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Things to do in Olsztyn

47 contributors

The top 17 attractions in Olsztyn

Lakes in Olsztyn
Kortowo Lake in Summer
The Lake is one of the great attractions of Kortowo in summer, sailing courses are held and as well as competitions. People call it "the beach" because there is an area with sand and during the summer people swim around, sunbath and do other activities such as kayaking and canoeing. They have summer camps for kids too, as there are also places to sleep, and the remainder of the year they are used by college students. It's lovely to see people swimming, sunbathing, on boats, ducks and swans all together in the same space! The lake is gigantic, the campus takes up a part of it, and on the other side there are summer houses, with tiny boats and ports and small beaches.
Historical Monuments in Olsztyn
Nicolas Copernico Memorial
Nicolas Copernicus is one of the most illustrious citizens born in the city of Olsztyn. He lived a long time in his castle. There are two sculptures of Copernicus, one is located behind the castle, crossing the bridge and the other is located between the entrance to the castle and the church evangelist. There is a meeting place, which is one of the most photographed places in the city, everyone has a photo taken with Copernicus, either sitting in his arms, or hugging him, kissing him, looking at him ...
Historical Monuments in Olsztyn
Monument to the Liberation of Warmia and Mazury
The monument to the liberation of Warmia and Mazury, originally called the gratitude monument to the Red Army, popularly named the gallows, is located next to the mall Alpha, former headquarters of the Red Army. Opened in 1954, it symbolizes a triumphal arch without end. In January 1945 the Soviet communist army took the city of Olsztyn, set fire to the city and destroyed 40% of it. They decided to build this monument to express their "gratitude". Reliefs are typically communist such as tanks, work and industry ... After the fall of Communism it was renamed and stands in the Square mall parking lot. Its future hangs in the balance as it disrupts the expansion of the center and many people have memories of communism. Will the mall and capitalism win the game? In a few years we'll see, the redevelopment of the mall is already underway.
Castles in Olsztyn
Olsztyn Castle
Olsztyn Castle is the oldest building to be found in the city and is one of its symbols. It dates back to the 14th century and originally had two wings. The castle belonged to the bishop of Warmia, who was protected by the Order of Teutonic Knights until the year 1454. The castle changed hands until Nicolas Copernicus became its owner, in the 16th century. Copernicus conducted major studies in this castle and its museum houses his manuscripts and one of its most significant portraits. From the tower the view of the city is spectacular. This year they have been carrying out renovation work, and they have recovered some of the paintings and borders from its walls.
Universities in Olsztyn
New Library Kortowo
Kortowo campus is the largest University campus within Poland, but had outgrown its library, so they decided to build a much larger one, with a panoramic glass windows and a expansive terrace from where you can see snow in winter while keeping warm! There is a very large computer room and several study rooms, sofas and tables for 4 as well as for individuals, there are also common rooms, rooms with sofas and magazines, cafeteria ... And the cloakroom and lockers are free (and compulsory). The bibliographical in English is rather small, but in Polish is quite good.
Churches in Olsztyn
Our Lady of the Poles Church
The Church of Our Lady of the Poles is situated in one of the higher areas of the city center, on the hill next to the castle. When you enter the city by train, the view of the church and the castle is a lovely postcard view. The church was built between 1913 and 1914, originally it was a Lutheran church, but later, after the Second World War it passed into the hands of the Polish Catholic church. Its towers are very high and it is visible from many points in the city.
Churches in Olsztyn
Eastern Orthodox Church
In Poland we find believers of multiple types of Christianity: Evangelicals, Orthodox and Catholics. Olsztyn Orthodox Church is opposite the train station, next to McDonalds. It is of contemporary construction and inside you can find benches where you can sit, which is uncommon in Orthodox churches. Like all temples of this family, their shapes are round.
Churches in Olsztyn
Sacred Heart of Jesus Church
The Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is one of the oldest and most beautiful churches in the city of Olsztyn. The establishment was designed by Fritz Heitmann. The first time I saw it, it reminded me of the palace of sleeping beauty. It has 3 towers. The biggest one is 83 meters high, and the top has a diameter of 1.7 meters. The vault of the nave is supported by ten pillars of brick. It is very close to Alpha Mall, facing a street perpendicular to the jail.
City Halls in Olsztyn
Town Hall
This building has been home to the City Council since the year 1915 Olsztun. In the 19th century in its place was the church of the Holy Cross. There, the president had his office in the city,and the mayor had an affair with one of the workers, who took photos of the romantic meetings which circulated the internet. The matter was held because she accused him of sexual harassment and municipal regulations had not expected, so for almost a year, there was a power vacuum in which they could not make decisions or the mayor couldn´t be there or fail to exercise his duties, until one referendun, and the mayor was finally able to return and hold elections.
Of Cultural Interest in Olsztyn
Spanish School la Puerta
In Olsztyn you can find many schools to learn Spanish, but there is only one which is truly dedicated to teaching this language. This school is called "The Door" and although it only has 2 classrooms, it offers classes of all levels. I was teaching a course at this school and my students were thrilled. The director takes care of the details and the level of teachers. Besides classes there are also other activities including Spanish cinema, Spanish cooking classes, excursions ... There are very few students per class and this makes them virtually tutorials and helps the students learn more and also a lot faster than if they were in big classes.
Of Cultural Interest in Olsztyn
Cathedrals in Olsztyn
Cathedral of St. Jakub
Jakub is Santiago (James) in Castilian, he is the patron of the city of Olsztyn and throughout it we see references to his image and the famous Viera shell. The Cathedral of St. James (La Catedral de Santiago Apóstol) was built in the second half of the fourteenth century, it is Gothic. It suffered various renovations, the most important one in 1866, giving it a neogothic style. Inside various styles are mixed: Gothic - walls and the triptych; Renaissance - the triptych of St. John of the Cross; Baroque - sculptures of the apostles and the large crucifix among others. The dome of the nave combines a white background with red brick geometrical lines, so does the exterior. Access to the main entrance is by steps and it is the same for the Cathedral tower.
Lakes in Olsztyn
Stary Dwór Lake in Summer
The Warmia and Mazury province is known as the area of ​​1000 lakes and in Olsztyn there are about 100. Dwór Stary Lake is one of the 2 lakes that are on the campus of Kortowo. It is the tiniest of the 2 and although it is the least crowded as it is still very small . The area is lovely, and horses roam there in spring and summer and just in front is a student residence and from its windows you can see the lake and the horses in the morning, The view is fantastic!
City Halls in Olsztyn
Interior of the Olsztyn Town Hall
At first glance Olsztyn Town Hall doesn't seem to have anything special inside, corridors with office doors, outdated furniture and very old photographs of the city and a circular stairway, that's quite pretty. However, the interior surprises us with a meeting room that is richly decorated with stained glass windows, pictures of famous people of the city and the Pope, a very typically painted ceiling and a large mural depicting the history of the town with the castle as the background. It's a very nice place to hold meetings and if these are not very interesting, you can always be entertained by watching the walls!
Bars in Olsztyn
Highlander Whisky Bar
This whiskey bar is one of the most famous in Olsztyn, it is in the plaza of the library and is an ideal place to meet for a drink, because there are sofas and comfortable wooden furniture... it has the feel of a bar-club. It also has TV to watch games and there are great views of the castle.
Lakes in Olsztyn
Stary Dwór Lake in Winter
This lake is the smallest on Kortowo campus, behind the residence DS119. In winter the view from the rooms is very nice!
Of Cultural Interest in Olsztyn