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Things to do in Michigan

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The top 33 attractions in Michigan

Museums in Dearborn
The Henry Ford
The Henry Ford Museum has a large collection of US historical objects, in addition to cars and airplanes. The presidential limousine for Kennedy, Roosevelt, and Reagan is there, in addition to replicas of famous aircraft such as the Spirit of St. Louis, the Wright Brothers plane, old locomotives, a large collection of weapons, and countless other objects. Detroit is a beautiful city, and this is a very interesting tour.
Of Cultural Interest in Detroit
Renaissance Center
The Renaissance Center of General Motors is a gleaming building with mirrored glass that was erected not far from the famous Greek Town in Detroit and is very close to the bridge to Canada. This building, designed by John Portman, is a major economic center. Inside you can find a shopping center, offices and a lovely bar-restaurant on the top floor. There are some truly stunning views, but be aware that you can only enter if you're planning to have something to eat or drink. It's worth it, though. The headquarters of General Motors, dating back to 1976, has one of the best views in the city. You can see both sides of the Detroit River, with the island that separates the the United States from Canada.
Stadiums in Ann Arbor
Michigan Stadium
First wolverines game! First football game in my life! Amazing!!!
Of Cultural Interest in Detroit
This city, the cradle of black culture in America, is best known to many tourists as a center for the automobile industry. In the early years of the 20th century, Ford production started here, and you can still see the iconic headquarters of General Motors. Like many Midwestern cities, it is a charming town with a mixture of classic Art Deco buildings and modern skyscrapers. Many great blues and jazz artists hail from Detroit, including Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross & the Supremes, and Aretha Franklin. More recently, artists representing other traditions, including the likes of Eminem, Madonna, Alice Cooper and the White Stripes, have come to prominence. The popular neighborhood of Greektown is where you'll find many Greek restaurants, small clubs, and a large casino. You can visit the Ford factory, several museums, and the Michigan Wolverines Stadium in nearby Ann Arbor, which is the largest stadium in the country. From a white majority in the 60's, the city is now 80% black and unfortunately has experienced a major decline, with a lot of crime and degradation due to institutional failures.
Museums in Detroit
Michigan Science Center
Detroit Science Centre, is situated right in the heart of Michigan. There are walks to discover what is deep inside the universe and to learn the answers to important questions like, what are they? And how did the universe begin? It also offers star exploration when looking at the sky during the winter. It has extensive opening hours.
Museums in Detroit
Detroit Institute of Arts
The Detroit Institute of Arts is recognized as having one of the largest and most important art collections in the country. From the first painting which was donated in 1883 to the most recent acquisition, today's collection of more than sixty-five thousand works of art brings the culture and history of the world to Detroit's doorstep, giving visitors a new perspective and a jolt of inspiration.
Museums in Detroit
Detroit Cultural Center HIstoric District
Detroit Historical Museum, which was inaugurated in an elaborate ceremony in 1951, is located in Detroit. It tells the story of the Detroit area of ​​cobbled streets, shops of the 19th century, the automobile assembly line, toy trains and the fur trade of the 1700s, among other things that are important in the city's history. It is open every day of the week.
Museums in Detroit
Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History
The Charles H Wright of African American History (Detroit) explores the African continent, you can see African animals in their habitat, and the terror that the African slaves faced. Many things are available to see there, like videos and games that explore the diverse history and culture of the African Americans. It also has a children's area that offers historical and educational books, toys, games, dolls and puzzles.
Airports in Mackinac Island
Mackinac Island
I've visited Mackinac Island many times with friends and family. It is not only beautiful, but fun, too! An interesting thing about the island is that there are no cars ... so people use horses and bicycles for their transportation. Mackinac Island is a small island (8 miles round), but there are many opportunities to have adventures there. Here are some of my favorite things: 1. Rent a bicycle to ride around the perimeter of the island. Because the island is only 8 miles around, you can complete the "journey" in an hour or an hour and a half. During the trip, there are many opportunities to stop to enjoy the beautiful views of the lake and the "Mackinac Bridge". 2. The main street of the island has many shops selling delicious sweets and ice cream. I like to buy the two at least once during my time there. :) 3. The island has a greenhouse that is filled with a variety of beautiful butterflies. 4. Mackinac Island has an ancient fortress, and you can take a tour of it. Also, there is a restaurant where you can sit and have a great view of the lake around the island. 5. A variety of restaurants on the island. One of my favorite places is called "Pink Pony Bar and Grill". They serve great steak.
Islands in Detroit
Belle Isle
A view of downtown Detroit from the shores of the Detroit River, on an island called Belle Isle.
Lakes in Muskegon
Lake Michigan
Lake Michigan is located near Chicago, in the state of the same name and extends over 57,000 km2, making it almost as large as Lake Huron. You can go fishing here, with species like carp and bass available.
Of Touristic Interest in Detroit
The Heidelberg Project
Equal parts creepy and amazing. I live to come back and watch this place change over time as new art gets created and older installations fade.
Gardens in Ann Arbor
West Park
My favorite park in Ann Arbor - the picture says it all :)
Unusual Places in Montague
World's Largest Working Weathervane
One of those random, roadside treasures, the "World's Largest Weathervane" may not be worth a special trip to see, but the town of Montague, MI is and if you're in Montague then should stop to see the weathervane! The weathervane stands at 48 feet tall, an arrow that is 26 feet wide and the majestic “Ella Ellenwood” ship sitting at the top of it all. The Ella Ellenwood, a schooner, is used at the top of the weathervane in an effort to commemorate the history of an area which has a strong history in using water transportation for pretty much everything. The Weathervane sits in the Ellenwood Park and is available to visitors at any time of day or night- a great stopping place during a long walk along the river, or to check out at the end of a walk enjoying the sights of Montague. The website above includes details of the impressive structural specifications of the weathervane - or just go and see it for yourself.
Gardens in Grand Rapids
Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park
Snapped some great shots while exploring the annual butterfly exhibit.
Rafting in Norway
Piers Gorge
I'm a professional freelance photographer specializing in White Water Rafting, besides Nature/Wildlife, Scenery/Landscape and Outdoor Portraits( People/Pets). This was just one of many rafts going through the Gorge this day and this one guy decided to bull ride right on top of the front of the raft...
Unusual Places in Detroit
Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity
An American fraternity house just like in the movies! About 20 members live permanently in the house. This place is transformed into a nightclub one or two nights a week. There are theme nights, sometimes open to all. You'll be given an iconic red cup like you've seen in films, and you can dance the night away or play Beer Pong!
Lakes in Detroit
Lake St. Clair
Near Lake Huron, this is a smaller lake (about 1100 km2). It was named for St Clare of Assisi, as it was discovered on that particular feast day.