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Restaurants in Cantabria

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559 places to eat in Cantabria

Restaurants in Santander
Restaurante Cañadio
The restaurant is one of the most renowned in the city, but the tapas bar at the front of the premises deserve all fame of the dining room. It’s a huge and well stocked bar, full to bursting with various tapas that are replenished regularly. It’s a huge temptation that is hard to resist. A good wine list (served at proper temperature), a very pleasant locale, and dedicated staff complement this bar that has more than earned the honor of carrying the name of the whole plaza.
Restaurants in Laredo
La Casona Restaurant
We were vacationing in Laredo last week and a place I enjoyed eating at was La Casona. It’s next to the promenade, the second street before you reach the harbor, only 2 minutes away from the historic town center. During the week we were in Laredo we went a few times and they have a wide variety of tapas and full plates, which makes it great for snacking. On Sundays, they have shrimp for and tentacles (which are like fried squid legs, very tasty) for only 1 euro. It's a fairly cheap restaurant. When we went for full dishes it worked out at 15 euros between the two of us and we ate until we burst. We asked for a “sartenada” ( a skilled of fried eggs, potatoes, and plenty of chorizo and black pudding for only 7 euros, I think), and we also ordered some delicious Cabrales (Spanish blue cheese) croquettes for I think about 2 euros and mussels with homemade tomato sauce which, if I remember correctly, were 4 euros or so. We also went back to try the daily menu and in all fairness the value for the money is great. It cost 15 euros and had loads of starters and main courses to choose from. I ordered the peppers stuffed with cheese and tuna (I had never tried them and I was surprised, very flavorful), and my partner ordered steak, also very good also. And, of course, they make delicious paella with lots of garnishes, just how I like it! The desserts are also homemade. In particular, try the coffee liqueur cake; it’s very smooth and easy to digest. That is if you have any room after eating, because their servings are massive.
Restaurants in Santander
Casa Lita
After arriving in Santander, we left our things at the hotel and went for a bite to eat at Restaurante Casa Lita. Besides being a nice place and located a few meters from Puerto Chico, the quality and taste of the skewers we ordered was amazing Specifically the shrimp cocktail skewer with puff pastry is the very best I've tasted in Santander.
Restaurants in Santander
Casa Ajero
Following the recommendations of minube I stumbled upon this place for tapas. The lovely food, very good service, normal price. The place could not be more central. Highly recommended. I would not mind coming back if I return to Santander.
Restaurants in Camaleño
Restaurants in Ruente
Casa Nacho González Restaurant
A great meal is one of my weaknesses. I like to leave feeling satisfied, as I imagine you do too, so I'd like to recommend a place for real Cantabrian food prepared simple with local products. The Ministry of Tourism of Cantabria invited us to Casa Nacho and it was a great success. Located right off the highway, this restaurant is recommended by both the Michelin Guide and Campsa, which gives you some reassurance that you're in for a great meal. The place is located in a building and the decor is traditional Cantabrian with a few Andalusian touches throughout the restaurant. There's an Andalusian-style tapas area, a terrace, and country-style main dining hall. We ordered a tasting menu: first, excellent ham hand-cut by the owner and Jabugo bacon and perrochico mushrooms with eggs that were delicious. Then, we had a classic mountain stew, the perfect dish to warm you up on a cold day. It was stuffed full of short ribs, sausages, and meat. Finally, we had an excellent Tudanca beef tenderloin that just melted in your mouth, accompanied by potatoes and red peppers. For dessert, we tried a chocolate French toast that delighted everyone. The service was very friendly, helpful, and professional. All in all, it was a positive experience. The average price should be around 30-40 euros per person. No doubt Casa Nacho is a great place to eat good, simple, yet high-quality dishes straight from the land.
Restaurants in Suances
La Dársena del Pescador Restaurant
This is a wonderful place that I'd really recommend for quiet dinner in a pleasant atmosphere. It's located in the port area opposite the beach of La Ribera, and is one of the most popular restaurants in the area. We asked around for a good seafood place, and we were directed to La Dársena, as it’s commonly known. I can say that after having eaten there, it's a very wise choice. In summer, there's usually an outdoor terrace for starters and trying the huge variety of tapas on offer, many of which are based around seafood. The bar itself is quite large and spacious and to the right of the entrance there are a few tables with benches to sit and eat. The vibe is quite informal, but the eating experience is pure luxury. As in many other places, the best part is at the end. Head to the end of the bar, pass by the kitchen on the left, turn right and you walk into a spectacular dining room. The decor is very modern and the atmosphere is warm and friendly. It'll make your lunch/dinner feel twice as good! All very new and very cool. Regarding the food: eureka! I hadn't eaten that well in a while. Generous portions, excellent ingredients, and detailed, home-made dishes with gorgeous presentation. Here's what we ate: a tuna salad with a huge chunk of goat cheese; the tuna was locally-caught, of supreme quality, and there was lots of it! Then we had grilled octopus with a potato and saffron foam. I'm used to boiled octopus, but we were suggested to try it grilled and I only have one word: amazing. The foam added a great twist. Then we had scallop gratin. They gratin the scallop "a la sal," and the result was a rich, meaty scallop. Then on to the wild turbot. When you remove the skin of a wild turbot, you can really notice the quality, and this one was top notch. It also came in a finger-licking sauce. To top off this great feast, we had a chocolate cake and custard, and washed it all down with a white wine perfect for the meal (the house Albariño goes down very easy). I assure you that you’ll be very, very satisfied. There are cheaper restaurants in the area, no doubt, but for what we ate, both in quantity and quality, and the environment in which we did it, I didn't find it at all expensive. I've paid considerably more in many other places without getting fish that good. In short, if you want to treat yourself to fresh and high-quality seafood (although they also had some great-looking meats), Dársena is your place. Don't hesitate to stop by. After having tried all the others, Dársena, for me at least, is THE restaurant in Suances.
Restaurants in Santander
Mesón Rampalay
A great place to experience a beer and tapas. Good variety of tapas, very rich, and ultimately compensated fairly. You take three tapas and three beers for approximately 15€ (more or less). It is also in the center of Santander, in the same street as many other places, close to the bay, good music venues ... Brilliant!
Restaurants in Santander
La Casa del Indiano
We usually go out to eat once a month. We were seated at a table at the entrance for the greyhound to sit comfortably out of pèople´s way. We were delighted to eat well and all together. During the week it isn´t too crowded and the menu is reasonably priced and Mondays are of great quality. At the moment you will probably not be allowed in most restaurants, but I'm glad that in some, this has started to change.
Restaurants in Santander
Los Peñucas
Peñucas is one of the best-known seafood restaurants in the fishing district of Santander. Aside from its excellent quality, it's also run by the family of football player Iván de la Peña. They specialize in Cantabrian products like seafood prepared in a variety of ways. I recommend trying the fresh seasonal products (just ask the waiter), as these are the tastiest. The quality of the ingredients is very good, and the prices are appropriate. The house menu with seafood paella was around 15€. It's a typical fisherman-style joint; the decor is simple and the walls are covered with pictures of Ivan and newspaper clippings.
Restaurants in Santander
El Machi
A very nice place, its décor and service are perfect. Everything breathes sea, so I recommend you ask for the fish of the day (although I have seen a paella on the table next to me with my eyes almost devoured). The upstairs dining room is quieter. Downstairs it is a little loud but it looks good for a quick bite propped up at the bar. I recommend it, an interesting place.
Restaurants in Caviedes
Casa Cofiño Restaurant
This restaurant in Caviedes has been attracting plenty of visitors to taste their homemade delicacies. Given that the tourist offices in the area are closed on weekends, we asked some people in Cabezon de la Sal where we could eat and they recommended this restaurant. The property is in a typical rural house, easily recognizable by the large number of cars parked at the gate which is striking given the small size of this town. The patio of the house, located at the entrance, has been used as a terrace for outdoor dining. From here one can access the bar, which is also a small convenience store and grocery, and in front the living room. The entire decor is rustic, combining wood touches with the thick stone walls of the country house. It was Sunday and the place was packed with people and had a waiting list of about two hours to eat. We were lucky and somehow we were seated within 10 minutes at a table on the terrace. It’s a traditional restaurant run by the Cofiño family and has been open more than 40 years. The menu is based on the typical home-cooking of the region, and its "star" dishes are mountain stew, grilled beef, the skillets of eggs, potatoes, and various other ingredients, goat, tripe, chorizo hash, black pudding, and fried calamari. Another surprise is the wide variety of wines. We had quite an appetite, so we decided to start with a mountain stew. They bought out a tureen for us to serve at our discretion. The bean stew with vegetables was accompanied by an earthenware cooking pot with bacon, chorizo and two types of blood sausage. Oh man, it was to die for! For seconds we ordered a serving of tripe and a goat stew, duly accompanied by a huge tray of chips. I even ordered a lemon curd for dessert. We nearly burst! And all for an affordable price, which I don’t remember being more than 20 € per person. The service was great, despite the restaurant being packed. We didn't have to wait long at all between courses. Overall, it’s a highly recommended place whose fame is well-deserved and extends throughout the region. There really is nothing like "word of mouth" since find it you either have to know it or have it recommended to you (it did not occur to me to go for food in the small village of Caviedes).
Restaurants in Santander
A great spot for the best Cantabrian seafood and fish, with a fantastic quality : price ratio. You'll find that you have to wait a little bit for a table, which speaks volumes about the place. Lobsters, crabs, all kinds of fish ... there's so much variety, it's hard to choose. They have an extensive wine list. They have adapted to the times and have Wi-Fi and a thousand outlets for charging any kind of device. I repeat, a real must in Santander.
Restaurants in San Vicente de la Barquera
El Pescador Restaurant
As newcomers to San Vicente we wanted to try some seafood but it is overwhelming as you are giving that slips from all the different restaurants. At the end of the avenue we found El Pescador, it seems a simple bar but we ordered some tapas to share, mussels, clams, octopus, razorfish -all very good, fast and a good price. We'll definitely be going back.
Restaurants in Santander
Regma Heladeria
If you find yourself in Santander, or any other location along the Cantabrian coast, getting an ice cream at Regma Heladeria is a must. The ice cream is great and you get a huge portion for just €2.10. You can also find Regma in Gijon, although I don't know if it's available anywhere else outside Cantabria.
Restaurants in Noja
Restaurants in Santillana del Mar
Jardín del Marqués Restaurant
We went because it has a nice terrace, but it was all bad. We ordered 5 menus and the only spaghetti that was acceptable was the children's. The stew, the black rice with squid tasted bad. The monkfish with mushrooms , we left it whole. The roast chicken was okay to eat. We paid the hazing!
Restaurants in Santander
Activities in Cantabria