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Rivers in Asturias

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36 rivers in Asturias

Rivers in Ribadesella
Sella River
The Sella River is undoubtedly one of the most important rivers in Asturias. It might not be the mightiest, nor the longest, but yes, it's the most famous and it's known for being right next to the Cares River. The river starts in the province of León, in La Fuente del Infierno (or, Hell's Fountain) in Europe's Los Picos. In its 56 kilometers, the river passes by municipalities Asturians in Ponga, Amieva, Parres, Cangas de Onís and Ribadesella, where it empties and is more well-known for its International Descent of Sella by Canoe. It's also well-known to fishermen because this river is one of the most important salmon rivers in Spain.
Rivers in Oneta
Rivers in Avilés
Ría de Avilés
The Avilés estuary flows into the Cantabrian Sea, forming a natural estuary leading finally to the open sea in the town of San Juan de Nieva. For years Aviles has been renovated and equipped. A long walkway on the left bank is for the use and enjoyment of cyclists, walkers and runners. From it you can see the Niemeyer Cultural Center, the seaport as well as the marina with anchored boats.
Rivers in Belmonte de Miranda
Rivers in Cangas de Onís
Rivers in Cabrales
Rivers in Llanes
Route of the Colors in Valle Oscuro
The other day we finally decided to go to the Dark Valley. It is a circular route of just over 13 km, running through the valley of Carranzo, aka Oscuru Valley, between the towns of Tresgrandas, Santa Eulalia de Carranzo, Pie de la Sierra, The Cereceu, The Borbolla and Boquerizo. The valley is structured around Cabra River, a natural environment of acknowledged importance, some of the best places are preserved here in the riparian forest of eastern Asturias. Its well worth the trip up there. Do not miss the start of the Goat River, is undoubtedly the most spectacular of the entire route ;-)
Rivers in Cabrales
Rivers in Quirós
Rivers in Oviedo
Rivers in Navia
RIA of Navia
The Navia River, born in Piedrafita do Cebreiro Lugo, forms an estuary in the Asturian town of Navia, which is the city council of Navia. The Ria de Navia is between Cape St. Augustine and Peñafurada and is framed by a beautiful promenade with a recreational area nearby. In the part of the Ria de Navia that passes through Navia the famous Descenso a Nado de la Ría de Navia has been held on the weekend (as long as the tide allows) since 1958. This event is organized by the Friends of the Ria de Navia and has various awards (like the Sports Merit Award and the Silver Medal of the Principality of Asturias) and has been classified as National Tourist Interest.
Rivers in Proaza
Rivers in Vegadeo
Rivers in Muros de Nalón
Nalón (river)
The Nalón River begins in the port of Tarna and empties into the Nalón walls, which form around the river of the same name. This broad estuary separates the cities of San Esteban de Pravia and San Juan de la Arena, and belongs to the municipalities of the walls and Soto del Barco Nalón. There is no bridge connecting these two river towns, and one must travel a few miles up the road on the N-632 to get from one to the other.
Rivers in Infiesto
Rivers in Mieres
Rivers in Cangas del Narcea
Rivers in Gijón