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Historical Monuments in Switzerland


43 historical monuments in Switzerland

Historical Monuments in Lucerne
Lion of Lucerne
The Dying Lion of Lucerne is a stunning sculpture in honor of the 700 Swiss mercenaries who died in the Tuileries Plaza to protect
Historical Monuments in Einsiedeln
Einsiedeln Monastery
The Benedictine monastery of Einsiedeln is one of the most beautiful monasteries in the country, and indeed is the most representa
Historical Monuments in Basel
Basel Old Town
I had never visited Basel despite having visited Switzerland a few times, and I quickly regretted not having visited earlier once
Historical Monuments in Bern
Clock Tower
One of the great attractions of the city is the Clock Tower. Well, clocks. The big clock and the astronomical clock, that is. This
Historical Monuments in Geneva
Reformation Wall
On one of my walks I saw the Geneva International Reformation Wall, better known as the "wall of reformers." It's in the Bastions
Historical Monuments in Zurich
Bridge Mülesteg
Coming down from Central, one of the first options that you have for crossing the Limmat river is via this curious wooden bridge.
Historical Monuments in Solothurn
Chrumme SLEP / Twisted Tower of Solothurn
The Twisted Tower (in Swiss "Chrumme Durm" or German "Krummer Turm") is the oldest (unchanged) building in the beautiful town of S
Historical Monuments in Basel
Gate of Spalen
Basel was well defended by a great wall in medieval times. Today, you can admire the three gates of the great wall. Among the thre
Historical Monuments in Bern
Ogre Fountain
Fountains play an important role in Swiss cities and Bern was no different. There are 11 along the main street, Market Street, and
Historical Monuments in Rheinau
Klosterkirche, Convent of Rheinau
Rheinau Convent, which is situated on an island in the Rhine, is one of the most prominent in Switzerland along with St. Gall and
Historical Monuments in Lugano
Next to the lake and the Congress Centre, and in front of the casino, this obelisk stands to honour the memory of the men who fell
Historical Monuments in Lausanne
Fontaine de la Justice
In Swiss cities fountains are more than just a tradition. There a eleven in Bern alone that are in the historical district, in Lau
Historical Monuments in Lausanne
Pont Bessières
Nice place.
Historical Monuments in Fribourg
Historical Monuments in Rheinau
Bergkirche, Rheinau
The Bergkirche or "Church of the Mountain" is situated at the top of Rheinau. It has the unusual thing that is the only church in
Historical Monuments in Lausanne
Lausanne Parliament
This is where the parliament is currently being built, the old building, having been destroyed by fire on 14 May, 2002. The renewa
Historical Monuments in Lausanne
Historical Monuments in Montreux
Prisons du Château de Chillon
It takes 1 hour to go through it, you hear the sound of the sea the entire time. It’s always better with a guide.
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