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Things to do in Kodiak

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The top 26 attractions in Kodiak

Historical Monuments in Kodiak
Kodiak Fishermen's Memorial
This monument, which was errected to honor the fishermen who died in Kodiak, is very simple, but very nice. It is located in front
Bays in Kodiak
Kalsin Bay
Kalsin Bay is situated in the southeast part of the island of Kodiak. There is a small hotel with a bar and restaurant called the
Exhibitions in Kodiak
Kodiak State Fair
All states have what is called a State Fair. In Kodiak it is held in late August or early September and is an opportunity for the
Churches in Kodiak
Holy Resurrection Church
This small church was established in 1794 but was not appointed as a cathedral until 2001. The church is one of several Russian Or
Museums in Kodiak
The Baranov Museum
The Baranov Museum is situated in the center of the city of Kodiak in a house that was built in 1808 by Russian settlers, and is c
Shops in Kodiak
Kodiak Island Brewery
One of the best kept secrets Kodiak Island is a brewery where the beers are amazing and very original. More than 20 types of beer
Beaches in Kodiak
Fossil Beach
Fossil Beach is on the southeastern part of the island of Kodiak. The beach's name defines it, it's a beach that is covered with f
Harbors in Kodiak
Tustumena Ferry
This ferry is one of the two main ferries that travels to Kodiak. The Tustumena came into operation in 1963 and is still the most
Streets in Kodiak
Bell's Flats
The Bell's Flats neighborhood is located on the Rezonof road south of the city of Kodiak. I love this neighborhood because it is a
Harbors in Kodiak
Cornelia Marie
The boat Cornelia Marie is one of the vessels featured in the TV show The Deadliest Catch. The ship was in the port of St. Herman
Bars in Kodiak
Tony's Bar
Tony's Bar is the seediest bar in Kodiak, but it is so well known that it's worth going just to say you've been. The bar's slogan
Churches in Kodiak
St. Herman Theological Seminary
St. Herman's seminary is in the city centre of Kodiak and is where men study to become priests in the Russian Orthodox religion. T
Harbors in Kodiak
St. Herman Harbor
This port is one of two which can be found in the city of Kodiak. St. Paul is a small boat harbor and St. Herman is a port used fo
Shops in Kodiak
The Kodiak Company
The Kodiak Company shop is situated opposite the Kodiak harbor, in an industrial part of town. This is one of the best places to b
Historical Monuments in Kodiak
Fort Abercrombie State Park
Fort Abercrombie was established in 1941 under the name of Miller Point, but in 1943 it was named Fort Abercrombie. It was one of
Viewpoints in Kodiak
Miller Point
Miller Point is a lookout point that is near Fort Abercrombie on the northeast of the island of Kodiak. This place has some of the
Cities in Kodiak
The Kodiak City is the largest town on Kodiak Island. The island itself is the largest in North America. The populationn of Kodiak
Shops in Kodiak
Norman's Shop is located in the commercial center of Kodiak, which is simply called The Mall. This shop is full of souvenirs and a
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