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Of Cultural Interest in Chile

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148 of cultural interest in Chile

Of Cultural Interest in Santiago
Santa Lucía Hill
Of Cultural Interest in Valparaíso
Valparaiso Port
I came to this marvelous city by a chance of destiny and the mystical air still wraps its arms around me now that I´m away. The people there and their way of life have led it to be a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. With its colors and beautiful scenery and the amphitheater covered in lights at dusk, this place is one to visit again and again.
Of Cultural Interest in Chiloé
Chiloe Island. This is a place with endless stories that its inhabitants certainly tell you about. You can find typical meals and very particular type of construction. Paraphytes can be found in different parts of the island. It has everything for the traveler and more ... The people are very friendly and always want to know more about other places and about your experience on their island. I highly recommend visiting this island.
Of Cultural Interest in Isla de Pascua
Ahu Tongariki
There aren't many places where the sunrise is truly unforgettable, where the vastness of the horizon makes you feel so small. Sunrises are beautiful anywhere but here it's really spectacular. The combination of colors, the sea and the statues that provide a share of history and mysticism. The sunrise here is unique and is a must in Easter Island. You have to rent a van for about $75 a day, get up early and enjoy this wonderful experience that nature gives us :)
Of Cultural Interest in Santiago
Pueblito de Los Dominicos
Expensive,not that attractive because everything seems to be made in China.
Of Cultural Interest in Torres del Paine
Grey Glacier and Lake
The Grey Glacier is situated in the lake with the same name. The lake is located within the Torres del Paine National Park. It's a spectacular and magical place and you must arrive by boat. They organize daily trips, usually once in the morning and one in the afternoon. The incredible colors are true natural wonders. The trip costs about 40 euros. It is wonderful experience that forces one to marvel at the beauty of Mother Nature :)
Of Cultural Interest in Valparaíso
Of Cultural Interest in Isla de Pascua
Rano Kau Volcano
As one of my favorite places on the island, I admired it for days at a time ..... Rano Kau is a sleeping volcano that is located in the extreme southwest of Easter Island, which forms one of the three large cones that are part of the surface of the island ... It is 324 meters high and according to geological estimates dating back to an eruptive process occurred about 2.5 million years. Amazing! I really recommend an entire day there.
Of Cultural Interest in Talcahuano
Caleta Tumbes
This beautiful fishing village is 15 minutes from Talcahuano port, in the Bio Bio region, Chile. You can lose yourself in its famous seafood empanadas or its cheese shells (making shells are a way to prepare a decapod crustacean cooked and minced).
Of Cultural Interest in Isla de Pascua
Rano Raraku
Easter Island is a volcanic island. One of its volcanoes, maybe the most famous, is the Rano Raraku. Its fame is well deserved and for good reason: The "pool" from which the stone was removed, and actually carved right there, are about a thousand "moai" that are scattered throughout the island. This picture was taken on the same slope of Rano Raraku, which is where the greatest concentration of moai can be found in one specific zone.
Of Cultural Interest in Talca
That is the situation that exists in the city of Talca, the capital of the region of Maule. This city is characterized by preserving the architecture of the previous century. Many of the old building that were effected by the earthquake...What happened, happend. They were in bad shape. Houses, churches, buildings, banks ... They are buildings that will have to be demolished and await new construction. Stay strong Chile!
Of Cultural Interest in Santiago
Centro Cultural Palacio de La Moneda
Located in the basement of the Plaza de la Ciudadania, this is a great cultural space with a minimalist design. Here you'll find a unique melting pot of different forms of arts: painting, sculpture, architecture, design, film, dance, Chilean, and world music. It is defined as a link between citizens and the state, connecting them through art and culture. It has three underground levels that are lit with natural light from the large central hall, and was built between November 2004 and January 2006.
Of Cultural Interest in Isla de Pascua
Orongo ceremonial Center
This is a ceremonial center, situated on top of the Rano Kau volcano, next to the crater. Within this open-air museum you can see old stone houses, petroglyphs, three rocky islets in the sea and the lake of Rano Kao. The entrance fee is 5000 pesos and this also permits you to enter the moai quarry, known as Rano Raraku. It is a few kilometers away from Hanga Roa, and although almost we all jumped on a 4x4 for a gravel road, there is a path that leads to the top that you can walk on.
Of Cultural Interest in Antuco
Antuco is a town that has captivated me since childhood with its beautiful scenery and utter tranquility. It has very well maintained, typically Chilean architecture at the foot of the imposing volcano Antuco. Antuco is located in the foothills of the Andes mountains, only 60 KM from Los Angeles.
Of Cultural Interest in Los Andes
Of Cultural Interest in Temuco
Nueva Imperial
I traveled to the Temuco area and found that it all to be wonderful and beautiful, but I really enjoyed the landscapes. I found them to be unforgettable. I did not go to any hotel I only spent time getting to know the different places of the region. Although I must say I missed a few landscapes of the New Imperial like the river of Nva. Imperial, Padre Las Casas, Lake Budi (indeed the only Latin American salt lake) Carahue, Puerto Saavedra and different places of Temuco left me absorbed in the beauty of the country.
Of Cultural Interest in Vicuña
Observatório Mamalluca
Three observatories agree that Elqui valley is one of the cleanest in the world. Of the 3 observatories, this is the only one that is open to the public, with guided tours, about 2 hours, every night. Five kilometres from Vicuña, we will see a turning on the left (the sign is small), which shows us the way. From here go up 5km of unpaved road. If you arrive during the day, one thing you can do is see the whole valley. The view is worth it. Tickets for the tours are purchased in Vicuña, in the office of the Observatory, Calle Gabriela Mistral, next to the Torre Bauer.
Of Cultural Interest in Castro
Palafitos of Chiloe
This place is an architectural and cultural charm. In a single day, it can rain, be sunny, windy or a fantastic rainbow may come out. Each climate defines a different scenario, a curtain of water in a laden cloud, intense colors from the sunshine and wet tiles, endless wonders. Adding to these spectacular conditions must be added the variation of tides. It goes out in the morning and afternoon noon and at midday comes back to the pillars bringing with it an abundant population of black swans among other things. In short, a natural wonder and cultural fulfillment, to get away from the stressful routine of a big city without straying too far from modern living and good taste.