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Castles in Algarve

13 castles in Algarve

Castles in Tavira
Tavira Castle
The Castle has a small garden wall and a very special inside. You can not miss if you visit Tavira, because even though it is small, it has lots of charm. You can climb to the top of the walls and enjoy splendid views of the harbor and city. But be careful because it is mostly going down, so if you suffer from vertigo you can have a bad time. It has steep stairs without handrails for support.
Castles in Faro
Faro Castle
This castle is situated in the ramparts and dates back to the XI century, although it has a Roman origin and was later reinforced by the Arabs. In the seventeenth century it was remodeled, adapting the castle walls and the use of artillery, following an attack by the British. However, its original structure is now very different as, since the late nineteenth century, it has been used by a private company as an alcohol factory. What you see today is not the appearance of a typical defensive fortress castle.
Castles in Silves
Castle of Silves
The old castle from Arab origins, which is currently the only well preserved but the walls and towers, is located on top of what was the ancient capital of the Algarve, and near the [poi = 351741] Silves Cathedral [/ poi] This great fortification walls consists of reddish stone, the floor is oddly shaped, it's an irregular polygon, from which four towers extend: The Center, the Women's, the Tower of Homage and the Secret. Inside the castle you can pay to enter and see the remains of the Moorish occupation, such as an Arab tank. It has been declared a National Monument. The castle's hours ar: 09:00 / 19:00 h.
Castles in Lagos
Ponta da Bandeira Fortress
Fort Punta Bandera, is situated on the Avenue of the Discoveries. It is a fortress that was built in the late 17th century and has been maintained in good condition. It has a moat, a drawbridge and a gate. It is worth visiting, especially the interior which houses the chapel of Santa Barbara with beautiful tiles.
Castles in Loulé
Loulé Castle
Loulé Castle is located in the old Portuguese city of [POI = 563731] Loulé [/ POI], in the Algarve. Entrance to the courtyard is free, and it hosts some antiques, like some guns and a guillotine. Entrance to the interior of the castle and the tower costs 3 €. It's a must-see in [POI = 563731] Loulé [/ POI].
Castles in Lagos
Governor's Castle
Parallel to the Avenue of the Discoveries, the Castle of Governors has little of its initial construction (it's undergone many changes over time). It's one of the main references of Lagos and played host to Algarve governors (until 1755). The facade has a Manueline window where D. Sebastian heard mass before leaving for the battle of Alcacer Quibir, and in the gardens, facing the window, 3 panels by sculptor Juan Cutileiro evoke this historic battle that killed the Portuguese king.
Castles in Lagoa
Arade Castle
The Arade Castle is also known under the name Forte de Sao Joao do Arade, and is situated in the village of Ferragudo, a small fishing village which lies a few kilometers from, and opposite to, Portimao (Algarve). The small hill where Arade Castle stands separates two beaches, the Angrinha beach and the Grande beach. It is said that in the past it cooperated with the fort of Santa Catalina in Portimao in the defense of the river estuary and in the early twentieth century the castle was privately owned. The poet Joaquim José Coelho promoted the work into a residence that gave the current facade. Today the castle is well preserved with a large garden, the property of the Pereira Coutinho family who acquired it in late 1990, it became listed by the Portuguese Institute of Architectural Heritage (IPPAR)in 1975.
Castles in Castro Marim
San Sebastián Fort
The Fort of San Sebastian is in the Revellín Hill, compared to Castle. Construction is after this, the 17th century, and was integrated into the system walls surrounding the city. Its function was to supplement the medieval castle defense provided to the city. It has an irregular plan, adapting to the terrain, with five bastions and main door facing north (communicating with the castle). Is in the process of being classified a National Monument. You can not visit.
Castles in Castro Marim
Castro Marim Castle
No doubt the Castle (Castillo) is the signature building of the small Portuguese town of Castro Marim and is a National Monument in Portugal. It's medieval, built in the thirteenth century (although there are structures dating back to the Bronze Age) on a hill overlooking the mouth of the Guadiana. It has an irregular quadrangular shape, defined by 4 semicircular cubes in each corners and a courtyard with 2 entrances (north and south). It was part of a fortress and defended by a wall, within which was the castle itself, the Church of Mercy and other buildings now in ruins (the church of Santiago, the Santa Maria, the magazine, etc.). Within the enclosure a medieval festival is held in mid-August. You can visit the Museum Centre which displays archeological findings from this hill. The entrance to visit all the premises is € 2/person. Schedule: April to October: 9 to 19, November to March: 9 to 17.
Castles in Alvor
Alvor Castle
Right next to the municipal market is the castle of Alvor. You almost don't notice it, so we asked where it was. Alvor Castle is long gone, but there are two sections of wall and a plaque that tells us that there was once a fortress. It has currently been converted into a playground.
Castles in Alcoutim
Castles in Portimão
Castles in Albufeira