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Chicago Chinatown

3 reviews of Chicago Chinatown

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The second largest community in the u.s

Located in south Chicago between Cermak and Wentworth Avenues, this area has nearly 100,000 Asian immigrants, the second largest community in the U.S. For a quick tour of the neighborhood, visit: 1.) Wentworth Avenue, the heart of the neighborhood, full of shops and restaurants. 2.) Chinatown Gate the typical gate of any Chinatown and a good place for a photograph to remember the visit. 3.) The Chinatown Mural, made with hand-painted tiles the history of Chinese immigrants in America. 4.) Chinatown Square, filled with sculptures of the Chinese calendar. 5.) Nine Dragon Wall, as you can imagine, a wall sculpture decorated with nine dragons.
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Information about Chicago Chinatown

Chicago Chinatown Phone Number
Chicago Chinatown Address
318 West Cermak Ave, Chicago Il, Chicago, IL 60616
318 West Cermak Ave, Chicago Il, Chicago, IL 60616
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