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Things to do in Saumur

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The top 19 attractions in Saumur

Castles in Saumur
Château de Saumur
Saumur Castle is located in the heart of the Pays de la Loire region, situated on the historic castles of the Loire route. A magical route full of history. Saumur Castle is a must for lovers of cultural and architectural heritage. Built in the late eleventh century and seeing it in person is very impressive, and you can imagine how it must have been at that time. Saumur Castle has had many uses in its ten centuries of history. It began as a fortress, then was used as a summer residence by the French aristocracy. It later served as the residence for the rulers, later it became a prison, a storehouse of weapons and ammunition, and finally a fascinating cultural center on the banks of the Loire River. From the castle hill which is crowned by this magnificent castle you can see all the city. Since 1906 the building has belonged to the state and has been totally restored. Today it houses the municipal museum of the cty. The visit will not disappoint you!
Cities in Saumur
Runnin along the Loire, Saumur is one of the most historic cities in the region of Pays de la Loire. Its legacy is due to its magnificent castle perched high above the city and surrounded by green vineyards. The distinctive white color of the houses has earned the name "the white city". The reason for this colour is the tufa stone. A mineral that is mined from quarries locally and have helped build many monuments of France. Saumur is an unusual and mysterious city that holds beautiful secrets found on every corner. With over 54 protected monuments, this city was the birthplace of French Protestantism. The differences between religions led to the construction of important cultural and architectural heritage. Dominated by the proud silhouette of its ancient castle Saumur is the birthplace of riding across the country. The Cadre Noir National Equestrian School. The first rate facilities make Saumur the pride of equestrian France. Its fame preceded it! The city has much to see and explore. Take stock of this land as it is the beginning and end of many traditions of Pays de la Loire.
Viewpoints in Saumur
Museums in Saumur
The Mushroom Museum
Inside Toba de Saumur galleries grow three-quarters of the nation's production of "champignons de Paris". The climatic qualities of these places, where temperature and humidity are constant throughout the year, have made these caves and grottoes the perfect place for mushrooms. I'm not lying when I say that it's impressive to see so many mushrooms. For centuries this traditional way of farming has interested and attracted strangers to view this singular "plot". In many instances, it has also been used for storing wine. These stone galleries have become a mushroom kingdom - a place totally dedicated to cultivation in the dark. Once here, visitors can enjoy 'the galipette', which are large baked mushrooms accompanied by traditional regional bread. A treat for the palate that lets you appreciate the work that is done here.
Of Cultural Interest in Saumur
Troglodytic Houses
The troglodyte habitat is unique and special. It is incredibly to visit some troglodyte villages of Pays de la Loire! These houses were built inside mountains are a true reflection of a tradition that is still retained in the region. "A sturdy stone mantle lit by the sun's reflection." This displays the troglodyte houses from afar. The houses are colossal in hill and mountain cavities. Filled with the comforts of modern life, many of which currently house restaurants and shops of artists and creators. Many have also been converted into curious hotels to spend an evening. Turqu'art troglodyte village is a perfect reflection of the lifestyle. These cavities have been inhabited for hundreds of years and have a constant temperature for much of the year - you just don't notice the cold and heat. All caves are on the brink of the river Loire between Saumur and Montsoreau so the views are spectacular. Small windows and stone steps are just cliques! The typify the Pays de la Loire region and I invite you to live a totally different experience in a separate enclosure!
Of Cultural Interest in Saumur
Cadre Noir
This great equestrian school, le Cadre Noir, is one of the most famous and important in France. Its headquarters are located in the city of Saumur and it's the benchmark for many fans and riders who also have an excuse to visit Pays de la Loire. On the banks of the Loire, the Cadre Noir National Equestrian School first-class sports facilities and a staff of trainers and coaches with different disciplines: academic riding, sports, school breaks, tumbling, etc. The temple and the professionalism of the riders perfectly reflects the serenity and elegance of the horses. It's a complicated game which units effort and dedication. The human and the animal are a team, and it shows when you see their presentation. The Cadre Noir is certainly a mandatory stop during a visit to Pays de la Loire. The presentations took my breath away!
Wineries in Saumur
Vignobles de Jasnières
Jasnières is a fruity white wine with a very refined bouquet. A treat for the taste buds that you can only find in Pays de la Loire. It is renowned as one of the best French dry white wines. Its finesse, elegance, and originality impart a seductive touch. Its characteristic oakey barrel taste leaves a special touch. The color yellow, gold, shining like the sun caresses you, as if it wants you to take hold of it. Its bouquet is very popular among the tasters and its aroma one of fresh local fruit with a light touch. Its color and sweet honey make this brew is a favorite for the 'lovers' of the art of wine making for its delicate texture. I am sure you will enjoy it much more contemplating the Loire!
Of Cultural Interest in Saumur
Historical Monuments in Saumur
Shows in Saumur
Carousel of Saumur
The Saumur Carousel is a show where the skill of the horse and human technique join to create a stunning show. Keeping the same line of previous editions, the Saumur Carousel hosts the most important teams and riders from France and the Cadre Noir. Equestrian lovers will enjoy horse art in all its forms. And the equestrian spirit is very present in Pays de la Loire. With each edition, the public can find equestrian masterpieces as well as presentations from various riding schools like the Equestrian section of the French Army. In an environment perfectly suited to the needs of animals, Saumur Carousel is emerging as a date on the calendar for French equestrians. Here they recreate horse arts and display the 'know-how' of the gentlemen of today. You will love admiring the artistic skills of the national riders. The high level of horse training is impressive. Especially seeing the complicity that exists between horse and rider. The Saumur Carousel is a spectacle of race and intelligence in the making. Let the ring be soaked with sweat!
Bike Paths in Saumur
Of Touristic Interest in Saumur
Pierre et Lumiere
the most beautiful monuments of the Loire valley which have been carved into the tuff stone.
Viewpoints in Saumur
Horse Racing in Saumur
Churches in Saumur
Viewpoints in Saumur
Of Cultural Interest in Saumur
Train Stations in Saumur