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Tianguis de Artesanias Chiapanecas

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6 reviews of Tianguis de Artesanias Chiapanecas

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Bazaar around santo domingo temple

This 'tianguis', or bazaar, is outside the Santo Domingo Temple, in fact it surrounds it. It is probably the largest bazaar in the city, and you can find a variety of crafts from regional indigenous groups, for example you can buy everything from clothes, bags, Amber, toys, hammocks, earrings, etc. On this visit I had to go twice because I wanted to see everything, as there is great variety and everything is very accessible. As a tourist I recommend haggling a bit, because to be honest they raise the cost because they receive many visitors throughout the year from all of Europe. We were fascinated with the ingenuity of these people. I fell in love with a few toys where you place your finger on the bottom and the entire piece falls down. Without hesitation I bought a giraffe which was my favourite lol. I recommend you take some time to check prices and bring money for sure as your impulses will kick in and you will want to buy many the things, hahahaha I speak from experience. Finally, most people there are indigenous and even though they speak their dialect, they understand Spanish perfectly and some even surprise you with a little English, I was surprised as they have adapted to the visitors. You look at their costumes and understand that their essence and customs are still maintained. It is a delight to be received by them.
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