniards, s
Of Cultural Interest in Tunis
Souk de la Laine (Jewelry Market)
I recommend this place to you when you go to Tunisia. You should try to arrive in good time and explore the Medina in the area whe
Deserts in Tozeur
Oung the Djemel
After our visit to the Tamerza Chebika oasis we started the trek on 4x4's on the desert dunes to Oung The Djemel, where there are