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Things to do in Algarve

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The top 606 attractions in Algarve

Historical Monuments in Sagres
Sagres Fortress
Located a few kiómetros from Cape St. Vincent, it was commissioned by Prince Henry the Navigator, after his brother King Don Pedro donated all the lands and adjacent villas Saint Vincent and Sagres. Victim of numerous attacks, including by Sir Francis Drake in 1587 and especially by the earthquake in 1775 when an enourmous wave went overthe height of the rock, this fortress has undergone numerous reconstructions and transformationes. Inside I must highlight the Church of Our Lady of Grace of Sagres. Studies think the current church which was built in 1570, replaced on the same place the the original built in 1459 by Prince Henry. Badly affected by the earthquake, it was partly rebuilt and the sacristy extended and belfry built. In the austere interior, highlights include the Baroque altarpiece and the seventeenth century carving of San Vicente. Because of its history, it was declared a National Monument in 1910, a visit to this place is absolutely essential for the extraordinary views you have.
Villages in Vila Real de Santo António
Vila Real de Santo Antonio
If I'm not mistaken, this is the closest Portuguese town to the border of Spain (Ayamonte). Its streets, despite the traces left by the passage of time, are charming. Ancient buildings full of cracks and bold colors additionally give the town a special touch. It´s a view impossible to see in Spain. In its day it was a popular destination for the Spanish who crossed the border for cheap shopping. Now prices have gone up so the appeal has gone down. You could spend 4 days getting to know Algarve and then head back to Spain with a little extra time. In that case, you can go through Vila Real and take a stroll through its streets.
Beaches in Armação de Pêra
Amaçäo of Péra Beach
On our way from Galé Beach to Carvoeiro where we would be eating lunch, we decided to spend just a few minutes at this beach we'd never visited before. With its streets closed for renovation, we went to a part of the beach that was for small fishing boats. There was a hodgepodge of small boats, nets and fishing gear. Small wooden huts lined in two rows, as well as tools and other necessities for everyday use. On the beach there was just three of us, and another couple that was walking and several seagulls over our heads.
Castles in Tavira
Tavira Castle
The Castle has a small garden wall and a very special inside. You can not miss if you visit Tavira, because even though it is small, it has lots of charm. You can climb to the top of the walls and enjoy splendid views of the harbor and city. But be careful because it is mostly going down, so if you suffer from vertigo you can have a bad time. It has steep stairs without handrails for support.
Cliffs in Carvoeiro
Albandeira Arch
Albandeira Beach is near Carvoeiro in the south of Portugal. This summer we toured the Algarve coast and this beach fascinated us with its beauty and crystal clear waters. You'll want to keep coming back!
Citadels in Faro
Faro Historic District
Bears some resemblance to the Wall of the Macarena in Seville. It's nice just to walk around and I recommend visiting a ceramics store/ workshop from the fifteenth century where some of XII is set with medieval music and you can see the men in the shop working with the old tools. Very enjoyable.
Cliffs in Lagos
Boat Trip
Algarve in Arabic means "the land where the sun sets" and this place has become a tourist attraction for its beaches and low prices for the Portuguese people as well as foreigners. The boat ride there was the best experience of the whole weekend. Finally, the watery sky gave us a chance to enjoy the sea, the beach and the sea cliffs. We enjoyed the caves created with nothing more than the natural pick and shovel of erosion of the sea's waves, which made us sway on the boat. We joked with the boatman and even forgot that the rain had started on us. You have to go to Lagos and take a ride from the port to the coves and caves , if you don't it would be a crime. Also, if the boatman is sympathetic he'll tell you what each of the rocks look like, and it will be difficult not to let him. The hand of God sometimes seems to play with coincidence.
Beaches in Carrapateira
Praia do Amado Beach
The Amado beach is just a couple of miles from the village of Carrapateira, in the Portuguese Algarve. It is a sandy beach with plenty of cliffs, making it a difficult combination to find. If you like surfing, you will also enjoy the area near Sagres, known as second to none for its strong winds and waves. This beach is pretty quiet during the day, but it feels totally wild. Here, you'll encounter many surfers vans that roam at the end of the road. There is also a snack bar above the beach.
Cliffs in Carvoeiro
Algar Seco
When I found this remote part of the beautiful Algarve coast, almost by chance, I immediately thought of the work of Jules Verne, Journey to the Center of the Earth. It's from another planet. The sea erosion joined the ocher-red from the sandy rock making this one of the most spectacular places I've ever seen. Access is facilitated by a staircase that goes to the bottom of the cave. On the other hand "The boneca" (doll in Portuguese) is a rock formation which can be accessed in two windows and flows into the sea. This place is crazy, but it is highly recommended for lovers of photography.
Beaches in Faro
Praia de Faro
This beautiful fine sand beach, several miles long, is located at one end of the Natural Park of Ria Formosa. Our first intention was to do one of the many walking tours there in order to observe the herons and flamingos that migrate each winter from central and northern Europe to one of the most important wetlands in southern Europe. The weather looked like rain and we had to settle for only visiting this beautiful beach. I'm not sure that anyone will remember the Masiel song from the 60s called "ROSES IN THE SEA", but, we found a white rose abandoned in the rolling waves and we could see a glimpse of the sun on the horizon between the dark clouds. One thing I didn't understand about this place was how an engineer could think to put an airport in this park.
Beaches in Portimão
Portimao Beach
This is one corner of Portugal that has clear, cold water, clean sand, and a natural charm. Every visitor who comes to this amazing place can relax and feel at ease.
Beaches in Carvoeiro
Carvoeiro Beach
This is another example of a fishing village which has converted itself for toursits, but has managed to preserve its beautiful appearance. The white color dominates the village houses and the beach is small and tucked between ocher and reddish cliffs which are so typical of this area. The nightlife is lively but quiet. Dining in restaurants that flank the cove is an experience you will never forget.
Beaches in Albufeira
Praia da Falésia
The Praia da Falesia is a beautiful beach located in the Algarve region of Portugal, close to the towns of Albufeira and Olhos de Agua. There is plenty of parking near the beach, and if you park at the beginning of the path leading to the beach, it can be enjoyed as well, as it's really beautiful. What caught my attention most at this beach were the cliffs made of brownstone. The views from there are wonderful.
Of Cultural Interest in Pêra
International Sand Sculpture Festival
It was something marvellous, enjoyed by all of us, both children and adults. The sculptures were perfect, no faults, perfectly shaped, groomed to detail. This year they were devoted to the animal kingdom, Disney had figures of giant insects that seemed about to get out of the land, of dinosaurs, including Count Dracula with his castle and tell you more for you to go to see it. I recommend seeing this to everyone.
Beaches in Lagoa
Albandeira Beach
After visiting charming Benagil, we went to search out other parts of the Algarve and entered the Praia de Albondeira. The access is a bit complicated (as it is with most paradisaical beaches), but we finally arrived at a very beautiful beach. I went up on the rocks and mounted my tripod to take the following pictures.
Nature Reserves in Sagres
Faro San Vicente
I know a few crazy lighthouses, and this is one of those that you can't miss. Of course, the view of the lighthouse from the road and the Cape of San Vicente is one of the most amazing in Europe. Prepare your trip to coincide with sunset - a show that's hard to describe.
Beaches in Albufeira
Praia dos Arrifes
This beach is in the Sesmarias region, close to Albufeira. There are two coves, one with a snack bar that you can access by stairs and the other is a littler small and a little more difficult to get to since there are no stairs and it´s a bit rockier. It was such a surprise to find them though! They're really beautiful. Getting to the beach is not complicated since it is well posted with signs and is the first beach that you come to in the center of Albufeira at the port. It´s small scale but there are still people there. I was there in July and it was nice. I hope you enjoy it too!
Beaches in Aljezur
Praia da Bordeira Beach
Bordeira Beach in Carrapateira is probably one of the wildest beaches I've ever been to in my life. I'm convinced that 2000 years ago the beach looked exactly the same. It's a popular beach where kite surfing and much, a beach for those seeking the virgin, a real past. The water isn't cold like it is in Cantabria. Bring a sweatshirt that usually hits the wind well. And especially forget about other kinds of food here there is nothing from that, a sandwich of house is perfect for spend the day.