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Things to do in Salou

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The top 97 attractions in Salou

Amusement Parks in Salou
I have to admit that I’m huge fan of this place. It’s been open for more than 15 years but the facilities are still in perfect shape. I never miss a chance to go whenever the occasion arises. PortAventura is also home to Costa Caribe, a water park that’s open from mid-May to mid-September. Port Aventura isn’t just focused on little kids; in fact, the majority of the rides require a minimum height. And, you have to do everything possible to go on off-days or during the low season since the lines can be interminable and frustrating during August or on weekends. The park is made up of five different areas: Imperial China, the Wild West, Polynesia, Aztec Mexico, and the Mediterranean. Some of the shows I saw, especially those in China, were absolutely fantastic. The exotic plants in Polynesia are exuberant and the shows in the Wild West were really fun! The rides are pretty good too. The Furius Baco goes over 135hm/h in only 3 seconds. The Dragón Kahn is another favorite. Be advised though: you’re going to get wet on a lot of rides, so bring a poncho or something you don’t mind getting soaked. Throughout the park, there are fast food stalls and more formal restaurants that go along with the theme of the section. Nearby, you can also play golf and there’s a 4-star hotel complex. The Hotel Gold River in the Wild West Section was the best and, since it’s inside the park, you can come and go whenever you want.
Beaches in Salou
Salou Beach
A lovely beach here you can enjoy glorious sunsets. People often come here to walk, to talk and to go fishing.
Beaches in Salou
Platja Llarga
You can always put your towel just in front of the water. Perfect for long walks and also to visit with children as you have to walk quite far out into the water before it starts getting deep.
Beaches in Salou
Playa de Levante
Playa de Levante is located in Salou on the Costa Dorada. There's a lot of sun and the water has a great temperature for swimming, but there are plenty of other things to do on the beach, to suit all ages and tastes. There's a kids' play area, as well as a beach volleyball court where you can play under the watchful eye of supervisors. There are little beach bars where you can enjoy a beer on the terrace, and until 7pm, you have the opportunity to hire paddle boats to enjoy a little time on the calm waters. At the end of the beach is a tourist information point and two wooden huts where you can book boat and catamaran trips. The word "boredom" isn't in the dictionary in Salou!
Waterparks in Salou
Aquopolis Costa Dorada
They’re some of the most imposing creatures you can find in captivity. A sea lion’s roar is huge and does justice to its size. Swimming with sea lions is a show that lets you get close to these amazing animals. You can only swim with and touch the female sea lions which are much calmer than the male ones. The best is the small class you get to know how they work, how they move, how they feed, and, above all, to differentiate the female seals.
Castles in Salou
Cliffs in Salou
Cap Salou
Cap Salou is a landform between Salou and La Pineda and is one of the most beautiful places on the coast, in spite of the urbanization it has suffered and, often, with very bad taste to which he has been subjected. The cape has pinelands, and above all, beautiful coves with water that would appear more suitable in the Caribbean. Hotel occupancy is not high and the tourists in the area are quiet and normally families. In autumn and winter it's perfect for strolling along the beaches and enjoying peaceful evenings by the coast.
Coves in Salou
Cala dels Llenguadets Beach
It was my first day in Salou and everything was perfect. Good weather, beach, and no noise. You'll surely like a good walk along the beach, but then you'll remember the stairs to climb to get back up. It is the only detail they got wrong. The rest?? Barely any people, so it's really calm.
Streets in Salou
Paseo Jaime I
This street always feels huge, until summer, when it is packed with tourists. This is because the Paseo Jaime I is the most popular site for tourists and locals, probably because it is right next to the beach. Among the things to be found there, there are the light sources, the monument to King James I, a pizzeria, a bus station, the square of the Autonomous ... And above all lots of fun, as it is the venue for fairs and musical performances. You could label it as a place to relax and walk, but at certain times, especially in summer, it is a crowded place that has very little relaxation.
Shows in Salou
Font Lluminosa (Illuminated Fountain)
The Font Lluminosa, not to be confused with the Luminous Fountains, are in the Paseo Jaime I, pretty much next to the port. They offer a nice water, light and sound show during the summer months. The jets draw whimsical fonts and bright pictures while classical music and other melodies play. It's very nice, but I always have doubts whether the cost of maintaining those fountains could have been used more wisely throughout the town. It always gives me the feeling that the town is thinking more about tourism for 15 days in the summer than year round residents. Anyway I recommend making a point to see them, which is great fun for children and adults. And it's free.
Harbors in Salou
Salou Marina
I visited this port a few years ago on a school trip, since I was staying in Salou. One day, when we had a free afternoon, we decided to try it. This is a small port and the first thing you see when approaching is a large white structure, where apparently there is a restaurant, exhibition hall and other facilities for the use and enjoyment of the members of the Club Nautico de Salou (although there are some parts that everyone can enjoy, such as the restaurant). After passing the checkpoint, you have access to a bar, several pools (which are also found in the Marina) and the various piers. I enjoyed the visit to this port, even though it is pretty tiny. Sometimes the simplest things end up becoming the most beautiful.
Historical Monuments in Salou
Rafael Casanova Monument
This monument was erected in memory of the Catalan historical figure, Rafael Casanova, in 1998. He was a jurist who fought in the War of Succession on the side of the Habsburgs, and is considered a symbol of the struggle for Catalan freedom. On 11 September, the Day of Catalonia, many come to lay wreaths of flowers in front of his statue.
Of Touristic Interest in Salou
Salou Lighthouse
Salou lighthouse has little to do with the image we all have in our head of what a lighthouse should look like. It's in Cap Salou and is formed by a quadrangular structure on which stands a small tower that indicates to sailors by light it's position. 150 years have already passed, so it's a venerable old man that continues to guide boaters, albeit marred by urban disasters prevailing around.
Festivals in Salou
Rey Jaime I Medieval Fair
This fair takes place in Salou from the 3rd to the 6th of September. On the streets of Ponent, Miró and Esglesia, there are a lot of places where the shopkeepers are in medieval clothes, where you can buy bread, crafts, food, tea, gifts ...... The street is decorated with medieval flags. There is a string of donkeys and children walk every day there are performances and small parades, always with the same theme. It is a entertaining funfair that closes the summer. It is usually quite busy and the kids would go every day.
Markets in Salou
Mercat Municipal de Salou
The Municipal Market hosts several stalls that sell Salou meat, sausage, fish, fruit, bread and other things as well as their being a coffee bar, a shop and a churros stand. It has underground parking. I usually go to buy fish because it's very good quality and there's also a post that sells sausages and hams. It's in a very central location, so it is quite useful to go shopping without having to take the car. The exterior underwent a facelift a few years ago and it has given it a more modern look.
Streets in Salou
Avenida Carles Buigas
This Avenue is a clear example of a tourist attraction: Hotels, bars, souvenir shops, souvenirs, thousand of different restaurants, English pubs, ice cream parlors. It is the epicenter of what we call in Salou Tourist Zone and where foreign tourists meet. It is a picturesque place where Indian and Pakistani businesses and restaurants have flourished, where you will find all the pubs and clubs, where the nightlife it dominant. Personally I find summer too overwhelming and Winter depressing €,s o lonely, something that happens to everyone in Salou. You just never feel comfortable in this part of our city, it´s like a totally different place. But I understand that for the tourist it is fun, entertaining, at times even fascinating, and a place that very few go without seeing during their summer vacation.
Waterparks in Salou
Caribe Aquatic Park
Water is the most magical element that I know because it is infinite. Without water we would be quite lost because I could not drink, nor wipe or have fun. The big cities have been built near rivers. Water is spiritually the most enigmatic element. Water is the most magical element I know, as it is highly infinite. There is no end to it.
Gardens in Salou
Parc Municipal
This park is in the tourist area. Besides many plants, mainly Mediterranean pine and palm trees, there are rides and games for children and a space dedicated to the elderly, as well as a bar. It's accessible from Avenue Carles Buigas or Barbastro Street. It opens during tourist season within the first few days of April. I liked it a lot, even though it only has a summer feel, but given the few people ve live in the tourist area in winter, it's quite understandable.

The best things to do in Salou

This city is an important tourist center near the Port Aventura theme park. The park is one of the most important attractions in Salou, and is certainly the most well known in Spain. Among the beaches and places to visit in Salou, which are numerous, highlights include the Playa de Levante, Playa de Poniente and Playa de los Padres. There are also numerous coves and things to see in Salou of great beauty. It has therefore become one of the major destinations of interest on the Golden Coast of Spain. 60 kilometers away is another one of the many regional Salou attractions, the Terres de l'Ebre. This is natural, mountainous area that's virtually undeveloped boasting natural beaches and prehistoric cave paintings. It has been declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. Another of the many Salou activities to experience is to taste any of the local dishes: fish and seafood, vegetables, game birds, and nuts, such as almonds or hazelnuts. Look for what to do in Salou today and discover the different possibilities that the city has to offer. On Minube you can find other
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