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  • Santorini (Thira)
    Santorini (Thira) in Santorini
    Fira is the capital of Santorini, a small island in an archipelago of volcanic islands in the Aegean. If you arrive by boat, you'll see a small town "hanging" off the side of a mountain that seems incredible. Keep in mind that you'l...
  • The Acropolis of Athens
  • Oia
    Oia in Oia
    We left Mykonos on one an inter-island ferry headed toward Santorini. When we arrived, we couldn't believe it. There were massive cliffs above the sea lined with small white villages along the crests. Once we got to the top, with th...
  • This colossal temple is the largest in Greece and it took over 700 years to complete. Originally it had 104 Corinthian columns that reach 17 meters high, of which only 15 remain. The credit for its completion goes to Adriano who pla...
  • Erechtheion
    Erechtheion in Athens
    The Erechtheion is an Ionic masterpiece that was built 421-406 BC and it's the most famous temple - the famous tribune of the Caryatids. It's a polychrome portico with 6 columns (originally) with female figures, all the figures are ...
  • Parthenon
    Parthenon in Athens
    The Parthenon is the emblem of the city of Athens. It is very impressive when you arrive there, although you'll already have seen it a thousand times on the TV or on postcards you´ve been sent, but it´s not the same as being there i...
  • In the summer of the year 2012 I had the chance to visit Santorini, in Greece, in the Aegean Sea. I was already aware that it would be one of the most lovely islands that Greece has, but to arrive and be there, not only reaffirmed w...
  • Beauty Unleashed in one of the nicest places I have visited. From the windmills there are views to Little Venice highly worth a mention, but here are some of different angles and lights. This little wonder of Venetian origin, near t...
  • Naxos
    Naxos in Naxos
    This island is located in the Cyclades, Greece. It's the perfect place to relax and bathe on its beaches. The old city is wonderful and the people are friendly, quiet, simple and enjoyable. The food and the prices are very good. The...
  • Hagia Sophia
    Hagia Sophia in Thessaloniki
    It reminded me of the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul. In the dome hangs the Greek cross together with scallops and robust columns that support the dome. Although the dome also possesses windows, it does not possess the magic of its namesa...
  • Rhodes
    Rhodes in Rhodes
    Rhodes is a beautiful city. On a cruise I recently took, Rhodes and Dubrovnik were the cities that I liked by far. The atmosphere is great, and while it was too hot, it did not detract from this city beautiful at all.
  • Red Beach
    Red Beach in Santorini
    Red Beach is one of the most popular and beautiful beaches on Santorini. It has red fine sand and rocks and is located near the ancient village of Akrotiri. The beach can be reached by boat or by car. The beach gets its red color fr...
  • For me, the monasteries in Meteora are one of the most spectacular places in the world is beautiful and has really spectacular views. There are seven monasteries nestled around the mountains, most of them with monks but a few ...
  • The huge bay that forms the island of Santorini called attention, especially if you get to the island by boat. The dimensions of the cliffs of the bay are incredible, but it is less a sense of being, deep within the caldera of a vol...
  • The island is the mixture of the calmness of the inhabitants with the non-stop partying of the tourists. The island is small and easily explored if you rent a small car. Gas prices are €1.78 liter. You should come with the desire to...
  • Located on the southwest slopes of the Acropolis in Athens, this grand building is also known as the Odeon of Herodes Atticus or Herodeon. Dating back to 161 BC, it was built by Herod Atticus in honor of his wife Grid who had died t...
  • Railway Station
    Railway Station in Thessaloniki
    It's five minutes to five. Our train has just entered the station of Thessaloniki. Four hours late, though the other passengers just say "oh yeah, this train is always late"! And the other trains to get to Athens? They are on strike...
  • This is the 100th place I've visited, and since it's a nice, round number I thought I'd share some info about Naxos, the Greek island with you. The Portara, Apolo Gate is the most representative monument of the island, the entrance ...
  • Meteora
    Meteora in Trikala
    Meteora has been one of the most amazing places I have visited. When you first drive up and start seeing these peaks, you are like "cool" then when you start getting closer and start realizing that there are structures at the tops t...
  • Mykonos
    Mykonos in Mykonos
    This beautiful island, on which you could spend hours getting lost on a relaxing and quiet stroll around its beautiful and quiet streets, or chattering with its open and friendly people. In the photos you can see the breaking waves ...
  • Corfu
    Corfu in Corfu
    The high temperatures in Corfu in the summer afternoon twice made us think to ourselves that we should go up to the old fort, take a photograph from afar and bathe in the sea and go to the next cove, which has many curiosities of An...
  • Firostefani
    Firostefani in Santorini
    Between Fira and Imerovigli lies this traditional town, one of the best scenic spots on the island of Santorini.The Greeks consider it a continuation of Fira Firostefani. Firostefani is definitely a quiet neighborhood full Santorini...
  • The White Tower
    The White Tower in Thessaloniki
    Thesalonika is a city in northern Greece, touching the border with Macedonia. If you are doing a tour of the Balkans this is a city essential to visit. It has a special charm, washed by the Aegean Sea with a very Mediterranean feel....
  • Elafonisi Beach
    Elafonisi Beach in Elafonisi
    It´s not the Caribbean, it´s Crete! Hehehe, in my opinion, one of the best beaches in the Mediterranean. It is to the south west of the island of Crete and its crystal clear water, the amount of fish that run through your feet, the ...
  • Oh, the monuments in Athens! In the majestic Agora of Athens, always under the watchful eye of the Acróplolis, rises the Hephaestion, a beautiful, marble temple with Doric columns. It is located in the Agora, as I said before. For t...
  • Olympia
    Olympia in Aigio
    In 776 BC the first Olympic Games were held here, and it is best visited in times of the year when it is not very hot, in June you could not stand the heat. It is important to get a good guide because the data that they can give you...
  • We could only enjoy Mykonos for a few hours, just enough to watch a picture- perfect sunset. No touch-ups are necessary when the image quality is this good. I leave you one from my personal album (if you want to use it, please credi...
  • Pyrgos
    Pyrgos in Pyrgos
    We almost pass by the highest village on the island of Santorini, ... and find! Spectacular views, endless white lanes, donkeys trotting up the hill, and several churches crowning the top. We stopped in the middle of the road and cl...
  • Chania
    Chania in Chania
    Jania, or Chanea Xania (Chania) is 140 km from Iraklion in the Haniá and Kríti region on the island of Crete, Greece. The administrative capital of the island. A population of about 66,000. In a fertile and flat area, for excursions...
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