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Things to do in Concepción

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  • Outdoors
    12 places
  • Walks
    11 places
  • Monuments
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Squares in Concepción
Jurassic Park
Squares in Concepción
Squares in Concepción
Squares in Concepción
Squares in Concepción
Squares in Concepción

The top 59 attractions in Concepción

Rivers in Concepción
Bio Bio River Mouth
The mouth of the river is located in the commune of Hualpén 20 minutes from downtown Concepción. It is one of the most important tourist sites of the city with its black sand beach that stretches 300 meters down the coast of Pacific Ocean. The waves are a bit strong for swimming but they´re beautiful for nature lovers and the beach is great for picnicking, photography, etc. It´s also great for water sports such as kite surfing, windsurfing, surfing, etc. Near the area, there are other natural protected areas that allow you to enjoy nature without stepping too far out of the city.
Beaches in Concepción
Ramuntcho Beach
It is common for those who are immersed in the urban core to have a desire to leave the city, and go to a place where there is only the landscape and we the landscape and them are the protagonists. Sometimes we find it hard to find places that are free from urban labels, but there are exceptions, like this beach is in the area of Hualpen. Ramuntcho still is in its natural state, without services or homes close by, and it is only the landscape and visitors, which are crowded in summer, but spends much of the year as a lonely beach. Part of its mystery is that it does not have connectivity to allow easy access, so far there are no signs to guide you there, so having a bit of curiosity and excitement is natural. The easiest and fastest way to arrive is by car or cycling. From Conception it is around 25 minutes drive on a dirt road ... the secret is in taking the path towards the mouth, though bound to the Caleta Chome which you may find signs to on the road, but for just in case you must always take the right hand on every detour from the main road, after you reach a forest you will see a gate closed. Now leave the car parked at a bank and a fee of outdoor shows, and you should also go down a path to the right in the same sense that we come to start a walk of 10 minutes about finally reaching the expected corner, a semicircular beach ... beach Ramuntcho. This area bears some charm apart from being disconnected from urbanization, the geographical characteristics make it one of the most beautiful in the region. Fine white sand, clean, soft waves, natural setting with rocks, cliffs and abundant wildlife. Being surrounded by hills provides shade in the afternoons, located one hour early to sunbathe and enjoy every corner, fully recommended for those who enjoy photography, peaceful places or embedded in practice some sport.
Universities in Concepción
University of Concepción
The University of Concepción (UdeC) is one of the largest traditional and prestigious universities in Chili (along with the University of Chile and the Catholic University of Chile). It is one of the 25 universities that make up the Council of Rectors of Chilean Universities. It was the first of them to be located in the central-southern region of the country, and the first to be established as a private corporation. Its headquarters is located in the city of Concepción but there are two other offices in Chillán and Los Angeles.
Rivers in Concepción
Bio Bio River
The Bio Bio is the widest river in Chile with some parts measuring approximately 2400 meters. It borders the city of Concepción and gives its name to the region. In winter the flow is almost threatening but in the summer, it becomes likes a desert due to its completely sandy bottom. Today there are 4 bridges that cross it.
Beaches in Concepción
Caleta Lenga
Caleta stands out as gastronomical area in the conception province. There are more than 25 bars and restaurants that specialize in seafood dishes. A beautiful place and within the reach of every pocket.
Cities in Concepción
Concepcion Center
As a group, we went to take a walk in the morning to get some fresh air but we found so many other things that weren´t expected: the beautiful fauna, forest plantations, the locals, etc. A highly recommended to whet your appetite!
Squares in Concepción
Jurassic Park
Jurassic Park was built in Concepción Acevedo Square, which was remodeled in 2008 with a theme stage with models of dinosaurs on a jurassic scale recreating every detail. They are real works made by the sculptor Jorge Barba, and it also has attractive games for children and trees and plants that complement the scene. Here one will find life-size replicas of the Diplodocus dinosaur, 20 meters long and eight metres tall, plus three pups, fossils, eggs and footprints, There is also the famous and feared carnivore Tyrannosaurus Rex, whose dimensions are 14 meters long and 6.6 meters high weighing 1 ton. Beside it stood a Pteranodon, large flying reptile that is characterized by a crest on its head, at 3 meters high and 6 meters long it is suspended in the air, simulating flight. There is also the Natural History Museum, to promote social life and culture.
Beaches in Concepción
Beach Pingueral
Pingueral was a private beach for a while that could only be used by the residents of the area. Now, after a law was passed that made that the entire coast of the country public, it´s a great place for tourists to visit. It´s a white sand beach with strong waves. Thee setting is beautiful and the buildings that have been built in the area provide many pleasant places to have a comfortable rest.
Airports in Concepción
Carriel Sur International Airport
It is one of the main airports in southern Chile. In 2005 they finished building a new terminal, so the building itself it quite new. Domestic flights usually arrive here but is qualified to receive international flights but it is very rare that that would happen.
Casinos in Concepción
Casino Marina del Sol
It is the only casino in Gran Concepción. Inaugurated in 2009 with a spectacular evening of fireworks. There is also a 5 star hotel, disco, restaurants and othr attractions.
Shopping Malls in Concepción
Mall Plaza Trebol - Concepcion
The main commercial center of southern Chile. It has exclusive clothes stores and technology centers. There also a selection of good restaurants. It is easily accessed by major highways.
Squares in Concepción
Streets in Concepción
Llacolen Bridge
Llacolén Bridge is a modern road bridge in San Pedro de la Paz and Concepción. Biobío River traverses the height of Concepción and San Pedro de la Paz. Is parallel to the John Paul II Bridge and the Railway Bridge. Its construction took about two years and was inaugurated in February 2000. San Pedro de la Paz is reached from Michimalonco Street. From Conception comes from Avenida The Carrera.
Nature Reserves in Concepción
The Cerro Caracol is a geographical landmark of Concepcion, Chile. At 80 meters high in some areas, this hill is known as the green lung of the city because of the large amount of flora and forests. Like a recreational area, it has been "merged" with the Ecuador Park located at the bottom. There are several hikes or paths you can take on foot or by car up to the top. Once you reach it, there is a kind of "oval" with benches surrounding it and in the center, ´the German lookout.´ It has great historical connotation in the city. It was built by Don Arturo Junge Sahr and funded by the German community living in the city in honor of the German chancellor Otto von Bismarck. This was the first monument in South America built in honor of this individual. It has two levels: the first is enclosed by an iron gate, and the second is the lookout which gives you a panoramic view of the city.
Hiking in Concepción
Waterfalls in Concepción
Cascade Park Ecuador
This famous park in Ecuador in the city of Concepción is where you´ll find one of the forts of the frontline used during the war. Definitely visit if you´re in the area.
Museums in Concepción
Race Tracks in Concepción
This is the capital of this sport. This year was particularly exciting as it had been raining a lot, therefore the roads were very muddy and difficult. It runs through the forest and is a great track.