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Restaurants in Granada

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240 places to eat in Granada

Restaurants in Granada
La Antigualla
One of the most recognized tapas bars in Granada. As a matter of fact, they’ve opened another location called Antigualla II due to the success of the first place. It’s worth stopping here for a beer because it’s in the perfect location (next to Nueva plaza). The decoration is interesting, the tapas that come with your beer are enormous and the atmosphere is loaded with everyone smoking (note: smoking has since been banned in Spanish bars/restaurants). It’s very, very small. I give it a 6 overall.
Restaurants in Granada
Bar Los Diamantes
If you want to give yourself a “baño de humanidad” (bath of humanity), go to Los Diamantes bar (Diamond Bar) and have yourself a caña and some tapas. A tiny place, but always packed with people. Los Diamantes bar is situated at the beginning of Calle Navas, one of the most popular streets because of its Tapas Route (Ruta del Tapeo). It is pedestrian and always packed with young people at cocktail hour and before going out at night. The place is always packed, but there is an advantage: The service is quick, and the fact that it is cramped is more than an inconvenience actually quite amusing. The specialty is the Tortilla de Sacromonte (Sacromonte omelette), the tortillitas de camarones (shrimp), the revuelto de berenjena (scrambled egg with aubergine) and fine offal. Like in almost any other bar in the area, your beer comes with the tapas they are making at the moment and is included in the price, usually 1.50€.
Restaurants in Granada
Restaurante Los Manueles
The variety of tapas is impressive in one of the most famous restaurants in Granada!! Continuing my tour of Granada last summer I decided to get to know one of the most famous restaurants in the city: Los Manueles restaurant, which is located just in front Plaza Nueva, in Reyes Católicos street. It is one of the restaurants with most history in the city, since it is almost a century old: the first Los Manueles was inaugurated in 1917. Among the things I recommend: the homemade croquettes (there is no trip without trying the croquettes...), the fried eggs with potatoes and ham or the Sacromonte tortilla (Spanish omelette). The restaurant has two parts: in the lower one you can try the tapas and the upper one is only for the restaurant. The only thing you have to take into account is that it is a little expensive, but it is obviously the price of its quality.
Restaurants in Granada
Bodega La Bella y La Bestia
On the Paseo de Darro in the Granada city center you'll find this winery. With each drink you'll get an enormous tapa, of great quantity and quality. You can also order a la carte, but you'll be fine with the tapa. And if you order two, I'm not even going to tell you what you'll get. Quality and value.
Restaurants in Granada
Mirador de Morayma
It is one of the most famous restaurants in Granada and it is justified. It is located in the higher part of the neighbourhood of Albaicín and the route to the restaurant is already worth it, for the alleys packed with bohemian history. From inside, the view of the Alhambra is priceless. And the restaurant is fantastic, ideal to delight in local products surrounded by antique, vintage home decor. It is obviously not a cheap place, but sometimes that is the price of fame. And with all the great food places in Granada, this kind of detail sometimes makes you take a step back. But you'll see, the restaurant is worth it if you are looking for a special place, even romantic, for a special trip.
Restaurants in Granada
Mesón Andaluz
You cannot miss it: exiting the Cathedral and crossing the main street you will find the restaurant a few meters away in Calle Cetti Meriem, 10. Just at the entrance the menu is displayed, so that you get an idea of what you will find inside: ham, meat, fried fish, etc. The decoration is typical of Andalusia: lattice, ceramics, etc. They even have a bulls head adorning the wall. More Spanish than that? Impossible. Red and white chequered tablecloth, wooden chairs and flamenco music... They offer a tourist menu but unlike in other tourist places the food is good. The dishes are well prepared, the waiters are very nice and the value for money is very good. According to the recommendations we’d received we knew pretty much what we would have. Ha-ha. The light menu. They first brought us some ham and olive tapas that got our taste buds tingling, afterwards gazpacho, but one even better than the one I make at home, being that it was off the menu we expected something of poor quality but how wrong we were, it was a "señor gazpacho", delicious... Then the "alpujarreño" dish with morcilla (blood sausage), chorizo, a fried egg, a grilled pork chop so that you don't get fat, ha-ha. Accompanied by with potatoes and peppers, just by looking at the photos you can imagine the results, delicious. The bad part of it is that there is no room left for dessert. As to the waiters, very nice, always making sure you don't need anything and giving us tips on dishes. I'm sure of two things: one that I'll go back to Granada and two that I'll go back to this place, of which I have fond memories.
Restaurants in Granada
Restaurants in Granada
Mesón La Cueva
I recommend you try the homemade embutidos (sausages)!! Last summer I bumped by chance into a restaurant some of my acquaintances had recommended for the stunning embutidos, as it is run by the owners of an embutido factory. It turns out that the restaurant sells its own embutidos by weight to take away. Or you can simply have a glass of wine while they give you some of this meat to taste. It is so good we even ended up ordering a varied ration to something more typical of the place. The rations contained everything: we tried chorizo, salchichón (spicy sausage similar to salami), diced ham, cured cheese, orza black pudding, a pinker, softer type of salchichón (this time cooked), etc. And to finish we ordered a portion of ham croquettes they had on the tapas list and on the counter of the bar. The place was packed with people. We had to wait before we could sit down at one of the tables; I think that tells you everything you need to know...
Restaurants in Granada
Restaurante El Agua
In the middle of the neighbourhood of Albaicín, there is this magnificent restaurant, specialized in fondue. A very romantic place: dining on the terrace, a nice viewpoint of the Alhambra, a unique experience. Moreover the food is very good and the service exquisite. They have a great wine list and the desserts are delicious. Reservations are needed, to get a spot on the terrace to be able to admire the Alhambra. And go on time, it is not easy to find the restaurant in between the alleys of Albaicín and it is only possible to get there on foot and with a map of Granada. I highly recommend it for a quiet dinner, with your partner or some friends.
Tapas Bars in Granada
Nuestro Bar
This bar is a true classic when it comes to tapas in Granada; it is located in a student neighbourhood and one of tradition: the neighbourhood of the doctors and of the bullring. I recommend going when you are pretty hungry because the tapas are substantial. There are some of meat, fish, and some vegetarian options as well. There are also "raciones", which no one orders because the tapas are more than enough; and sandwiches. The waiters are amazing and the atmosphere is stupendous, with a terrace all year long (with the same prices as inside: 2€ for a beer/drink). Enjoy!
Cafés in Granada
Bohemia Jazz Café
Unbeatable. Good coffee, cocktails, and ice cream in a vintage atmosphere with good jazz music. A gem. There are two: one Plaza de Lobos 11, and the other in Imprenta 2 - Granada- A classic.
Restaurants in Granada
Tendido 1
Fast, nice, and effective service. The quality of the food is reasonably good. The look and feel is sophisticated and pleasant and very special since it is in the arena itself, but not just because of that. Off the topic, I wish they would have turned the fan on.
Restaurants in Granada
Panoramic 360
The first revolving restaurant in Spain. It opened in June 2009 and until last week I hadn’t had the chance to go. If you go to Granada it is worth going for lunch or dinner (I recommend going for lunch, since it is a relatively new area in Granada, not many tourists, and there is no taxi stop nearby... Although you can call one, it is better to go for lunch and go back walking by the Genil River). The views are impressive... And on top of it, the food is excellent with great variety. The revolving platform of the room of the restaurant takes a little more than an hour and a half to complete a full turn, so that you can enjoy your food while looking at the countryside of Granada, the Sierra Nevada, and the Alhambra of the lovely city. The prices are around 30-50€ each.
Restaurants in Granada
Estrellas de San Nicolás
It is spectacular. It has a cozy room with sit-down table downstairs, exquisite décor, and impeccable service. But the spectacular part are the views from the terrace, ideal for a romantic dinner to surprise your significant other. The food is full of contrasts and very high quality. A 10.
Tapas Bars in Granada
Bar Minotauro
We discovered this bar on a trip to Granada by chance and truthfully we loved it, anytime we go to Granada we go here for a drink. Truthfully everything is delicious and there is usually a wonderful ambience You must go early to get a spot but all great.
Tea Rooms in Granada
Meknes Rahma
This a tea and smoke a hookahteahouse has very typical décor and very comfortable armchairs where you can have a tea and smoke a hookah for hours. The staff was very nice to us and even we had a chat with the owner about Morocco. 3 hours after, we left happy (and place is perfect to digest a good meal). Teas between 2.50 and 3.00€, and interminable hookahs for 10.00€. A highly recommended place.
Restaurants in Granada
El Huerto de Juan Ranas
This is a great place to have a drink while sitting on a comfortable chair, and looking at the Alhambra. But it's expensive - a red will cost 4 €, and a beer or a coffee € 3, without a tapa. Sometimes it's worth it for the views though.
Cafés in Granada
Yoyogurt Granada
This is a place where you can have frozen yogurt with various toppings. But the disappointment was complete, since the prices are exorbitantly expensive. The smaller cup costs 2.90 and is about 80-100 cc. The yogurt they offer is very sweet, and if you put some kind of cream or sauce you make it cloyingly sweet. The place is very small and when there are two people inside, the next person has to wait in the street. Only recommended for extreme sweet tooths.