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Rivers in Spain

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678 rivers in Spain

Rivers in Callosa d'en Sarrià
Las Fuentes de Algar
Algar Falls is located between the many municipalities of Callosa d’Ensarria y Bolulla. It’s a beautiful place. It was my first time there and I absolutely loved it. I’ll definitely go back! It’s essentially a chain of natural springs and waterfalls coming from the mountain and flowing into the Algar river that have formed some small lagoons. Although this natural paradise used to be open to the public free of charge, tourism and heavy traffic have led to entrance fees being charged to those who want to visit. It costs 3€ for adults and 1.50€ for kids. There are also several parking areas where you can leave your car, for 3€, of course. It’s not that bad considering there are guards who watch over your car and the price is for the whole day. Just before entering in the facility, there’s a small restaurant to eat at (you can’t bring food into the Algar Falls park, as they’re trying to conserve it as best as possible). There’s another restaurant just a little bit down the road with a pool for paying customers. As you can imagine, the water is really cold, since it comes from the river. You have to be pretty brave to jump in. It’s best to ease yourself in little by little. I would recommend that you go with sports sandals, as there are some slippery rocks. I hope you like it!!
Rivers in Bilbao
Estuary of Bilbao
peaceful walk beside the river. enjoy the city lights in the evening
Rivers in Zaragoza
The Ebro River
Rivers in Riópar
Source of the Mundo River
The Mundo River source is one of the best-known enclaves in Spain, and deservingly so. Located very close to Riopar, what you travelers will find there will be etched in your head forever. This time, I’m going to contribute something different than the norm: what is seen from above from the Cave of the Chorros. The enormous mountain range surrounds this precious place, and after a complex hour-long hiking trail, I did one of the most impactful sporting activities in all of my life: Speleology in the cave of the Chorros.
Rivers in Seville
Guadalquivir River
You can be on either side of the Guadalquivir river as it passes through Seville in order to appreciate its beauty. It allows enough distance to see the beauty of a city that owes its historic past greatly to this entry via river. We can go to Triana's Betis street to enjoy its nightlife, its many restaurants or just stop and watch the silhouette of the classic Sevilla Giralda and Torre del Oro Elizabeth II Bridge, better known as Puente de Triana which is worthy of admiration from different points of view. If you look just parallel to the river by the side of Seville (Triana counter) runs a ride that breathes sport. Cyclists, runners and rowers captured the attention of passersby. Tons of ducks hang out along the river. A contemporary work of sculptor Eduardo Chillida makes us reflect on Tolerance and in that Sevilla was a place of mixed cultures, and continues to be. Many bronze statues of musical artists can be seen, as well as flamenco and bullfighting. A fisherman reminds us that the "Rio Grande" always has been, remains to be and will always be a resource for the city.
Rivers in Vega del Codorno
Source of the Cuervo River
It is one of the most spectacular places in Castile-La Mancha, one of those that you wish you had seen before. It is quite close to Cuenca, at about 80 km, and it is a place you won't easily forget. The road that takes one there is already full of nature, since it runs through the entire Natural Park. It is one of those roads which are actually enjoyable while driving. Afterwards one reaches a parking lot and, by the way, a couple of restaurants that serve nice local dishes ("ajo arriero", "morteruelo"...). All of this exists because the place is fantastic. A natural waterfall goes downhill through a beautiful face full of moss and plants and next to incomparable surroundings. But the best way to get an idea is to see pictures and videos since it's not easy to put it in words...
Rivers in Girona
Onyar River
A walk along the Onyar River in Gerona isa picture picturesque scene like few others. This river gives life, and a bohemian charm to this beautiful city. In the photo doesn't do it justice because it is black and white, but the burnished colors and creams, make it special, surrounded by houses right on the river, very old, almost decadent, the bridge is gorgeous. PS: In the picture I have only modified frame, they are as is, though you have to see it live with all it's colors.
Rivers in Salamanca
Tormes River
It's a pretty nice walk. The river has places where you can bathe and picnic areas aside from river beaches.
Rivers in Ribadesella
Sella River
The Sella River is undoubtedly one of the most important rivers in Asturias. It might not be the mightiest, nor the longest, but yes, it's the most famous and it's known for being right next to the Cares River. The river starts in the province of León, in La Fuente del Infierno (or, Hell's Fountain) in Europe's Los Picos. In its 56 kilometers, the river passes by municipalities Asturians in Ponga, Amieva, Parres, Cangas de Onís and Ribadesella, where it empties and is more well-known for its International Descent of Sella by Canoe. It's also well-known to fishermen because this river is one of the most important salmon rivers in Spain.
Rivers in Ronda
El Tajo
After a stroll through the streets of Ronda you get to this spectacular spot: El Tajo and the New Bridge. Ronda is perched above a deep gorge called El Tajo, a few hundred meters deep. The spectacular Puente Nuevo, from the 18th century, links the old town with the shopping area.
Rivers in Ason
The Source of the River Asón
Well, not much to say except that it's not every day you find something so wonderful so close to the road. It was a blast. I loved it! I saw it on my way back from a trip I took to Burgos. I passed through on my way to Asturias and had though to make a visit but, to tell the truth, I really didn’t think I was going to like it as much as I did. Maybe I was lucky, but the day I went it was full of water (always good when it comes to waterfalls!).
Rivers in Logroño
Puente de Hierro
The Ebro Park of Logroño can be crossed through this bridge. The Ebro River can be crossed as well. From there you will have stunning views of the city as well as of the river and its banks. Its dark past had a great influence on the way it was re-built afterwards, as one can see there are various rivets that make it safer. The previous bridge had a tragic ending in which 80 people died, this is why they wanted to make sure that they built a strong bridge this time, one that would resist through time. It looks as if they managed, since it has been standing since 1882.
Rivers in Oneta
Rivers in Castellar de N'Hug
The Fountains of the Llobregat
It’s the perfect place to go with your family.
Rivers in Rascafría
Rivers in Toledo
Rivers in Fontibre
Source of the Ebro River
It’s often said that the source of the River Ebro, the largest river in Spain, is in Fontibre near Reinosa. Fontibre is a village in the municipality of Hermandad de Campo de Suso, 900 meters above sea level. It must be pointed out that the waters that flow from this spring come from underground and from the river Híjar, which rises in the upper Campo Valley at the foot of Pico Tres Mares. Anyway, Fontibre is still considered the official source of the Ebro and a recreational area and interpretation center were built around this fact. There are tables for picnics, different paths and, above all, clear waters and lush vegetation which gives the place a unique sense of green. It's amazing that water flow continuously through the year even during summer when the Híjar is dry. There is also a lake where ducks and other birds swim at will. From the parking lot, a cement path descends to the lake from where the water flows to Tortosa and the Mediterranean. Zaragoza and the Virgin of Pilar are closely linked to this river. The walk is full of greenery on all sides. There’s also a dam easily crossed by a wooden bridge that’s continually battered by the force and flow of the river. I visited this beautiful place years ago, I have visited it recently in summer and I am sure I will visit it again in time to come. It may be because I love geography and rivers but for me, Fontibre will always be a cultural and geographical centre with the Ebro River as one of my favourites. I think it is a site that is well worth visiting.
Rivers in Pitarque
Birth of the Pitarque River
Pitarque reminds me of a scene Sierra de Guara in Huesca where you see stunning canyons and vultures hovering above. However in this area, you see more vegetation in some areas. Quite surprisingly, driving the plains of Teruel for an hour, then, you come to see a change of scenery and ending up in a place like this. It is definitely one of the place to visit if you're around Teruel. They say, it's the second most visited place behind Albarraicin, but I didn't see it that way. We took the trail of "nacimiento de Pitarque". It is a short hike - about 5 K - to reach the main site. We passed by the water falls and got a spritz of cold water. It was so refreshing that stayed there till I was soaked to walk out of the shade. Once it gets to the end, you see more people, but it wasn't that crowded; you could still find a quiet place and enjoy the sound of cascading water. Since we didn't bring any sandwiches with us, we hiked back on time for lunch. Once we got back, we went in a bar and ordered a cold beer while waiting for our company ve walked at a slower pace. I say this is a wonderful place to visit if you are looking something to do in Teruel area. It gives you a different scene without entering Huesca province.
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