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Things to do in Barichara

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The top 23 attractions in Barichara

Villages in Barichara
A little over half an hour in 'minivan' down a steep path from San Gil, we finally got to our destination which was one of the most delightful colonial towns of Colombia: Barichara. This corner is completely lost in time and in the mountains that surround San Gil there is such beauty that you are virtually left haggard. It seems like nothing has changed in Barichara in 300 years, and it has white houses with thick walls with doors and windows painted green or blue and red roofs. The churches of the Immaculate Conception are amazing, representing the Risen Jesus and Santa Barbara, and his beloved cemetery . Not even the lives of their neighbors seems to have been touched by modernity. An overwhelming serenity wanders wide streets, where there are small shops selling handicrafts. Barichara is so beautiful that recently, they have installed sophisticated boutique hotels and villas with charm. One of them is located in a colonial mansion and is totally amazing. It is called the Hotel Corata. Discovering the town takes a few hours, which takes gives you times to go down each alley and explore the churches. Then it's best to venture to the tiny village of Guane via the path of the historic El Camino Real. It's an hour of beautiful walking and it is easy as it goes downhill. From Guane can go back to San Gil in 'minivan'.
Cathedrals in Barichara
Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception (Barichara)
The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, in memory of The Virgin of the Rock is an extraordinary work of art. It's held up by 10 carved monolithic columns that are each 5 meters high and 70 cm thick, and a huge dome. A beauty that harmonizes with the surroundings of the square and surrounding buildings
Squares in Barichara
Main Square
Right at the center of this wonderful colonial town known as Barichara, which is one of the most beautiful towns in Colombia, you'll find this place. It's decorated with stone fountains and monuments and all types of people who worship their Virgin, surrounded by the most representative buildings of the village, the [poi = 59734] cathedral church [/ poi] which is obviously made of stone and kept in perfect condition and the [poi = 59736] council [/ poi].
Churches in Barichara
Church of Santa Barbara (Barichara)
Like [poi = 122144] the Cathedral [/ poi] of [poi = 14505] in Barichara [/ poi] and [poi = 122147] The Risen Jesus Chapel [/ poi], the church of Santa Barbara is built completely out of a type of yellow stone. Santa Barbara is located on the top of the city, and although this town has suffered the ills of time well, it's well worth the climb up there you'll have to make to visit. Its facade, simple and endearing, is the original inside, carefully restored, has a beautiful polychrome wooden altarpiece.
Hiking in Barichara
Camino Real to Guanes
The royal road was built by natives a long time ago and has been maintained over time by local residents. There is a national monument, goats, flowers and lots of interesting sights on this road.
Viewpoints in Barichara
Viewpoint of Barichara
Situated at the highest elevation in town, between parks Jorge Delgado Ortiz Rafael Sierra and Prada, you'll enjoy some great panoramic canyon views that the river Suarez has made all by itself. The viewpoint is a path of about 500 meters around the barrel and from where the road that would lead us to Guane, another beautiful colonial town.
Historical Monuments in Barichara
Birthplace of Aquileo Parra
You can visit the birthplace of Achilles Don Parra, the Colombian president from the 19th century. His birthplace is located in the lower part of town toward the south, about 3 blocks from the main square. It's no longer a simple house, now that it's adorned with a bronze plaque on its façade indicating who was born within its walls.
Churches in Barichara
Chapel of Jesus (Barichara)
This small church is one of the town's architectural gems in [poi = 14505] Barichara [/ poi]. Nestled on a secluded side street next to the [poi = 122151] cemetery [/ poi], the chapel's colonial interior is endearing. It houses a simple wooden poly-chrome altar. The most striking is the ceiling with its rustic beams hanging just as they were built 300 years ago.
Cemeteries in Barichara
Barichara Cemetery
Situated right next to the beautiful [poi = 122147] Risen Jesus Chapel [/ poi] is the Barichara Cemetery [poi = 14505] [/ poi] This is one of the most beautiful and endearing places that I've ever visited in my life. With the yellowish gravestones in the evening, everything becomes Barichara-orange during sunset, and in its silence, there's tranquility, the beautiful samples made forge decorating the white walls and the century-old of some of their graves, worn by time.
Of Cultural Interest in Barichara
La nube posada
This is a space where architecture ingeniously combines the area's colonial history with the minimalist movement. Dual opening doors and controlled light create an internal atmosphere that fosters silence and meditation. It's literally like being in the clouds.
Of Touristic Interest in Barichara
El Carambolo de Barichara
Although Barichara is full of colonial inns and hotels where they charge way too much to make you feel like a man while sitting on their colonial patios, there are some places more modest but not without its charm, and this is one of them, located near visit the chapel San Antonio
Museums in Barichara
Churches in Barichara
Historical Monuments in Barichara
Gardens in Barichara
City Halls in Barichara
Mayoralty of Barichara
It is a very beautiful stone colonial building with a courtyard filled with sculptures, wooden arches and balconies on the upper floor. Inside, there is rustic log furniture.
Statues in Barichara
Of Touristic Interest in Barichara