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Things to do in Wisconsin

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The top 94 attractions in Wisconsin

Of Cultural Interest in Milwaukee
Burke Brise Soleil
"Brise soleil," in terms of architecture refers to a variety of permanent structures that protect you from the sun. This mechanism looks like a wing and was designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava for the Milwaukee Museum of Art in Wisconsin, USA. His two ultrasonic wind sensors make the wings close automatically if the wind's speed reaches 37km/hour or more. The wings are also folded and then released two times a day, which takes a total of three and a half minutes.
Museums in Milwaukee
Harley-Davidson Museum
If something struck me during my last visit to the US, it was this museum. It is sItuated in Milwaukee, an industrial city in southern Wisconsin, an hour's drive from Chicago. It isn´t far from the downtown area. You have to cross the river where there is a train station, an easy 10 to 15 minutes. The facilities new and housed in a complex of buildings that is very modern in design and luxury. Mounting is fantastic and it is dedicated to Harley Davidson. I'm not a big fan of redneck motorcycles, but I must say that I enjoyed the quality of exposure (everything was spotless), the quality of the collections (they have everything ), the ability to link the evolution of the brand with the historical context and the friendly staff, in the project. Of course, for a depressed city like Milwaukee, it is proud not only to be the birthplace of the brand, but also have a museum like this. Of course, besides the museum, do not miss the typical souvenir shop, in this case clearly aimed at the owners of motorcycles of the brand. In the parking lot, ample and free, not coincidentally had more bikes than cars ... In short, the visit is essential or not you like the Harley to realize how good things can be when done with love.
Museums in Milwaukee
Milwaukee Public Museum
The Milwaukee Public Museum is a non-profit institution dedicated to natural and human history and is made up of a big complex in the heart of the town. Besides the permanent exhibitions and other ones that are only temporary, the museum has a planetarium and IMAX room. The current building is from the 60 as previously the museum shared a space with the Contiguous Central Library.
Of Touristic Interest in Milwaukee
Milwaukee Riverwalk
Milwaukee city center suffers from the same problem as many other American cities: it is just a pure business center. From 5 pm and on holidays, you cannot see a soul on the street, just some patrolling police cars. For the tourist, it is frustrating because there is not much to do but visit some semi-deserted malls or eat at one of the few restaurants that are open. The only exception is the Riverwalk area, by the river that runs through the city. It covers several sections of the river, but the most enjoyable and frequently visited is the part near downtown. There you can find several bars with terraces (in summer, of course) and Milwaukee brewed beer. There are also several manifestations of urban art. It is the only place in the city where you can find some atmosphere, however we have to bear in mind that the schedule is not like our country. They eat dinner very early, regardless of whether it is summer or winter, and whether or not the sun shines.
Historical Monuments in Madison
Wisconsin State Capitol
The Wisconsin State Capitol hosts both legislative chambers, along with the Wisconsin Supreme Court and the Office of the Governor. Completed in 1917, it's the 5th building to serve as capitol in Wisconsin. The surrounding streets offer many restaurants and shops. The Wisconsin State Capitol is the tallest building in Madison. They started building it in 1906 and finished in 1917. They used 43 types of stone from 6 countries and 8 states. The bronze statue on top was sculpted in 1920. In total in cost $7.25 million. It's 1 metre lower than the Capitol in Washington DC.
Museums in Milwaukee
Milwaukee County Zoo
The Milwaukee Zoo is one of the best zoos in the United States. It has over 2000 mammals, birds, fish, amphibians and reptiles, all of which are in specialized habitats that cover about 200 wooded acres. The zoo offers shows, fun attractions and special events, in addition to a little train that takes you around the zoo and the kids love it.
Of Cultural Interest in Milwaukee
Milwaukee City Hall
Milwaukee is a city that was founded by Germans, this history is still apparent in the city's great tradition of beer and the historic building's architectural features denoting Central unequivocally. The City Hall is one of them, a Flemish Renaissance style bell. This is a respectable sized building and in fact, was one of the highest in the world in it's time of construction in the late nineteenth century. The first plants are made of limestone and brick other, with the bottom of a modern aesthetic (the entrance is beautiful) and typically superior traits Baltic. Technically it is a skyscraper, and that exceeds 100 meters, and not lost in downtown Milwaukee. It no longer retains the title of the tallest building in the city, but it remains a benchmark and administrative centre of life.
Theme Parks in Wisconsin Dells
Monster Truck World
On our last trip to Milwaukee, we decided to walk three hours one way and three hours back in order to visit this attractions. My son is a fan of monster trucks, and these ones are especially American with big engines and monstrous wheels. How could we deprive him of an experience like this? The attraction is a monster truck ride in the back has that has been adequate to carry passengers. The set-up is not very impressive (there is a sign indicating that it is a family business and are no naughty words) and it takes a good while for the passage fits into their seats, because you have to balance the weights for the junk not tip. I thought the ride would have a scenic character, but is limited to a few laps of a circuit within the same property. It was nice, but would not repeat.
Churches in Milwaukee
Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church
When my wife found out that there was a church in Milwaukee which was the work of Frank Lloyd Wright, she was enthusiastic about visiting. She was quite perplexed by what she saw. Not that the church is not nice or is in poor condition, but she was expecting to view something typical of Wright's work. In envisioning the appearance of this temple of worship of the Greek Orthodox tradition, Wright was inspired by the architecture of this religious tradition, which features domes and rounded shapes. The church is located in Waukesha a fully suburban suburb north of Milwaukee and is situated atop a small hill, surrounded by gardens that offer a view of it from some distance. The church is round, with small bumps, semicircular with a flattened dome, completed with a Greek cross. From afar, it looks like a UFO and yet some architectural details do place it within the Orthodox tradition. It is the only circular work of Wright and in fact, his most famous building, the Guggenheim New York, has these same characteristics. But in this church, without sacrificing a contemporary aesthetic, he choose to utilise some older architectural elements. Wright died before seeing this work completed and, indeed, some of the original features such as stained glass, are not of his creation. I cannot speak about its inside, as we did not manage to visit during the hours of worship, but, personally, I liked it more than I expected. In the States, all churches are neo-something: Neo-Gothic, neo-classical ... This, at least, has its own style, which makes it stand out from all the churches I know and managed to incorporate traditional features, creating a feeling of sober harmony when the whole structure is viewed.
Lakes in Lake Delton
Delton Lake
Lake Delton is on the outskirts of Wisconsin Dells, in the town of the same name. It is an artificial lake that was built in the 1920s to attract tourism to the area, which succeeded, but only after WWII. In its vicinity is the area with theme parks and attractions, and water parks. Delton is a lake which includes a visit to the Dells. There are many tours and ways to visit. We sailed on an amphibious vehicle, but there are many ways since the lake is a 1st class tourist attraction. The visit is filled with lovely views of the surrounding flora and mansions on the banks. The lake is the place to practice sports, especially skiing, with international competitions held here. The visit is recommended and almost mandatory if you tour the Dells. Allows recharge before returning to the hubbub of the Strip and its leisure activities.
Nature Reserves in Wisconsin Dells
Dells of the Wisconsin River
Wisconsin Dells is a tourist town that got its name due to the bizarre rock formations on a stretch of the Wisconsin River, the Dells. At the end of the last ice age, melting ice and snow transformed the limestone in the substrate into uniquely shaped mounds and hollows. Native Americans sheltered here and they are now filled with animals. Currently it is a protected natural area and a tourist attraction operated from the nearby city. There are many tours that allow you to visit some of the Dells (which extend for about 8 km) and enjoy the beautiful landscape. In this long stretch, there are steep cliffs on either side of the river and the Dells seemed to form canyons and inlets. It's a good place to see the area by canoe or boat, but there are many options for commercial tours (we did it in an amphibious vehicle) That give you a good idea of what the Dells are like. If you are in the area it would be a shame to miss the opportunity to enjoy this natural resource.
Of Cultural Interest in Milwaukee
Mitchell Mansion
While I was walking down Wisconsin Avenue one morning, a majestic building caught my interest. As a curious tourist plan, I decided to take some photos. There were a few gardeners who I started chatting with and they gave me some of the building´s history. It belonged to Alexander Mitchell, a man of German descent that began its construction in the mid-nineteenth century. It was completed in stages until it became what it is today. The current building retains vestiges of Italian and French architecture. It´s currently the The Wisconsin Club, a place that features elite social facilities for high class events.
Churches in Milwaukee
Calvary Presbyterian Church
This church is situated in the University District, in downtown Milwaukee. It is striking for its bright color and its high Gothic pinnacle. The Calvary Presbyterian Church was constructed in the mid-19th century and everything in its appearance conveys the impression of being what it is: A Protestant church. I could not visit the inside because the schedule did not permit me to, but its image fits very well with the Milwaukee Germanic origin, most noticeable were the ancient buildings.
Of Cultural Interest in Milwaukee
Milwaukee Public Library
One of the things that impressed me in the US was the size of public libraries. We are used to what we have in our countries , which is that this type of equipment was, at least for a time, limited, and it surprised me to see all these buildings in cities that seem to be palaces, more appropriate for the headquarters of a big bank or a ministry. The Milwaukee council was regidoi over many decades by socialist governments. Consequently, it has an impressive network of public libraries, whose headquarters are situated this building in the center of the city. It was built in the year 1895 in neo-Renaissance style and is listed as a historic monument. It is certainly a building at the height of the cultural values ​​that represents ...
Statues in Milwaukee
The Last Alarm
Walking in Milwaukee I found this strange sculpture. From afar I found it hard to distinguish its subject, a dwarf? R2D2?? As I got closer I realized what it was: a firefighter team stacking away its boots. Realising it was next to a fire station, I realized that this is a memorial to the firefighters who lost their lives in the line of duty.
Beaches in Shorewood
Atwater Park
Shorewood is located in Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, USA. Atwater Park, which lies opposite the Atwater Road, offers some stunning views over Lake Michigan. I had the opportunity to spend the first of many summers here in 2012, and witnessed fireworks on July 4th, lying in the grass. In June, the Shorewood Men's Club season officially opens the 240m long sandy beach at Atwater. My impression was that of shock. I could not believe anyone could surf on a lake. But they could! The sunsets here are beautiful, and if you get to see the full moon reflected on the lake it is even better!
Museums in Cleveland
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum
Like many midwestern cities, Cleveland suffered from a long period of economic decline in the 70s and 80s. As part of a massive project to renew interest in the city, the amazing Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was built and opened 20 years ago. It's hard to believe one museum could do so much to help a big city, but having visited for myself I now understand why. The museum is truly impressive and a must visit for any fan of popular music. The name of the museum is somewhat limiting actually, because there are actually exhibits on gospel, blues, rhythm & blues and folk, country and bluegrass. This is because the museum does a very nice job of tracing the history of rock music. Of course there is plenty of memorabilia as well, with countless guitars and even a motorcycle (or tricycle?) that belonged to Elvis. This whole section of Cleveland is really quite beautiful now and there are a number of other places to visit in the área. That said, the museum took up pretty much my whole day so be sure to wear comfortable shoes!
Theme Parks in Wisconsin Dells
Wisconsin Deer Park
The Deer Park (Deer Park) is located on the Strip in Wisconsin Dells and is one of the many attractions that can be found there, also, it is one of the most popular attractions there. We had planned to visit but in view of the deer, my son was thrilled, so it was a success because we had a great time. More than just a park, it is a what Americans call a 'petting farm', a farm where children can interact more with animals, pet and play with them. I guess there is no child who has not seen Bambi, so for them, to touch a deer is like meet in dream ... not only deer, but many other animals: ducks, llamas, lemurs ... some locked and other loose. But the players are the deer, big and small, that roam his wide and left to the Arabian marranerías factly. Deer do not bite and they also are so used to human presence that are practically pets. Follow you and make you cuddle to give them a cookie ... According to what time of year it is, the females may be separated from males so the kids don't need to see an embarrassing show ... But even the males, with their huge antlers are meek as lambs. Perfect for families.