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Things to do in Anchorage

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The top 79 attractions in Anchorage

Nature Reserves in Anchorage
Matanuska Glacier
The Matanuska Glacier is in the Matanuska Valley, north of Anchorage, and it's the only glacier in the United States that's accessible by car. The glacier is 43 kilometers long and even from afar it's gorgeous. Up close it's great. From the parking lot to the glacier it's a little bit of a walk, but it's worth it. You have to be careful because the glacier ice is very hard and slippery.
Leisure Areas in Anchorage
Elderberry Park
This is one of the best parks in the city of Anchorage. It has lovely views of the Cook Inlet and has a children's play area. The museum of Oscar Anderson House is in the north corner of the park and the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail begins in this park. I recommend people to visit if they are in the area.
Historical Monuments in Anchorage
Oscar Anderson House Museum
The Oscar Anderson House is one of the truly historic buildings in Anchorage. This building was built in 1915 by a butcher named Oscar Anderson and was the first house of a permanent structure. It has been preserved as a museum and the inside looks the same as it would have in the year1915. For $ 3 you can have a guided tour of the place.
Lakes in Anchorage
Lake Hood
Lake Hood is the seaplane base and for the largest planes and with the most air traffic in the world and is next to the Anchorage International Airport. 90% of Alaska is only accessible by plane and Alaska has the highest rate in the world of planes per person. The lake itself is very nice, and there are several parks where you can walk around and enjoy the view. The lake is used as a car park for aircraft throughout the year and in the winter when the lake freezes, when they change the floaters of the planes for wheels and use it like a landing ground. The people that take care of the planes on the lake also have tents that they decorate which gives it an original style.
Shops in Anchorage
The Ulu Factory
The ulu is a traditional knife used by Alaskan Eskimos. Its main use is for skinning hunted animals and cutting fillet salmon and other fish. This is a factory that makes the traditional ulu and demonstrates for people to learn how to use them. Although the ulu is traditional for the Eskimo it can be used for the modern kitchen and is ideal for cutting vegetables, fruit and meat. The Ulu Factory is also a store with lots of variety of local foods and souvenirs from Alaska and clearly has the largest variety of ulu in the entire state of Alaska. It makes for a rather interesting visit and I recommend it to those who are in the area.
Viewpoints in Anchorage
Point Woronzof Park
Woronzoff Point is located at the west end of Anchorage, behind the airport. It's quite far from the city and the drive to the viewpoint is worth it because the views are beautiful and there it's always possible to see wildlife. The view from Point Woronzoff is Turnagain Arm, a small inlet that passes through Anchorage.
Historical Monuments in Anchorage
St. Innocent Russian Orthodox Cathedral
Saint Innocent is Anchorage's Russian Orthodox Cathedral. This beautiful church was built in 1994 for the Russian Orthodox population. The church domes are of a lovely blue and can be seen from afar. The building itself is made of wood, the interior is simple and modern. There is plenty to see.
Historical Monuments in Anchorage
Resolution Park
Resolution Park is actually a huge deck that has many levels from which to enjoy the views of Cook Inlet, named for Captain Cook, one of the first to set foot on land in this part of Alaska. A statue of Captain Cook sits on the deck. In the summer, this is an amazing place to spend an afternoon enjoying the view and good weather.
Gardens in Anchorage
Tony Knowles Coastal Trail
The Tony Knowles Coastal Trail is a very long walk that runs through the western part of Anchorage. It begins in town's center and runs north to the airport in the south. It has lovely views of Turnagain Arm and from the southern part of the walk you can see downtown Anchorage. It makes for an amazing bike ride in the summer and is always full of people walking, running, or playing sports.
Historical Monuments in Anchorage
World War II Monument
This monument is located at Merrill Field Airport in Anchorage, and is dedicated to all the pilots and men who were killed or captured in Alaska during World War II. Many people are unaware that Japan bombed Alaska during the conflict and captured several islands in the Aleutian archipelago. This monument has the names of all those who sacrificed their lives in defense of Alaska. There are also maps and photos from that era that form a huge and important part of the state of Alaska.
Historical Monuments in Anchorage
Monument to Félix Rodríguez de la Fuenta
All of us living in Spain in the 70s know who Felix Fodriguez de la Fuente is. We all cried when he died and sang My Friend Felix with Anna and Enrique. Dr. Rodriguez de la Fuente died in Alaska on March 14, 1980 while filming a documentary on the sled race of the Iditarod. He and two companions were on a plane when it crashed and killed everyone, including the pilot. In Anchorage there is a monument that was brought from Santiago de Compostela. It is a little known monument because most Americans do not know who he was, but the few Spanish who live here sometimes go to visit.
Shops in Anchorage
Kobuk Coffee Co.
The Kobuk Coffee Company is a store in downtown Anchorage that is one of the first stores in the city dating back to 1915. This shop is full of coffee and tea ( it smells delicious when you walk) and it specializes in teacups which made in China and in England and you can buy them as souvenirs. On one wall of the building, facing the street, is a painted elk which is very funny.
Historical Monuments in Anchorage
Peratrovich Park
Elizabeth and Roy Peratrovich were two of the most influential people who fought for the rights of the native people of Alaska and this park is on Fourth Avenue on the main street in the heart of Anchorage. Here people perform concerts and cultural dances free of charge. There is also a beautiful and different sculpture that is named The Flight of the Raven.
Historical Monuments in Anchorage
Alaska Veterans Memorial
This is a monument for United States veterans. There is a statue of a soldier and several plaques representing the World Wars, Korea, Vietnam, and Iraq. There is also a huge flag, and there are always flowers placed by people who have lost veteran loved ones. It's found in Delaney Park.
Of Cultural Interest in Anchorage
Biggest Pumpkin of Alaska
This pumpkin was voted the biggest in all Alaska in 2009. It weighs 594 pounds (270 kilos). The Alaska Mill and Feed Store exhibit it in front of their premises. The sun never sets during summers in Alaska and crops do not stop growing for almost three months. Every year there are always huge pumpkins and cabbage that win awards.
Statues in Anchorage
Crystal Gallery of Ice
Every year during the winter in Anchorage in the central square of the city is what is called the Crystal Gallery of Ice (Ice Crystal Gallery) which are ice sculptures that are left there until the spring. It's almost like an open air museum, but always very warm and fun to go and enjoy. There are some that are quite simple and others that are really different and complicated.
Lakes in Anchorage
Cuddy Family Midtown Park
The Cuddy Family Park is a park in downtown Anchorage. It has a quiet lake where you can see ducks and geese in the summer and in the winter it becomes an ice skating rink. There is a beautiful garden and a very original fountain. It is the ideal place to walk the dog and let the children run. It hosts performances and concerts in the summer months.
Lakes in Anchorage
DeLong Lake
Delong Lake is a lake in Anchorage where you can go to enjoy the good weather, relax and do some fishing. In this lake, you must release the fish after catching, but it is still an ideal place to spend a couple of hours. The lake is surrounded by beautiful houses. There are life jackets for children who come with their parents. There is a pier where you can fish or just enjoy the wonderful lake views.

The best things to do in Anchorage

Anchorage is the northernmost city in the state of Alaska, in the United States. It's boreal climate is characterized by extremely cold winters and warm summers. The city has much to offer travelers who want to get to know the city and all the
Anchorage activities it offers.
Know that of all things to see in Anchorage, its natural and wild environment are the highlights. Among the places to visit in Anchorage, you can begin with Westchester Lagoon, a waterfowl sanctuary that offers picturesque beauty. There are other attractions in Anchorage include beautiful parks. Elderberry Park is one of the best in town. It has lovely views of Cook Inlet and the House Museum Oscar Anderson's in Anchorage is in the northern corner of the park. Woronzoff Point is a viewpoint, and another of the many Anchorage attractions to visit, that's in the west end of the city, behind the airport. It's quite away from the city, but the drive is worth it because the views are beautiful and there's always possibility of seeing wildlife. From there you can see Turnagain Arm, the small inlet that passes through Anchorage, and visiting it is certainly one of the best things to do in Anchorage. You absolutely have to bring your camera! There's lots of stuff to do in Anchorage, like experience all its traditions, customs and even the most popular festivals. For more on what to do in
Anchorage, visit the
Russian Orthodox Cathedral of Saint Innocent, which was built for the large Russian population in the city. It's one of the
most interesting places you can visit in Anchorage.