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Historical Monuments in Colombia


117 historical monuments in Colombia

Historical Monuments in Bogotá
Santuario de Monserrate
The Sanctuary of Monserrate is an awesome place. You can enjoy typical food and friendly people. This place has the best view of t
Historical Monuments in Cartagena
Walled City of Cartagena
These walls were designed in order to protect Cartagena de Indias from suffering ongoing pirate attacks. Its construction was carr
Historical Monuments in Popayán
Popayan is the capital of the department of Cauca in Colombia. It's also known as the White City for its historic centre and its b
Historical Monuments in Mompós
Centro Historico de Santa Cruz de Mompox
250 km to the south of Cartagena is Santa Cruz de Mompox, one of the most beautiful colonial cities of Colombia. This city was fou
Historical Monuments in Cartagena
The Clock Tower
The Clock Tower has become one of the most important symbols of Cartagena de Indias and is considered one of the five most beautif
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Historical Monuments in Pereira
César Gaviria Trujillo Viaduct
Exciting to see a bridge like this. THe adrenaline on seeing its majesty. Spectacular, cute and exciting.
Historical Monuments in Cartagena
Walled City
Amazing streets shops art galleries and churches.
Historical Monuments in Santa Marta
Quinta de San Pedro Alejandrino
La Quinta de San Pedro Alejandrino was the place where the historical character, Simon Bolivar spent his last days In addition to
Historical Monuments in Zapatoca
Beautiful village of Santander with a very nice, cold climate. The people are very kind and warm. Very rich in tourism, you can fi
Historical Monuments in Marseille
Jesús María Estrada Cemetery
Declared artistic heritage of Colombia with its unique shaped terraces. The structure of the cemetery draw the admiration from all
Historical Monuments in Bogotá
Colegio Mayor de San Bartolomé
Founded by the Jesuits, in 1604, this school is located in the heart of Bogota, and is one of the most traditional schools in the
Historical Monuments in Barranquilla
Puerto Colombia
Some of the pictures taken with this camera are exceptional for me. Thank you for allowing me to participate. I'd like to tell you
Historical Monuments in Sutamarchán
Boyaca Colombia
Boyaca is a very Colombian place that's. My family proudly comes from the country, specifically from Paipa, which is a beautiful t
Historical Monuments in Tunja
The Boyaca Bridge
Led by Simón Bolívar, to main battle for Colombia's independence happened here.
Historical Monuments in Honda
Historic Centre
This colonial sector displays a variety of architecture from the time of the colony all the way to republican and modern times. Th
Historical Monuments in Santa Fe de Antioquia
West Bridge
Located a few kilometers from the town of Santa Fe de Antioquia is one of the largest suspension bridges in the world. It has been
Historical Monuments in San Gil
Monument to the Santandereanidad
This memorial is dedicated to the epic commoner in the province of Santander, Colombia. It's located in the park Panachi (Chicamoc
Historical Monuments in Cali
Cali Tower
Located in the heart of the financial district of Cali, the Torre de Cali is the highest tower in the city and home to the most mo
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