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Things to do in Suances

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The top 37 attractions in Suances

Beaches in Suances
Playa de los Locos
This is the best beach in all of Santander. It has a young vibe and lots of waves. I’d recommend it 100%. The water is always clean and it’s a perfect place if you’re interested in surfing. Be careful, though, as the waves and current can be quite strong.
Villages in Suances
Santander, is a tiny city, fishing is its origins, and it has many tourists now, that over the last 20 years, the growth it has suffered has been bad, from a small village with no more than 100 buildings today is among one of the most touristic areas in Cantabria.
Viewpoints in Suances
Locos Viewpoint
This viewpoint is on a surfing beach. It lends itself to direct contact with nature with the strong wind, the green fields and the constant sound of the lapping waves. By way of welcome, the famous statue of the winds hints that the wind itself is in charge and the water just gets carried away.
Beaches in Suances
La Concha Beach
La Concha beach is an urban beach about a mile long with fine golden sand. Despite the strong winds the waves are moderate. It attaches via a promenade Ribera beach, being the most visited beach in town. The lookout has showers, Red Cross and parking.
Viewpoints in Suances
Punta del Dichoso
Located just outside Santander, following the road to the lighthouse, this is one of the most spectacular viewpoints on the Cantabrian coast. To the west, you can see the "Playa de los locos", a succession of cliffs and the distant Picos de Europa, and to the east, the Faro de Santander, Rabbit Island and the mouth which forms the estuary of San Martin. There are several paths that lead to other places where you can continue to admire the landscape.
Statues in Suances
Statue of the Winds
From the foot of the statue of Jesus Gonzalez Vega, you can see a complete summary of what Cantabria really is. At your feet, you can see the broad Playa de los Locos that characteristically sweeps Cantabria, making surfers happy. A little farther down, you can see the cliffs that plunge down from the generous green meadows. And in the far background, you can see the snow-topped Picos de Europa on a perfect, clear day.
Of Touristic Interest in Suances
Lighthouse of the Point Torco de Afuera
This place is also called Torco Lighthouse, and is used to help the ships there find their way. It is of great difficulty for the continuous pounding waves, and to signal the five islands located near the tip of the horn. Lights for the first time in 1863 with an oil lamp, fixed characteristic white and a range of nine miles. On 17 November 1880 the keeper rescued seven shipwrecked Italian ship "Franceschino", who had suffered a leak and sank. In his summer visits to Cantabria, King Alfonso XII and Maria Cristina visit the lighthouse several times, but not before sending order to the keeper "... that green paint railing balconcillo the service which is currently red color , doing very bad effect from view by being green dome of the tower and the amounts of it ... ". In 1929 he installed a new light with rotating screens, the lighthouse was electrified and gives it a new flashlight, which has increased its reach to see 16 miles out. In 1960 the lantern was replaced again, and the building was renovated, consistent with the residential environment. It is well connected with Santander and Torrelavega.
Bays in Suances
Beaches in Suances
Playa de la Tablía
The views of Playa de la Tablia from the cliff-top road are amazing. Even if you’re just passing through, I’d suggest stopping for a few minutes to soak in the view of the cliffs and waves.
Cliffs in Suances
Cliffs of Suances
The Suances beaches are very nice, especially the Playa de los Locos. To get to the cove, you have to climb down from the cliff from which you can enjoy a very interesting view of the beaches and cliffs themselves.
Harbors in Suances
Shops in Suances
Pardo Shops
Walking through Suances, you'll stumble upon this shop where you can find interesting items, ranging from furniture to home accessories. It is located in the basement of a two-story house with a striking facade, full of plants and flowers. At least worth a look, but if you go inside I'm sure you'll buy something. If you are visiting Suances, apart from its beaches, perhaps you might like to visit some spots like the fisherman statue, the Statue of the Winds, or the new bus terminal - if you are in need of transportation.
Beaches in Suances
Viewpoints in Suances
Viewpoint of the Torco
Located in the same place as the school workshop, this viewpoint is at the point where coastal defenses were situated. From here you can see, in the distance, Rabbit Island and Horn Point, there are other islands next. Nearby is the entrance of the Ria de San Martin de la Arena and the beaches of La Concha and Cuchia. This is a strategic point for spotting the Cantabrian.
Viewpoints in Suances
Rivers in Suances
Bars in Suances
Shore Pleasures
A very nice, modern place with friendly treatment by staff. Good salads and other quick dishes to eat while having a gin and tonic in the bar - varied and very well done.
Beaches in Suances

The best things to do in Suances

If you're going on vacation there,
swimming at one of its beaches or other nearby municipalities is
on the top of the list of things to do in Suances. Enjoy the breeze from the north and take the opportunity to unwind. Besides the beaches, you'll find some very important points of interest and other cultural attractions in
Suances. Highlights of
Suances attractions
include the Cave of "The
Witches," the Mota de Tres Palacios in Hinojedo, and Tapia, surrounding the former Convent of the Trinatarias. These are all
really interesting
places to visit in Suances. If you're still looking for what to do in
Suances, then you can travel
to the small
islands located north of the tip of the Horn. These islands belong to the municipality of Miengo, but are part of things to see in Suances related to its landscape: Isla de los Conejos, steep on all sides and
inaccessible; Pasiega island, located between the island of the Rabbits and the tip of the Horn; and Casilda, Segunda and Solita Islands, craggy islets to visit, but you won't be able to swim. On Minube, search for stuff to do in Suances today. Be surprised by other travelers and their suggestions on
Suances activities. Take some of the tours and make the most of the experience. What are you waiting for? Take the trip of
your life!