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Restaurants in Navarra

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179 places to eat in Navarra

Tapas Bars in Pamplona
Bar Gaucho
My friends took me to a bar for a mid-morning snack telling me it was one of the classic places of Pamplona, ​​and they weren't wrong. A part of the decoration of the small local wood and many details, what stands for Bar Gaucho are your skewers, both for its variety and quality. The prepared foie, mushrooms and sardine are al tasty and fresh. A highly recommended stop for a rest. There's a terrace.
Cafés in Pamplona
Cafe Iruna
Seeking a place for breakfast we found Café Iruña in the plaza del castillo, where we strongly recommend the buttered toast on bimbo bread. It will help give you strength throughout your travels around the most beautiful places in Pamplona. The place, beautiful!
Tapas Bars in Pamplona
Meson del Caballo Blanco
This beautiful medieval looking building, which is a bar, was built in the 1960s. They used the remains of the Aguerre Palace during its construction. It was in New Street until it was destroyed in 1958 to make the Hotel Maisonnave. It also has decorative elements from other sources.
Restaurants in Pamplona
La Trastienda del Colmado
That is quite simply what I experienced recently in this restaurant a great dining experience, nothing more to it. This multifunctional space that recreates in a modern way what was formerly known as a grocery store (i.e., a neighbourhood store that sold all kinds of foods and beverages) combines bar, restaurant, shop and warehouse. The bar area is an ideal place to sample good tapas and rations in a truly welcoming atmosphere, in addition to an extensive wine list. A feeling that transports you to another era, to those antique neighbourhood shops where people gathered to talk in circles, etc... However, if you really want to live an experience on a different level, I advise you pass through to the "Back Office", i.e. the restaurant. The decor is minimalist and elegant, creating a cosy feel, with a really evocative menu in which all dishes have a special touch. The wine list is amazing, the longest I can remember seeing, with many designations of origin and classic Navarra wines. We chose a barrel-fermented white Navarre, from the Albret estate, very fresh and tasty, with a touch of oak that so well accompanies most dishes, particularly salads and fish. With service in keeping with the standards of the restaurant, each dish is a surprise, full of content, quality and colour. Raw materials of the highest quality, clever and interesting flavour combinations and great care taken in decorating the dishes. The goat cheese salad is spectacular. But if there was one thing that blew me away it was the grilled vegetables, a seemingly simple dish that because of the quality of its ingredients becomes a true delicacy filled with produce from the fertile garden of Ribera Navarra. The roasted cod is served with the finest touch of Idiazabal cheese. But if I had to stick with something it’s the Orio style grilled turbot, clean, clean with a sofrito that gives it a unique flavour. To complete the piece, a dessert to share that will delight those with a sweet tooth, caramelized cream cheese with red fruits. A super dish to end the festivities in style. Delicious. A quality locale, that without doubt is worth a visit so to pamper oneself whilst eating luxuriously in a very warm and friendly environment. A discovery which I highly recommend to all refined palates.
Culinary Interest in Pamplona
Pastas Beatriz
Incredible! It is an amazing site, and not just for its beauty but also for its taste and tradition.The path of Estefata street is simply spectacular and the queues from the ships go out into the streets during most of the day, and this isn't a one off. If you like pasta and sweets then this is your store.
Tapas Bars in Pamplona
Bodegón Sarria
We tested several types of pinchos (which are bigger than a tapa) and they were delicious! Prices vary, they cost € 2 or so, but they are generous portions! We had four each and when we left we were stuffed! The bar is modern, so do not expect something rustic, but we liked it! And there are many people, as in all bars, so you have to have a little patience. We recommend the chorizo ​​skewer. Great cider!
Restaurants in Pamplona
Restaurant situated just behind the Hotel Maisonnave, but it is also accessible from the hotel. The care provided is great, the room is very elegant and the food is excellent. They have a terrific pasta dish, and their hake fillet was delicious; very tender and tasty. To finish for dessert I had the best french toast I've had in my life. We all took very good memories from this place. My most sincere congratulations!!
Restaurants in Pamplona
Restaurante La Capilla
Really, when you enter the restaurant you're hit by its stunning decoration; it's a beautifully decorated place which has taken advantage of the old chapel. The service was correct and friendly, we expected something a bit better from the food, although it was good. It is true that the image of the chapel is a little confusing.
Restaurants in Tudela
L & Ele Restaurant
There are restaurants that you leave content after eating well and others in which you exit wondering when you will return, as is the case with L & Ele. In this restaurant I was able to enjoy some of the best dishes I've tried and they consisted mainly of vegetables, something that I'm not too keen on. But vegetables cooked by Lola acquire new flavours and textures that I am sure will astonish everyone. In addition to vegetables, the fish and the meat have their place, with great preparation, just like the desserts, a highlight being the Lola style French toast, with a recipe based on the one Juan Mari Arzak prepares in his restaurant. The service was very attentive, being that we were the only diners in the restaurant. Laura treated us like we were at home. With regards to the restaurant, it is quite small, with room for 30 people and a very clean and nice decor. Add to that, there is almost no mobile coverage, so we can enjoy our food without interruption. A restaurant to visit if one likes to eat well and enjoy new flavours, with normal prices for the high standard on offer. A revelation.
Restaurants in Olite
Asador Erri-Berri Restaurant
Situated in the center of Olite, you can find this grill that serves delicious meat. They have both a standard menu and also a menu of the day, from 16.50 € + VAT, plus another special menu with three courses for € 26.50 + VAT. I ordered regular menu, and all of the dishes were very generous and well prepared. We will have to fast before going back to the restaurant and trying the special menu. The mushrooms and shrimp salad is very fresh and tasty, and the beef steak is really spectacular, with some of the best steaks I've ever tried. A very good place to enjoy grilled meat in a restaurant with a classic atmosphere.
Restaurants in Huarte
Culinary Interest in Pamplona
El Churrero de Lerín
Throughout the year it's a quiet place on an otherwise busy street. But between the 6th and 14th of July, especially after the closure San Fermin the queues become so long they stretch out onto the pavement. They aren't as expensive as other famous sites in Pamplona and amply fulfill the role of a good breakfast offer. In addition, the girls ve serve you do not lose the smile despite the hundreds waiting to be served.
Restaurants in Pamplona
Meson de Le Navarreria
El Burgo de Navarreria, along with San Cernin and San Nicolas, joined together in 1423, leading to the birth of Pamplona. Today the Navarreria area is where you'll find the fountain into which tourists jump every year on the 6th of July, as well as parties every weekend during the year. The Mejilloneria, El Meson de Navarrería, and The Cordovilla and are some of the most famous traditional bars in the area. With the arrival of warm weather, everyone takes their drinks and tapas out to the street, creating a spectacular atmosphere.
Restaurants in Pamplona
Level 10
Cool! It is the best pizzeria in Pamplona, ​​no doubt. In summer the terrace, although small, is very appealing. It's a pity that the beers are too small, but other than that, the quality : price ratio is great.
Restaurants in Pamplona
Bar Restaurante Otano
St. Nicholas Street begins at the church square with the same name and ends in Plaza del Castillo, Pamplona, with the Town Hall Square. Throughout St. Nicholas Street you'll find more than a dozen bars open throughout the day, offering traditional tapas, the best cuisine in miniature. One of these bars is the Otano, which on its upper floor also has a restaurant. The bar is awesome. I recommend the cheese skewers and Bassianus, although any other choice would also be equally delicious.
Restaurants in Olite
Ducay Restaurant
Play Osasuna Malaga and tables filled with parishioners, talking about the plays. Only the back of the room is empty, because the TV does work. But engineering marvels, the TV is "plasma" and although a little biased, you can still see the game. It is Saturday and many people were taking advantage of the mild temperatures outside. Inside, there are hectic waiters and the kitchen. You can not help but look at other tables to see that what they´re having to a meal looks good, so also order it. Eggs a la Navarra , 2 fried eggs, 2 slices of garlic sausage, prosciutto, red peppers, fries and ketchup. Almost nothing, of Navarre. For me, undercooked chicken wings with a spicy-sweet sauce, fried potato salad and two cakes. A little cheese and a bottle of pink and bar Homage to pay 30 €, the two. After a long walk to lose excess and the crib. Worst: That discount, Osasuna lost.
Restaurants in Pamplona
Bar Mo
One of the best spots in Pamplona. Jaime, the owner, is a great professional and will make you feel right at home. I recommend the Mo burger (mini Kobe burger). I also tried the salmon sashimi, which was good, but I feel that everything here is.
Tapas Bars in Pamplona
Cerveceria La Mejillonera
In addition to some delicious mussels, they also have the best calamari sandwich in Pamplona, I also recommend trying the hot sauce. The patatas bravas are also very tasty. It is very lively when the weather is good and there is nothing like eating a sandwich and having a beer whilst siting (on the floor, of course) in Navarrería Square.