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Things to do in Solvang

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The top 5 attractions in Solvang

Of Cultural Interest in Solvang
Solvang Ca
Solvang is a town of 5k people with a very European flavour. It's like you're wandering around Efterling in Holland. It's a wonderful opportunity to try Santa Barbara wines within walking distance of each other in the centre. We stayed at the hotel Corque. It is a very nice luxury hotel in the centre.
Shops in Solvang
Old World Clocks & Music Boxes
That's right, clocks and music boxes are sold at this store in Solvang. I've never seen so many of these "cuckoo" type clocks made out of wood from Germany. The wall is beautiful and it makes you really want to buy one but they are not cheap. The cheapest one costs around 100 USD. When you first walk in it seems like this first part of the store is the only section but then one of the owners (a chubby lady) showed us the room in the back and we discovered a world of music boxes. There are huge music boxes, shaped carousels, and songs from Elvis, Disney, everything. They are also expensive starting at about $150.
Villages in Solvang
A Danish town in the United States! Solvang was established in 1911 by a group of teachers looking to found a Danish school. The city doesn't seem to have changed since then, with cobbled streets, two windmills, and half-timbered houses. On the rooftops you can see fake stork nests, a traditional lucky charm in Denmark. You can buy bread and, of course, Danish pastries, and traverse the streets in horse-drawn carriages.
Shops in Solvang
Jule Hus
This store sells Christmas 365 days a year! The store is large and always full of tourists. The nutcracker dolls are awesome, each one cuter than the next. There are numerous tree ornaments, with something for everyone ... porcelain, fabric, straw, etc. The back wall is lined with stockings to hang above the fireplace, with many colors and prints. The prices are a bit high, but so is the quality.
Shops in Solvang
Activities in Solvang