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Theaters in Vaucluse

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5 theaters in Vaucluse

Theaters in Orange
Theatre Antique d'Orange
The Roman Theatre of Orange is an authentic beauty and is in excellent condition. The walls measure 103 meters in length and 37m height. In 1869 the theater became the seat of an annual summer festival. Until 1969 plays were performed here, alternating with musicals, operas and symphonies. After that date, the Orange became exclusively for opera festivals and plays were performed in Avignon. In the pictures you can see an orchestral rehearsal. There are also pictures of the backstage area.
Theaters in Avignon
Opéra Grand Avignon
The theater dates back to the nineteenth century, and is in the clock square, right next to the city council. The city decided to build a new theater on the site of the convent of the nuns of San Lorenzo. Finished in 1825 and with a facade of Greek-Roman style columns and statues, the building was damaged by fire in 1846. It was then rebuilt, by architects and Feucheres Charpentier. The inauguration was done with the work of William Tell in 1847. The front has an elegant arch, which is well integrated into the clock square. At the entrance, there are two sculptures of the great masters of French theater, Moliere and Corneille.
Theaters in Avignon
Theatre Des Corps Sains
Avignon is a city with a great theater tradition, it is very famous for its theater festival in mid-June, when all the small independent theaters of the city are filled and open to shows and plays of all styles. It was founded in 1947 and has been a great success every year. The Corps Sains theater, or healthy bodies, is in the plaza of the same name. It is a theater puts on small plays throughout the year, but especially during the festival, many are French contemporary works. Admission is between 7 and 15 euros depending on the play. There's a full program available in the tourist office.
Theaters in Avignon
Theaters in Avignon