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Castles in Portugal

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94 castles in Portugal

Castles in Lisbon
São Jorge Castle
On top of one of the hills, you can admire the city and the river from here. It’s available to get onboard the wall, the sights are amazing!!!
Castles in Sintra
Castle of the Moors
Despite the price of the entrance is a marvelous place to visit
Castles in Guimarães
Guimarães Castle
This dominates the city's skyline. It is from the 10th century, 28 meters high, and stands on a fort that keeps the bastions of the 15th century. 7 square towers, constructed on the rock. Although the set is hybrid, the result is homogeneous, because the square towers and battlements return a traditional picture book castle. What is more surprising, is the tour of the yard, which sits on a rocky outcropping in place of the pavement, and provides a sense of strength that is quintessential. Below the castle stands the church of San Miguel (del Castillo),a XII century Romanesque one the small size of the population at the time of the Middle Ages. It has the font in which the waters received Alfonso Enriquez, who would cement the Portuguese kingdom.
Castles in Óbidos
Obidos Castle
I was in Obidos last summer. The first time you go, you will be surprised that the situation and the charm of its interior, castle, streets, walls, etc. For lunch I could not find anything interesting and so we went to eat at Calda of Rainha. Regards. Mr. Camarena.
Castles in Tavira
Tavira Castle
The Castle has a small garden wall and a very special inside. You can not miss if you visit Tavira, because even though it is small, it has lots of charm. You can climb to the top of the walls and enjoy splendid views of the harbor and city. But be careful because it is mostly going down, so if you suffer from vertigo you can have a bad time. It has steep stairs without handrails for support.
Castles in Setúbal
Fuerte de San Felipe
Undoubtedly, the best thing was the views of Setubal, the Serra da Arrabida, Troia, and the Sado Estuary.
Castles in Chaves
Castelo of Chaves - Castle and Military Museum
Chaves Castle is in the highest part of the city, next to the Praça de Camões, in the historic center and pedestrian area of ​​Chaves. You have excellent views of the whole city from here. It is surrounded by walls and beautiful gardens, in which the remains of the fortification exhibit as shields or fragments of columns or walls. It was built by the Portuguese king Dinis in the 14th century, and is classified as a National Monument. Currently only the keep is preserved, a quadrangular building and topped by battlements which measure about 28 meters (four floors). Inside you will find the Military Museum, which exhibits military costumes, uniforms, armor, flags, weapons ... From the Middle Ages to the present. There is also a section dedicated to military documents, which explains the techniques to defend the city against attacks from the Spanish. The city maintains two defensive strengths: The Forte de São Francisco and Forte de São Neutel.
Castles in Faro
Faro Castle
This castle is situated in the ramparts and dates back to the XI century, although it has a Roman origin and was later reinforced by the Arabs. In the seventeenth century it was remodeled, adapting the castle walls and the use of artillery, following an attack by the British. However, its original structure is now very different as, since the late nineteenth century, it has been used by a private company as an alcohol factory. What you see today is not the appearance of a typical defensive fortress castle.
Castles in Palmela
Palmela Castle
Palmela Castle is located on top of the eponymous mountain, in the Serra de Arrabida. It's a medieval fortress that has been converted into an inn. From the castle, there are great views of the entire region and the pretty village of Palmela, just a kilometre away. It's a small, quiet village of white houses. Even if you're not staying at the hotel, you can still visit the old part of the castle, which dates from 1148, certainly an interesting visit.
Castles in Lamego
Lamego Castle
Lamego Castle is a 12th century military construction that's located on a hill that overlooks the city, with great views of the Tower of Homage. You can visit the primitive walls by Porta do Fogo, or the Puerta del Sol, thus defining the structure of the wall that was closed when I visited. Asking a neighbor told us that opened Sunday morning. So there are some pictures taken right at the top of the hill and at the bottom of the city. Regarding the visitation schedule seems to open on Sundays from 10 to 12 hours per week from 14 to 16 hours.
Castles in Bragança
Bragança Castle
Powerful castle tower, that presides a fort on a hill above the city. Black rain-slicked stone that is everlasting, which resist the inexorable pace of the universal clock. . . when we are gone, you will be right there
Castles in Porto
Forte S. João Batista - Castillo de San Juan Bautista
The visit was strange. I don't know if you can enter freely at any time or if you're getting into where you shouldn't, because there's no one at the door or anywhere else. Some room are being restored and others are completely left. Very rare.
Castles in Évora
Castle of Evoramonte
Évoramonte is a medieval village, located on the road between Évora and Estremoz. At the top of a hill stands a triangular castle, surrounded by a wall that opens into 4 gates Freixo Porta, Porta do Sol, Porta de São Sebastião and Porta de São Brás. There are some incredible views from the top, which is 500 meters in the air.
Castles in Silves
Castle of Silves
The old castle from Arab origins, which is currently the only well preserved but the walls and towers, is located on top of what was the ancient capital of the Algarve, and near the [poi = 351741] Silves Cathedral [/ poi] This great fortification walls consists of reddish stone, the floor is oddly shaped, it's an irregular polygon, from which four towers extend: The Center, the Women's, the Tower of Homage and the Secret. Inside the castle you can pay to enter and see the remains of the Moorish occupation, such as an Arab tank. It has been declared a National Monument. The castle's hours ar: 09:00 / 19:00 h.
Castles in Lagos
Ponta da Bandeira Fortress
Fort Punta Bandera, is situated on the Avenue of the Discoveries. It is a fortress that was built in the late 17th century and has been maintained in good condition. It has a moat, a drawbridge and a gate. It is worth visiting, especially the interior which houses the chapel of Santa Barbara with beautiful tiles.
Castles in Vila Nova da Barquinha
Almourol Castle
Almourol Castle is situated on an island in the middle of the Tagus river, in the town of Vila Nova da Barquinha, which is a few kilometers from the city of Tomar. This is a castle belonging to the Knights Templar, so a visit to this wonderful and historic castle is recommended on all tours whose themes are the Templars. To access it, you must pay a boatman to take you to the island for about 2 €, if I remember correctly. The visit is free. Inside there is nothing of interest except the climb to the tower and the views that can be seen from this point. Anyway, a visit to this fascinating castle is a curious one, mainly due to its location.
Castles in Funchal
São Tiago Fort
The Fort of Sao Tiago is one of the more colorful places in the old town of Funchal and well worth a visit. It is located at the end of the Santa Maria promenade and with the bright yellow of the walls I do not think it's possible not to notice this place on a sunny day. The fort now serves as headquarters of the Contemporary Art Museum of Funchal. It also has an elegant restaurant inside.
Castles in Portel
Portel Castle
Portel Castle is on the higher part of town, and on a special lookout you can see the white houses and the blue sky. In the distance we could see the fields, it's a special place, representing the symbolic images of the Alentejo. It's an unfrequented place, well worth a stop if you are driving. Free admission.
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