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Things to do in Seward

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The top 15 attractions in Seward

Historical Monuments in Seward
Benny Benson Memorial
Benny Benson was an orphan of 13 years old in the year 1926 when Seward submitted his idea to the flag of Alaska for a contest and won. The design of the flag is the Big Dipper and the North Star on a blue field, the most beautiful flag of the US. You can see monument is on the left hand side of the picture.
Villages in Seward
Seward is a tiny, charming village that has a very large port. This city was almost completely destroyed in 1964 by a tsunami following an earthquake. There are lovely restaurants and shops where you can find everything. There are many festivals throughout the year such as the Polar Bear Jump and Mount Marathon on July 4. It has a great atmosphere throughout the year and there is also the Alaska Sea Life Center.
Nature Reserves in Seward
Aialik Glacier
I came to see several glaciers in the Canadian Rockies, [poi = 530 491] Mount Edith Cavell [/ poi], [poi = 539241] Angel [/ poi], Athabasca, beautiful but far from the spectacular Perito Moreno in Argentina. The way to get to the glacier (or any other in the National Park Kenai Fjords), is to hire a day cruise in Seward. You can also watch the wildlife in the area, like ([ poi = 516741] orcas [/ poi]). The sensation of sailing among small icebergs, listening to chunks of ice fall from the glacier are things you never forget, and although this type of cruise is not cheap (over 100 euros), it's well worth it.
Nature Reserves in Seward
Kenai Fjords National Park
Kenai Fjords are wonderful. There are hundreds of glaciers as Holgate, Exit and Harding. You can also see sea lions, whales, otters and porpoises. To be able to see everything you have to go by boat and there are many companies that offer cruises. These cruises are only offered in the summer, because in the winter it's too cold to get out, and even in summer it gets chilly.
Nature Reserves in Seward
Alaska is a place of contrasts: from the fjords and glaciers of Prince William Sound to Kenai Fiords National Park and Mount McKinley in Denali Park. It is a place to admire what nature has to offer.
Bays in Seward
Resurrection Bay
Resurrection Bay is a bay on the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska. It is reputed to be the place where you always see whales and puffins (a bird that looks like a small Penguin). The movie The Hunt for Red October was filmed here. It is also the ideal place to fish halibut, salmon, shrimp and crab, among other sea animals. When you leave on the boat be ready with your camera, because you never know what you will see and when whales will suddenly appear.
Of Cultural Interest in Seward
Polar Bear Jump
The town of Seward has sponsored this event since January 1986 to raise money for the American Cancer Society. These brotherhoods who dress and jump into the waters of the port of Seward. Rescue divers are waiting in the water to help people out of the water. There are always a couple of curious sea lions. The festival is a very fun, but always is freezing cold and after half an hour already holds some, but worth seeing if only once.
Gardens in Seward
Obihiro Park
Obihiro Park is a tiny place in Seward that lies just next to the sea. The city of Obihiro, in Japan , gave this gazebo to the city of Seward as a gift in the year 1993. The place is lovely because there are incredible views of the port of Seward.
Squares in Seward
Seward Community Playground
This is the best playground ever. It is huge and has all kinds of equipment for children like a skate park, swings and slides. The view of Seward Bay from here is spectacular. It´s the perfect place to spend an afternoon with the kids.
Of Touristic Interest in Seward
Killer Whales in Resurrection Bay
After seeing the Humpback in Hawaii, the sperm whale in New Zealand and the franca austral in Argentina, it was time to see some orca, the feared killer whale. Both Alaska and Vancouver Island are considered places where the orcas migrate. Apparently they do not seem dangerous, rather playful, following their path, regardless of the presence of boats. To view them, you can hire a cruise from the bay (less expensive) or take you to the fjords (recommended if the weather permits).
Beaches in Seward
Lowell Point
Lowell Point is a small town near close to Seward. There is a lovely beach where people go to spend the day walking around and picnicking. There are very interesting houses and a tiny hotel. It is the perfect place to go kayaking and fishing.
Of Touristic Interest in Seward
Kenai Fjords Tours
Some Alaskans recommended this company for a glacial cruise. I chose the Wildlife & Glacier Cruise, which took me to the Aialik Glacier, where I saw several orcas and sea lions.
Bays in Seward
Aialik Bay
Visiting Aialik Bay was one of the most spectacular things I did in Alaska. The bay ends in a glacier, so there are ice chunks floating down this narrow fjord. In June there was still snow on the mountains.
Islands in Seward
Chiswell Islands
Many of the tourist cruises that leave from Seward pass through the channels between these islets. You can see wildlife including several colonies of sea lions and lots of puffins (those funny birds!).
Islands in Seward
Fox Island
Located at the end of Resurrection Bay, not far from Seward, this seemed like an ideal place to get away from it all. There is a little hotel with 8 cabins where you can stay overnight. Kayaking and hiking are both popular activities on the island.
Activities in Seward
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