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Villages in Málaga

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114 villages in Málaga

Villages in Ronda
have never seen a bridge like this.
Villages in Frigiliana
Frigiliana is the essence of a White Village. It's also an explosion of color. It has strong ties to both the past and present, with the future hiding in its narrow streets. Frigiliana rolls down the sides of the mountains to meet the sea, amid groves of olives, lemons, oranges, almonds, and avocados. It's also a feisty town, and you can see traces of the famous battle of Peñón. Frigiliana, where the red and violet flowers cast their shadows on the immaculate white walls. It's a place to be felt and explored slowly to savor the bewitching nature of its streets. It's unique. It's the city of 3 cultures.
Villages in Mijas
It is a beautiful town. It is great to walk its narrow streets, see its gardens and to sit down in one of its many sunny corners. Everything makes you feel part of the surroundings. The feeling of peace that the place gives makes time fly by without even noticing it. You have to visit it; you will fall in love with it. From the chapel you can enjoy spectacular views of the coast. It is really a beautiful place. I was surprised with how well taken care of the gardens are.
Villages in Nerja
Grandes restaurantes y buenas playas para poder pasar el día.
Villages in Casares
This is a photo of one of the main streets in town, where Blas Infante, father of Andalucia, was born. Casares is a must, if only for its street, its citizens, and its cuisine. There are lots of great places to have a lovely meal; any of the local specialties are good and not at all expensive. If you can, make sure to make time to explore this little village.
Villages in Júzcar
Autumn in the Alto Genal. A small road ascends the mountains. If you look into the uninhabited ridges of the mountains, a dense forest of golden chestnuts covers the whole valley like a blanket of mature colors. Neighboring villages look as immaculate as jewels, almost like wisps of cotton against the autumn sun. Http :/ / elcolorazuldelcielo.Blogspot.Com/2009/11/32-juzcar-aliento-de-otono.Html
Villages in Rincón de la Victoria
Rincón de la Victoria
Rincón de la Victoria is a busy town in summer as it's a favorite place for the people of Malaga to spend their summer holidays. Its proximity to Malaga has given it the aura of a bedroom community and has led, in recent years, to real estate development. Fortunately there are exceptions to this urban expansion with developments of terraced houses in keeping with the aesthetics of a town steeped in history and maritime flavor. The township is open to the sea as it's a large cove with a beautiful beach alongside the main center. At Rincon de la Victoria and Benagalbón (an important annex) remains have been found that show their importance during Phoenician, Roman and Arabic times. Bezmiliana Fort (now converted into an exhibition hall), the Caves of the Treasury and the Victoria (with remains from the Paleolithic and Bronze Age) are some of the very interesting places to visit.
Villages in Genalguacil
I discovered this spot by chance. I went to photograph the Genaguacil Almond blossom and I saw this exhibition of sculptures in the village so I took a photo of both the blossoms and the sculptures!
Villages in Sedella
They recently opened this nature center (, and every week there are guided tours of the restored Maroma, a path in very good condition. Apart from this, there are many more hiking routes: the Arabic bridge and the mill. Just an hour from Malaga, it is a perfect excuse to visit to the villages in this area and try the local cuisine.
Villages in Gaucín
I have a particular fondness for this town, set on the slopes of Mount Hacho, in the mountains near Ronda, irrigated by the the Genal and Guadiaro rivers. At the top stands the castle where you can enjoy spectacular views on a clear day, you can even see the Strait and the African coast. Cottages Gaucín http://www.Toprural.Com/andalucia/malaga/casas-rurales-gaucin_rm-es-29056.htm
Villages in Valle de Abdalajís
Valle de Abdalajís
I did a cycling tour around this beautiful valley 20 km from Antequera in the province of Malaga. We found a creek surrounded by orange trees and olive groves. This route is ideal for walking or biking make from the caves to the village Calf Abdalajis Valley.
Villages in Comares
A town in Axarquia, Malaga, called the Balcony of the Axarquia, for its breathtaking views. Its Moorish past can be seen walking through the steep and narrow streets, visiting the remains. Also note that it is the cradle of the verdiales. It is 25 kilometres from Vélez-Málaga and 39 kilometres from Malaga. Among its monuments are the Mazmúllar cistern, archeological remains Mazmúllar Plateau, XI century and the Church of the Incarnation, from the XVI century. One of the most peculiar things about Comares besides its hiking trails, is the urban tourist route, in which the traveller is guided through the most beautiful and typical spots of the area.
Villages in Nerja
About three kilometers from Nerja, and on the road towards the Almeria Coast, we came across the "Lordship of Maro" (Maro). This is a small white village from the Roman times that belongs to the municipality of Nerja. It is located on the coast just a kilometer from the famous Caves of Nerja, and every year in July, there is a big festival there that is very famous. This year, 2009, marks the celebration of its 15th anniversary with performances by José Carreras, Joan Manuel Serrat and Sara Baras among others). Though the hamlet is small and contains many traces of the past (the most important monument is the Church of Our Lady of Wonders ... Well and the Caves of Nerja, which are within the hamlet of Maro) it is located in a great spot with almost wild beaches where we can contemplate its cliffs and often even see wild goats and Maro Fair celebrates its Patron saint of Our Lady of Wonderland on September 9.
Villages in Benalauría
A pretty road among chestnut trees. Small squares, good views and a museum in a former oil mill are some of the attractions. Cottages Benalauria http://www.Toprural.Com/andalucia/malaga/casas-rurales-benalauria_rm-es-29024.htm
Villages in Torrox
We recommend this visit where you will see the old mint, sugar mill and a picturesque steep streets in the centre. The seaside village is like many others, with beaches and nice views, but the surprise here is the archaeological site of the Lighthouse, including a necropolis, baths and a Roman villa. Malaga Cottages http://www.Toprural.Com/andalucia/casas-rurales-malaga_bd-es-29.htm
Villages in Canillas de Albaida
Canillas de Albaida
Canillas de Albaida is a mountain village 576 meters above sea level between Tejeda and Almijara. After only three kilometers from the nearby Competa, the easiest way to access it from the coast of Algarrobo-Costa, a dot on the coastline east of Torre del Mar. This very hilly town, has Turvilla rivers and Cájules, its main water supply. The hills of Atalaya (1256 m.) And Green (1325 m.), dominate a rugged landscape, home to eagles, feral pigs and goats, and where you can make unforgettable excursions through countless lanes and trails. There is a place known as the Light Factory, ideal for campers. The people's origin seems to date back to the thirteenth century (Arabic Albaida, which means white). In the seventeenth century, the chapels were built, S. Anton and Ann, (the latter has some great views), and the Church of Our Lady of Expectation, along with the Arab bridge and walkway stone from the same source on the site of The Slopes. For those looking for historical and artistic sights, these are the most interesting.
Villages in Salares
One morning my friends and I went out with our cameras to film this video on the path leading from the Arab Bridge to the Hoop House. It's an easy walk from cork and holm oaks. In the shadows of the mountain. We were just having a good time and savoring the food at El Theo, in the same town.
Villages in Sayalonga
The village of Sayalonga, another pretty village in Axarquia, is located on a hill, 360 meters high. It is 17 km from Velez-Malaga and 41 km from Malaga on a county road along the Algarrobo coast. Its origin is unknown, although the remains of ancient buildings suggest an Arabic origin. The highest point of the municipality is located southeast of the town, the Rabita Sayalonga. Sayalonga river waters the land and crops, mainly vines, almonds, olives and medlar (which are reputed to be the best in the area) that are the basis of its economy. Semana del Nisperso is a a very popular festival in the village, and brings tourists and people from all around the region to this village. The Pilgrimage of Our Lady of the Rosary (patron saint of the town) is celebrated on October 7 every year.