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Things to do in San Gil

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The top 26 attractions in San Gil

Canyons in San Gil
The Chicamocha Canyon Park
This area is very important because it's than simply a place in our region. This geography has shaped our culture and our character. The Guane culture that gave rise to the town of Santander is here at the bottom of the high mountains.
Nature Reserves in San Gil
El Gallineral National Park
The historic center of the town with its steep streets on the banks of the river Fonce is where you'll find this National Monument. One of this area's main attractions is Gallineral Park, which occupies an island in the river where you can see moss hanging from the trees and the sound of water makes it a must-see. Other attractions of San Gil are Ragonessi ecological park, spa blue pit, Mount Grotto, Cerro de La Cruz and adventure sports such as canoeing, mountain climbing, mountain biking and motocross, among others.
Cathedrals in San Gil
Santa Cruz Cathedral
A very nice and pleasant Cathedral, the construction of which began in 1769 and ended in 1791, built in a classic architectural style. The altarpiece of the main altar was made by Jacinto Garcia, and is spectacular, but I particularly like the side chapels.
Squares in San Gil
Plaza Mayor San Gil
In San Gil, life goes on mainly in the street and the square is the meeting place for everyone, children, young people and old people. The latter chatting on benches, the young having a Colombian beer in the bars of the square, and children playing around the main fountain.
Waterfalls in San Gil
Juan Curi Waterfall
Impressive, lecherous, wild ... This is the landscape that hides the spectacular waterfall of Juan Curi. The waterfall is 120 meters high, and it is 22 kilometers from [poi = 122048] San Gil [/ poi], on the road leading to Charalá. Juan Curi is a natural beauty, but it is located within a private property. From the entrance you will see it and, while the view is magnificent, nothing compares to entering the woods along an almost jungle path to the foot of the waterfall. The water falls with a fantastic force within large natural pools, which are perfect for swimming. Although most people stop there, if you want more adventure you can continue scaling a very slippery path, as the waterfall is actually on several different levels. At one point, the path comes to an end and you have to continue climbing the rocks in order to go on. It´s a big effort, but it's well worth it: After a couple of hours you arrive, drenched, to the source of the waterfall. Juan Curi is the perfect place to feel the [poi = 122095] adrenaline pulsing through your veins [/ poi]. Do not miss it, it's an incredible place.
Sports-Related in San Gil
San Gil
The beautiful San Gil is in the Department of Santander, an eight hour bus ride from Bogota. The village, dotted with colonial mansions and it's own beautiful cathedral, is on the banks of the river Focne surrounded by wild and lush landscapes, ideal for water sports. San Gil is a typical inland Columbian village with its quiet, unhurried love. The lively morning market is a feast for the senses, the vallenato music is played constantly, people enjoy their free time taking fresh air in Freedom Park Square. The town is a base for many sports in contact with nature, hiking, rappelling, paragliding, kayaking and rafting, which is why it's called the 'Land of adventure'. A few kilometers away is the amazing colonial town of Barichara, one of the architectural jewels of Colombia, and a few meters away from The Gallineral Park beings. A fascinatingly beautifully natural area on the river Fonce. Another must see in San Gil is the Juan Curi waterfall, an impressive waterfall with natural pools surrounded by jungle vegetation where you can rappel. Travellers come here from around the world looking to live close to the spectacular nature around the village and do adventure sports. Macondo hostal is a good place to stay and you'll find good company.
Historical Monuments in San Gil
Monument to the Santandereanidad
This memorial is dedicated to the epic commoner in the province of Santander, Colombia. It's located in the park Panachi (Chicamocha National Park). The uprising of the commoners was an armed uprising gestated in the Viceroyalty of New Granada in 1780. The rebels took their name from the ancient villagers of Castile, who had rebelled against King Charles the first in defence of Spanish bourgeoisie rights, which were being ignored by Flemish nobles. Besides admiring this sculpture, you can go down to the river Chicamocha in this park by the recently opened cable cars, practice zip lining, visit a small zoo, or walk the streets of a typical village in Santander.
Of Cultural Interest in San Gil
Fonce River
Come and discover the pleasure and thrill of navigating the turbulent waters of the river Fonce, in the city of San Gil, in the Department of Santander, in my country Colombia. Come and descend this mighty river by rafting, and feel the emotion of being in touch with nature while enjoying a moment of emotion and adventure in this place.
Of Touristic Interest in San Gil
Cable Car in the Park of the Chicamocha
It opened in 2009 and is now one of the world's longest cable cars. If you're not too scared, you can contemplate allowing a 25-minute walk majesty Chicamocha Canyon. The tour, with three stations, begins in Panachi, low Chicamocha river and up to the sidewalk Tabacal in La Mesa de Los Santos.
Rafting in San Gil
Rivers and Canoes Agency
Hello friends, I'm from Germany and I would like to say that Rivers and Canoes gave me one of the best experiences of my life - its people, guides and owners really knew their stuff and made sure that we enjoyed our adventures with both safety and fun. It is located in Gallineral park. Ask for Jaime Boada, the owner.
Squares in San Gil
San Gil Market Square
Two blocks from the Central Square of Liberty and the Cathedral of the Holy Cross, is the Plaza del Mercado de San Gil, an absolutely inescapable. I always say that the markets are the best places to get to know the character of the locals, here, everyday popular culture is manifested everywhere. San Gil market is the most important in the region, from the earth and surrounding villages come meat, milk, flowers, cheese, bread, liquors, eggs, the most exotic and delicious fruit and vegetables you can imagine. Mixed with the smell of damp earth, the aroma exhaled by mouthwatering positions. People (men with large straw hats), although hard at work, are incredibly friendly, they smile at you and encourages you to try their goods and don't flinch if you photograph them. If you're on a budget, there are delicacies for a few pesos, have a fresh juices, or eat a delicious dish popular dining rooms that open from 6 am to 3 pm.
Climbing in San Gil
Rappel in la Cascada de Juan Curi
If you like adventure sports you can't miss this. The Juan Curi waterfall is ideal for rappelling, and an amazing experience. To jump from these heights you should contact any adventure agenciesin San Gil. Among them I chose Colombia Rafting Expeditions, a very good option and they also offer rappelling and paragliding, specializing in extreme rafting in Suarez river. Colombia Rafting Expeditions is in the Carrera 10, No. 7-83 San Gil. Phone: 311 283 8647. Web: Www.Colombiarafting.Com
Bus Stations in San Gil
Shopping Malls in San Gil
Streets in San Gil
Shops in San Gil
Dino Kids
Dino Kids-Fashion for Infants and Children Cra 9 No 10-30 Phone 7 7246147 www.facebook.com / dinokidsmodainfantilyjuvenil
Streets in San Gil
Sports-Related in San Gil