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Things to do in Iowa

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The top 44 attractions in Iowa

Of Touristic Interest in Cincinnati
Scripps Center
This big skyscraper is located on the Riverfront in Cincinnati and has been one of the first buildings that contributed to the process of renovating this space which, until now, was largely untapped. It is a distinctly postmodern skyscraper, featuring two very distinct parts: a square block of concrete on which a blue glass cylindrical structure is mounted. In my opinion, i is the most beautiful building in the world, but it stands out rather a lot from the anodyne glass buildings that have been built more recently ...
Stadiums in Cincinnati
Great American Ball Park
Previously, the Cincinnati Reds (baseball) and the Bengals (football) shared this stadium, but in the late 90s, as the old facility was inadequate, both professional teams each built new stadiums, virtually side by side. The new stadium was named Great American Ballpark in honor of the insurance group who sponsor it. Opened in 2003, there's no need to go inside to see it's brand new. The exterior is very elegant, much more tasteful than the massive Bengals stadium. We considered buying tickets for a game, but it cost a small fortune and to be honest the Reds are my favorite baseball team. However, we walked around, including the souvenir shop and the Hall of Fame. Although the area is all under construction, the surroundings have been well built, so it's nice to walk around and see the statues that adorn the parks. To sum up, it's a first class sports facility.
Of Touristic Interest in Cincinnati
Carew Tower
Carew Tower is the tallest building to be found in the city of Cincinnati. Or at least use to be until a few years ago when the Great American insurance company opened its new headquarters across the Ohio River. The building was built in the 1930s and its construction was hampered by the Great Depression. This explains the typical art-deco ornaments. The rest of the tower was constructed out of brick. For this reason, it has quite an austere appearance. It is a skyscraper and there is a Hilton hotel housed there, in addition to offices and homes. The interior is very luxurious, with a refined art-deco style. On the 49th floor there is a viewpoint from which you can enjoy breathtaking views over the city and the Ohio River. We did not go on our last visit to Cincinnati, but is one of the main attractions of the city.
Stadiums in Cincinnati
Paul Brown Stadium
This large stadium located on Cincinnati Riverfront, opened in 2010. It goes hand in hand with the other major sports stadium in the city, the Reds Baseball stadium. The Cincinnati Bengals, of the NFL, the professional football league play their games here. It is popularly known as 'The Jungle' and has a very modern appearance, but its design does not command too much attention. The area where it is located, across the Ohio River, is newly developed and is full of offices, so it is not very easy to walk around.
Squares in Cincinnati
Fountain Square
Cincinnati is a typical American city in the sense that it has a well-defined historic center. Other cities in the United States have a historic center or business center bustling with life during working hours but at night or during the holidays they are absolutely deserted. People live and have fun in the suburbs ... The liveliest place is Cincinnati's Fountain Square, a place which is not particularly large nor is it very striking, but it has a classic style. City life takes place around here. There are bars with terraces, there are people in the streets ... The Buzz, the atmosphere. There are not people around at all hours, because we are not in a Mediterranean country. Around Fountain Square you can find the best restaurants and bars in the city, as well as shops. This is said to be the very heart of Cincinnati ...
Bridges in Cincinnati
John A. Roebling Bridge
This large bridge over the Ohio River connects Cincinnati to Covington, in the neighboring state of Kentucky. At the time it was the longest suspension bridge in the world, a marvel of engineering (in the year1856) and laid the foundation for the construction of famous bridges similar to it, like the Brooklyn or Golden Gate in San Francisco . One of the things that is most amazing is the number of cables used for its suspension. The bridge has a pedestrian crossing and from there one can have good views of the river. On the last trip we did not walk on it, but it is a very pleasant walk that allows visitors to assess both the river and the bridge.
Theaters in Cincinnati
Aronoff Center
The Aronoff Center is a cultural centre for the performing arts. It is in central Cincinnati, close to Fountain Square, and has three rooms for plays and ballet. The modern building that houses it dates back to the late 90's and was designed by architect Cesar Pelli.
City Halls in Cincinnati
Cincinnati City Hall
One of the most surprising things about Cincinnati is that, in spite of being a city founded by German immigrants, many historic buildings have an amazingly Greek or Italian influence. You can find houses with a Venetian campanile or Doric pediment. In some neighborhoods, unfortunately, many historic houses are in very bad condition. The Town Hall (City Hall) is a clear example of an architectural style that does not fit the ethnic origins of the population. It is a large granite building of carved stone that resembles the southern European Romanesque. Like the old Romanesque churches, it uses large stone blocks that give a massive heavy appearance. The bell tower is of Italian influence, with round towers at the corners. The whole gives an impression of great strength, with a medieval air.
Churches in Cincinnati
Covenant First Presbyterian Church
This historic building is situated in the center of Cincinnati. It is a Presbyterian church dating from the second half of the nineteenth century. The dominant style is Neo-Gothic and it is built of cut stone. It is a temple of considerable size which I, unfortunately, always found to be closed. If someone has a particular interest in visiting, they should check the hours of service on its website. In any case, it is a familiar image in the center of the city.
Cathedrals in Cincinnati
St. Peter in Chains Cathedral
St. Peter in Chains Cathedral is the main Catholic church in Cincinnati and the headquarters of its archdiocese. It is an imposing building hellenizing style dates from the mid 19th century. The same characteristics are seen in the interior. I have to note that the crucifix is by the master Benvenutto Cellini. It is a beautiful church with a rather strange appearance in the USA, where most churches tend to imitate the Gothic art.
Museums in Cincinnati
National Underground Railroad Freedom Center
The first time I visited Cincinnati and heard about this museum, I thought it was a museum for rail transport. To my surprise it is a museum for a means of transport, but a very unusual means of transport. The National Underground Railroad was actually a movement that existed before the Civil War consisting of white activists and northern liberated slaves who helped southern slaves escape from the southern plantations. The escape was the Ohio River and the destination normally Canada. This museum pays tribute to the underground movement but also explores the issue of slavery in general, not just African Americans. Plenty of the exhibits literally make your hair stand on end. One of the most impressive exhibits is a real cottage where slaves are waiting to be sold and it shows the incredible conditions which existed. There are many more things to see, including temporary and multimedia exhibitions. The museum is housed in a large and modern design building, across the Ohio River in downtown Cincinnati. I highly wish to recommend a visit as a way to become aware of the sad reality of the black community in the United States.
Shops in Cincinnati
The Cincinnati Reds Store
Merchandising is one aspect that is never neglected in American professional sports. As one would expect, the baseball team of the Cincinnati Reds has its own souvenir shop where you can buy everything from posters to books, gloves, balls or shirts. The store is a very new and is located in a building attached to the Great American Ballpark. Although we di not buy anything, it's worth taking a look at everything that they have on sale...
Museums in Cincinnati
Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal
The Cincinnati Museum Center (located in Cincinnati) is a passenger railroad station in the Queensgate neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio. After the fall of railroad travel, most of the building was converted for other uses, and now has museums, theaters, and a library. The former mayor of Cincinnati Jerry Springer was one of the people who fought to save the building and turn it into a museum that later opened in the year 1990.
Museums in Cincinnati
The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden
The Cincinnati Zoo was recently rated as the #1 local attraction. Parents Magazine rated it as # 7 in the "Top 10 Best Zoos for Kids. More than a million people visit the zoo and their award-winning exhibits. They have more than 500 animals and 3,000 species of annual plants.
Gardens in Fredericksburg
Old Tunnel State Park
Old Tunnel State Park is located about 20 minutes from Fredericksburg on a road that will delight anyone with an adventurous spirit. In this park, you can go for a walk or indulge in a bit of bird watching, but if you are lucky enough to visit from May through October, you can also witness something really unique. At sunset, the 3 million bats that inhabit the old tunnel go hunting. There are some steps on a viewpoint where you can watch the scene from a safe distance. And you can not leave without stopping at the Alamo Springs Cafe (5 minutes walk) and trying the best burgers in the area. You're sure to be surprised!
Museums in Toledo
COSI Toledo
At COSI Toledo you'll be able to find the following attractions: an exciting journey 10 meters above the ground where you're suspended from a cable, allowing anyone to defy gravity. It's similar to the classic yo-yo, a pilot is driven up to 5 feet in the air, using his own strength and his hands. You can also explore the scientific basis in exhibitions that do understand the production and consumption of energy.
Museums in Toledo
Toledo Botanical Garden
Toledo Botanical Garden is a beautiful place to visit. You can go there with your friends or family, or why not all at once so that you can make great memories there? You can see all their works and stay with his passion, that will surely transmit it at all times. You will be impressed by its majesty.
Museums in Aurora
Aurora History Museum
The Aurora History Museum (Aurora) is a community and cultural centre which aims to show history and art exhibitions and house educational programmes. It offers tours, workshops and family events for all ages. There is a permanent exhibition about the history of Aurora and also 2 galleries.