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Flea Markets in Athens

3 flea markets in Athens

Flea Markets in Athens
Monastiraki Flea Market
This small market is in the Plaka tourist district, close to the Acropolis and the ruins and monuments which are most visited in the centre. It is rather surprising since antique and flea markets tend to be a bit further away from the center of the city. But here, this is not the case. It lies on the plateia (Square) Avyssinías. The premises of this small square open their doors (very early as they have to take half the shop out into the street to show off what they've got) and as you spend hours walking space is seriously reduced until you are left with a space where you can only spin around and browse. The premises are somewhat different to what we expect, many of them have more below the surface, often with more merchandise than the shop at the end of the street. They mainly contain large furniture and expensive carpentry which are too bulky to be taken them through the narrow doors and hallways of the premises. During the week the same premises are open, but the goods are not out on the street, where cars and pedestrians must pass. The central part of the market, the square, contains mainly furniture, old records and books, decorative items for the home as well as various tools and gadgets that we would find in our own memory trunks.
Flea Markets in Athens
Piraeus Flea Market
This market does not appear in the guide, but it is not necessary, as you'll find it just off the metro line 1, Piraeus. In fact if you look to the left from the subway booths and shops you will see it at about 300 meters. The market is very simple, mostly filled with large white glasses, bags, socks, shirts and perfumes, they are mostly imitations (if not 100%). A part of the market seems more stable and "legal", as sellers occupy some posts, there are metal booths which are installed permanently. To reach this part it is necessary, when you exit the metro, to turn left and walk 30-40 meters. Until then what you see will be the vendors who, under the guise of the market, "install" their posts. As in most markets, haggling is the order of the day. Tourists discover market when they get off the subway, those who visit are local seniors, low-income people and others with more income but who do not accept to pay € 100 for Ray-Bans.
Flea Markets in Athens
Adrianoú and Pandrósou, Market Streets of Clothing
The main entry to this market is located on the streets and Pandrosou adrianou. You can find tons of shirts, of many different designs, throughout all of these streets. I was very surprised by how many different military designs and accessories I found, from the typical jacket and boots to the big backpack to toy guns, and models. Even tents, blankets and networks were sold there, all camouflage. It is a small place with lots of merchandise, so marketers manage to hang and present their products in the most unexpected places. This makes the district a small zouk, tightly covered and where shoppers can buy with their eyes. Be careful, because of course there is quite a bit of purse and wallet theft. There is plenty to buy here aside from clothes and fabrics. There are also record stores, bike shops, fast food outlets, bars, etc.. The area is quite popular with "punks" and "skaters" Paradise still some stores for the latter. There are several shops selling clothes and accessories for "skaters", from the shoes "Vans" to dozens and dozens of "skates". There is at least one post gyros where you can satisfy hunger, while testing one of the dishes eaten by the Greeks.
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