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Things to do in Tierra de Mérida - Vegas Bajas

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The top 95 attractions in Tierra de Mérida - Vegas Bajas

Ruins in Mérida
Roman Theatre of Mérida
If Merida is known as a place filled with Roman culture, a special mention must be made to the Roman Amphitheater. I think this i
Cities in Mérida
This summer on my trip to Portugal, we passed through Merida and Emerita Augusta. Everything that can be said about this beautiful
Ruins in Mérida
Temple of Diana
Walk around Mérida and discover its streets and architectural monuments is a true adventure. I know the experience because, while
Museums in Mérida
National Museum of Roman Art
The Romans were an advanced society in many ways: Literature, the arts of war, law, language, and women's fashion. The Romans had
Ruins in Mérida
Aqueduct de los Milagros
Along with the National Museum of Roman Art, this was my favorite monument of the city. The sheer size of this aqueduct and the th
Ruins in Mérida
Mitreo House
After lunch we went to visit the House of Mithraeum, somewhat far away from the rest of the Merida Roman beauties, but it is no le
Wetlands in Mérida
Reservoir of Proserpine
La Charca (that's the more common name for Proserpina Swamp) is an 8.5 square kilometer basin. The Romans built this dam over the
Historical Monuments in Mérida
Ruins in Mérida
Circo Romano de Mérida
Our visit to Merida began at the Circo Romano de Merida. It's a good place to start because it's right next to the tourist center.
Ruins in Mérida
Portico of the Forum
You can enjoy another great landmark and it's not a woman. Yikes, that was an cheasy joke. The only problem is that around noon he
Rivers in Mérida
Historical Monuments in Mérida
Alcazaba of Mérida
The Alcazaba de Merida is a clear example of how architecture is reinvented and recycled throughout history. The Romans built this
Flea Markets in Mérida
Artisan Market
Saturday mornings. One of these markets during a lazy winter where sunlight wakes you up. It's in the Spanish Square, and from ear
Tourist Information in Mérida
Municipal Tourist Office
In this tourist office, as soon as we walked in the front, we found ourselves in front of the person you were going to ask the que
Historical Monuments in Mérida
Spa in Alange
Of Touristic Interest in Mérida
Festivals in Mérida
"Try a little bit of carnival, you'll see how you'll like it". In Extremadura the most famous carnivals are those of Badajoz and o