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Things to do in Noja

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The top 30 attractions in Noja

Beaches in Noja
Playa de Noja
The Iberian Peninsula is full of great beaches. Endless, really. I was in Santander in March, so you can understand if I wasn't too eager to go for a swim. However, sitting on the sand enjoying the sea air and some heat from the midday sun is a pleasure you can't get enough of. Noja Beach is a beautiful stretch of coast with desert-like white sand. I recommend visiting if you're in Cantabria.
Villages in Noja
I went to Noja in July 2012, for a course in choral conducting. I found it to be a lovely place, very quiet, with beaches, an amazing forest and wetlands. I liked it so much that I recommended it to my family, who went in August and this ended the tranquility and charm. It was so much busier and not as lovely! I stayed at the Hotel Maritimo Ris and I liked it so much that I would return when I go back to Noja. Spacious, modern, with a terrace, parking, internet, spa, sauna, gym and a dream buffet for hungry people like me! And right opposite Ris Beach.
Beaches in Noja
Tregandín Beach
Another Noja beach. One is the "Ris", and another is "Trengandin", which is located beneath the coast of central Noja. It is true that the "Ris" is the most beautiful, and has been remarked as being NICE, but "Trengandín" has a special beauty. Many people say that having so many rocks creates a bad environment to swim in, but the scenery is beautiful. The rocks are a series that carry on until the end of the beach ("The Peak", where most surfers will test their skills) and makes it a landscape worthy of noting in the evenings.
Beaches in Noja
Playa de Ris
North of the town of Noja you find, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful beaches in the whole of Cantabria: Ris beach. It extends west to the estuary of Joyel. It's a beach of fine golden sand but I personally like the east side, an area of beautiful rocks that’s popular among divers.
Churches in Noja
Parish Church of San Pedro
Noja church! The truth is that until I one day went to visit this church, I had always called it Noja church because I was totally unaware of its name lol ... It is the parish church of the Cantabrian town of Santander, called San Pedro. Strangely it is not dedicated to this saint, nor to San Emeterio and San Celedonio, patrons of Noja villa and whose images are found in the main altar of the temple. It is in what I would call the centre of town; right next to the central square and very close to the beach Tregandín. The parish church of San Pedro dates back to the XVI century and it is believed to have been built built over the remains of an ancient monastery.
Cliffs in Noja
Cliffs of the Ris
There is a mountain in the middle of the area that separates the two beaches of ris beach. In this mountain there are some ruins and it is also an area where many people go fishing. When the sea is murky you can see the waves break and they create some lovely scenery. Before there used to always be goats in the area and the cliff area was always full of excrement, but now so many people go to Noja, so it is very rare to see a poor goat.
Of Touristic Interest in Noja
Fountain of Noja
This fountain in situated in the center of Noja, in the Spanish region of Cantabria. It is truly beautiful at night with soft lighting and it´s good fun for kids, who can bathe in the water jets in the hot summer afternoons, which is very refreshing at this time! Now the area has been renovated and changed a bit, since not many people bathe and now it is much more decorative than it was before.
Nature Reserves in Noja
Joyel Marshes
Noja is a municipality in the autonomous community of Cantabria, situated on the Trasmiera. To the north is the Cantabrian Sea, and to the west and south Arnuero, south and east Argoños Santoña. The municipality of Noja is not organised in towns but rather in several neighbourhoods, whose headquarters are found in the Palace neighbourhood.
Caves in Noja
Cueva on Ris Beach
A cave which has miles of adventures One day, my group of friends and I decided to explore a bit of a mountain in Noja Ris beach, finding a "famous" hole that some friends supposedly used to go to. So we decided to give it a go, with the idea of seeing what was over the other side of the rock. And this is how it went: After sliding over the hole with slippery stones, ducking our heads and lying down, so as not to hurt ourselves, we got to the other side of the rock, looking the sea and a small "plunge pool". After having this experience, it is now repeated every summer, and every new companion that comes with us agrees that it is an exciting experience and a good result in terms of the view, but yes, to climb back is difficult, so you have to swim back surrounding rock!
Gardens in Noja
The Promenade Park
This park is not what it used to be. Years ago you would see postcards with flowers everywhere, beautiful small plantations that caught the attention of anyone who saw the them. Now the flowers shine in thier absence, and just seeing the photos you see that the park lacks essence. This is due almost certainly to the drinking that goes on here. In order to avoid the conflicts that took place in the street, the municipality of Noja assigned this park to young people who were to use it for that purpose. The truth is that it is quite a good idea, it is next to the beach, not stuck and surrounded by houses where the young people bother people too much and it has a cleaning service that leaves it clean the next day. But of course, there is still much room for improvment .. It's a shame, but such is life!
Palaces in Noja
Pine Palace
This building was constructed by the architect Lavin Casalis (1915). It is located in front of Sardinero Beach. One of the things that draws your attention to this palace is its size, as well as its impressive gardens with figures that can be seen from the street. It's a really impressive building.
Squares in Noja
Villages in Noja
Helgueras is a town that you can get to fairly easily from Noja, passing through Trengandin and continuing along the line. It is a very small town with lots of green spaces. The thing that I visited most when I was in Helgueras was the bar, El Pirata. It has a huge terrace with televisions where you can choose the music and music videos that you want, inside there are computers with internet access and a plasma TV with a play station, that is virtually free! It also has a menu offering 46 different kinds of tapas, for 1 euro each, where you can enjoy a peaceful dinner, cheap and scrumptious. The best things is the view, as the terrace is facing the beach and you can observe the tranquility of the coast.
Historical Monuments in Noja
Skating in Noja
Courts and Skate in Noja
I'm not sure what to call this place. It is an area next to Trengandín beach with basketball courts, a little gym, swings and "tubs" to skate in. Years ago it was run into the ground by the graffiti and dirt, but seeing that it was an important place for young people, the council improved it, putting in new facilities and cleaning it. I don't have many photos but here you can see the tables and benches where you can spend the afternoon relaxing and, just to the right are the basketball and skateboarding areas. We also went cycling and, if you have visited Trengandín beach (http://www.Minube.Com/rincon/playa-de-trengandin -a24855),you may find a picture of it. We had a busy day, cycling, relaxing on the beach and enjoying ourselves.
Zoos in Noja
Zoo del Campsite Joyel
This is a zoo which is located in a campsite. Yes, it sounds crazy, but it's a huge campsite sitauted on the Cantabrian coast in Spain. You only have to check it out on google maps to see the just how big the camp site is. The zoo is not very big but it has enough variety of animals to make it worth your while visiting. I remember going when I was little, the owner of the campsite is the brother of the owner of Joyel campsite, and therefore he had access to all of the facilities, and he took me there when the zoo was closed to feed the animals. At that time there was not much, a couple of wild boars, ostriches, the odd bird and a bull. Now there are far more animals because the site has grown and they can feed them. I always go every year because they do not charge admission and I will never get rid of my fear of ostriches, because on one of my visits to the zoo, a small one did not stop chasing me until it bit me on the bum: (
Of Touristic Interest in Noja
Tourist Information in Noja