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Things to do in Nebraska

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The top 20 attractions in Nebraska

Villages in Palmer
The town of Palmer is situated to the north of Anchorage in the Matanuska-Susitna Valley. It is a town with a population of just over 4,500 people. Alaska Palmer is famous for being the place where during the summer you can grow most of your own vegetables, such as carrots, potatoes, cabbage, beets and zucchini. There are also dairy farms and there is even a dairy. Although it is a small town, there are lots of lovely little shops and restaurants and in August the state fair is held in Palmer. The people from Palmer are very nice and quiet and many of the people that live here commute to Anchorage to work.
Villages in Palmer
Palmer Visitor Information Center
The Tourist Information building Palmer is a rustic cabin that was built in 1967 and is in the same building as The Palmer Museum of History and Art. Opposite this building, in the parking lot, is a statue of a Husky Dog named Balto, who was one of the first dogs to run the Iditarod sled race. In the summer months around the cabin, beautiful flowers and huge vegetables grow, because as the sun never sets during the three summer months, plants and vegetation never stop growing. Everything you ever wanted to know about the Matanuska-Susitna Valley or Palmer can be found here.
Museums in Palmer
Colony House Museum
Built in 1936 by Irene Palmer and Oscar Beylund is The Colony House Museum. In 1994 an effort was made to restore and convert it into a museum. Colony House is located in the Historic District of Palmer and reflects how early settlers lived. 204 families were moved during what they called the reforestation project, to create a farming community.
Zoos in Omaha
Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium
Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo is considered one of the best zoos in the US, and is undoubtedly the main attraction in this Nebraskan city. The rain forest ecosystem and desert dune are particularly worth visiting. They also have an aquarium with a wide variety of fish and other creatures like jellyfish.
Museums in Omaha
Omaha Children's Museum
The Omaha Children's Museum, located in Nebraska, is a museum of childhood artifacts. It has a large exhibition space, with permanent exhibitions. It also offers educational programs, exhibitions, field trips, outreach programs, summer camps and birthday parties. The gift shop has an excellent selection of fun and educational materials available for all ages. It's an ideal place for children, and has won the National Association of Museums of Science and Technology award for their continuing efforts of education.
Museums in Omaha
The Durham Museum
This is a complex that houses the Museum of Durham .Making your home in one of Omaha's most unique treasures, Union Station, Durham Museum offers a fascinating view into the history of the area and has a range of displays regarding subjects from history and culture, science and industry, among others themes.
Museums in Omaha
Trans-Mississippi Exposition Historical Association
The Trans-Mississippi Exposition Historical Association (Omaha) was a world's fair held in Omaha, Nebraska. Its objective was to show the development of the West, stretching from the Mississippi River to the coast of the Pacific Ocean. Close to 2.6 million people came to this town to see the 4,062 exhibits during the 4 months of the display in the year 1898.
Shops in Omaha
Our Bookstore
Our Bookstore is located on the lower level of the Old Market Passageway in a room surrounded by history and fantastic old brick. Walk underneath the hanging gardens and through the doors into the shop to be taken away to another time with books of all genres. While the space itself is relatively small it is well laid out and very cozy feeling. Each of the books are hand picked and range in topics from art and architecture to poetry and food. An entire shelf is dedicated to Nebraska, including authors and information. Walk by the shelves of books full of Renaissance art and artists and you'll end up spending hours while soaking up the information. A great way to spend the afternoon browsing new stories and authors.
Shops in Omaha
Yi's Handcraft Jewelry
Browse through this unique line of handmade jewelry. From necklaces to earrings to hair ties and clips. The owner draws her ides from Asian traditions fused with the modern Western styles. She has been creating jewelry for 17 years and uses a unique blend of precious and semi-precious gemstones, even including some crystals and pearls. Located on the lower level of the Old Market Passageway- a building full of history in downtown Omaha, a sort of indoor mall located within an older, beautiful building- this shop is easy to locate and visit. The staff is incredibly helpful- if you have any questions, just ask. Even if you're not interested in shopping or browsing the jewelry the shop is fun to walk through in order to get a sense of what each room along the Passageway has to offer- beautiful brick and ambiance in a garden level/basement level shop.
Museums in Omaha
Trinity Cathedral Historical Society
Historical Society Trinity Cathedral is a magnificent site situated in the city of Omaha. Here you can enjoy, with friends or family, the wonderful works offered, which will surely contemplate again and again. It is a very quiet place.
Museums in Omaha
Great Plains Black Museum
Great Plains Black Museum, in Omaha, Nebraska is a nationally recognized institution over 30 years old with the objective of teaching the history and culture of African Americans in the Midwest. In this museum you can find many paintings, books, photos and movies of the African American experience, as well as be able to learn about the daily life and changes in life in the time before, during and after the Civil War, among other things.
Museums in Omaha
Historic Florence Mill
The Mill Historic Florence (Omaha) is also known as the Weber Mill, and is close to the 30th Street exit on Interstate 680 in the community of Florence, in North Omaha, Nebraska. It was constructed in the year 1846 and opened to the public in the late 60s. It was included in the National Register of Historic Places as Weber Mill in 1998.
Museums in Omaha
Benson Historical Society
This place has a number of artesian wells that were drilled in the year 1890 and increased the number of livestock and crops in the zone. The population of the city was changing and law and order was not present in the early days of the past. Over time, Benson has had its ups and downs have taken a beating by 3 big fires and a flood.
Museums in Omaha
Florence Historical Foundation
In 2004, the Foundation of Florence constructed a new community center called the City of Florence. It hosts events for the purpose of maintaining the foundation. They offer training, workshops, festivals and lectures to the community at large.
Museums in Omaha
Landmarks Heritage Preservation Commission
The government of Omaha has a council of nine members charged with recommending official benchmarks for the City of Omaha. The landmarks of the Heritage Preservation Commission were created in 1977 by ordinance to be reviewed and recommended by the City Council for all matters concerning the designation of buildings, places, objects, or entire districts of local historical importance.
Museums in Omaha
The Latin Museum
The Latino Museum ( in Omaha) opened its doors, in the historic Livestock Exchange Building, in 1993 to display Latino art and history. The Latino Museum develops educational programs including lectures, slide shows, films, art classes, and also organises workshops, demonstrations, art history classes, gallery talks, guided tours and dance classes. The Latino Museum organizes and holds special events throughout the year which highlight the celebration of latino culture.
Museums in Omaha
Nebraska Jewish Historical Society
The Nebraska Jewish Historical Society is in the city of Omaha and has many permanent exhibitions, including Jewish monuments, Our History and from generation to generation and has the files in the Community Center of Jews. The museum opens Monday to Friday from 9.30 to 17h. The objective is to develop a variety of cultural, social, recreational and other actiities for the Jewish population.
Museums in Omaha
University Archives - University Library
The University Archives - University Library (Omaha) collects and preserves historical records from the University of Creighton, including correspondence, memorandum, reports, letters, and programs from events and publications. Its archives contain numerous photographs, slides, films, negatives, videotapes and audiotapes.