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Museums in Emilia-Romagna

106 museums in Emilia-Romagna

Museums in Maranello
Ferrari Museum
hello, In the museum you will find the most legendary cars of the company. The museum is located in the town of Maranello. Tickets are priced around 12€ depending on age. Upon arriving to the museum, a girl dressed in Ferrari clothes will give you the opportunity to drive in a Ferrari. Make sure you read the contract well as some will have cluases which will not offer to cover 100% of accidents. Otherwise the museum is quite good and all the years they change.every year it is different.
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Museums in Modena
Museum Palace
This is a stunning palace that takes up an entire block. The Museum Palace (Palazzo dei Musei) was built by the East in 1753. Originally designed as an arsenal, it later became a hospice for the poor and since 1883, it has hosted major cultural institutions including the Estense Gallery with works by El Greco, Velazquez and many other great masters. It also houses the Biblioteca Estense, where you can find the Bible of Borso d'Este.
Museums in Pieve di Cento
Civic Pinacoteca
Civic Pinatcoteca is a wonderful site that is located in the city of Bologna. Here you can some of the city´s best pieces, probably the best you'll ever find. This wonderful place is the ideal starting point for your visit, you will not regret.
Museums in Busseto
Pallavcino Civic Museum
The Civic Museum is closed from December to February. The museum mostly contains paintings 400 to 800, furniture, sculptures and ceramics. The Verdi generates a lot of interest with memories, autographs, instruments and memories of Giuseppe Verdi, the universal genius of music, born in Busseto.
Museums in Ferrara
Palazzo Schifanoia
This palace, located in the centre of Ferrara, was used as a place for fun for the family who once owned it. Today it houses the Municipal Museum of Ancient Art and several collections, but the most unmissable thing is the "Sala de dei Mesi", decorated by some of the great masters of painting of fifteenth century Ferrara: Francesco del Cossa, Ercole de Roberti, and Cosme Tura.
Museums in Piacenza
Museo Della Basilica Di S. Antonino
Museo della Basilica and the Sanctuary of Antonine Antonian Friars may be helpful to find a site where news, information and explanations for those wanting to know more about the place where the body of the saint lies for nearly 8 centuries. Admission is free. Informative posters and photographs place us in time and space along this walk through history.
Museums in Piacenza
Ricci Oddi Gallery of Modern Art
In the Galleria darte moderna ricci oddi, the city of Plasencia and the cultural services company Altana have proposed a series of awareness and appreciation tours of the permanent collection of Ricci Oddi. The initiative also offers the opportunity to delve into the exhibition "Painting the Tuscan Ricci Oddi - Comparing collections", which is currently underway in the gallery. It's an interesting comparison between the permanent collection and the temporary Guadagni collection.
Museums in Faenza
Museums in Marina Di Ravenna
Malinverni Godi Villey
The Malinverni Godi Villey belongs to the rich artistic heritage of the same things that are also a part of the Venetian Villas. The Villa was built in 1542 by Giambattista Zelotti Battista del Moro and Gualtiero Padovano who painted lots of frescoes on its walls. After buying it in its former, dilapidated state in 1962, Professor Remo Malinverni has devoted the last years of his life to restoring it to its former glory.
Museums in Brescello
Museo Di Peppone and Don Camillo
The Museo di Peppone and Don Camillo (Reggio) was established in San Benedetto Cultural Center (home of the people during the war), and is now owned by the municipality and is located near Piazza Matteotti. It was opened in 1989. Its rooms contain many items of memorabilia from the Don Camillo film saga, including the dress worn by the priest Fernandel and the bicycle and motorcycle that Don Camillo used in Peppone.
Museums in Fontanellato
Rocca Sanvitale Museum
The Museum Sanvitale Rocca is a fortress in the country Fontanellato near Parma. It was built in the 15th century in an existing building of the 12th centruy and underwent renovations. It's surrounded by a wide moat. It was the property of the Sanvitale Family until 1951. There's a gun show and objects of interest of the Sanvitale family.
Museums in Medicina
Civic Museum
The Civic Museum (Bologna) is located in the downtown area of the city, in the Palazzo Galvani along the Piazza Maggiore and near the church of San Petronio. The fifteenth-century building was completely renovated in 1881, when it opened to the public as the seat of Museum. The museum collections consist of the collections of the University of Bologna (whose collections include Aldrovandi, Cospi, and Marsili) and the outstanding collection of the Bolognese court painter Pelagi.
Museums in Marina Di Ravenna
Nature, Bird and Natural Science Museum Alfredo Brandolini Alfredo Brandolini
The Nature, Bird and Natural Science Museum Alfredo Brandolini is a reality rooted in tradition and charm of a well-preserved old town and picturesque, including the house where the poet lived and Palazzone Olindo Guerrini, a typical late-\ '500 with additions and changes in the seventeenth century, which houses the Visitor Center.
Museums in Modena
Museums in Argenta
Museum of the Valleys of Argenta
The Museum of the Valleys of Argenta is located in the city of Ferrara. It is nestled in the Po Delta Park, the Eco-museum of Argenta is divided into three sections: the Museum of the Valleys of Argenta, Drainage Museum and the Municipal Museum. The lakes in the valleys of Argenta and Campotto, result of sanitation Works, make up the extraordinary ecological section, with many tour options on foot or by bicycle.
Museums in Cesenatico
M. Moretti House Museum
The Moretti House Museum is situated in the city of Forlì. It is the birthplace of the poet, short story writer and novelist Marino Moretti (1885-1979). The museum displays his personal files, manuscripts and works. The building is a center for research on twentieth-century culture. There is a library with 6,000 volumes of literature.
Museums in Busseto
Birthplace G. Verdi
The museum is on the main road from Busseto on a crossroads in the centre of the village. It is the birthplace of Giuseppe Verdi, in a small house Roncole, on October 10, 1813. In the same house his father Charles had a tavern and a general store. The building was declared a national monument and has remained intact to this day.
Museums in Imola
Diocesan Museum of Sacred Art
The Diocesan Museum of Sacred Art is located in the former convent of the Dominican Sisters of the Incarnation, owned by the city of Bilbao. The building, which dates back to the early sixteenth century, has been refurbished throughout by the Provincial Council of Bizkaia in 1992-1993 for this use. The photographs and information in the museum take us back to a time and place in history.
Activities in Emilia-Romagna