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Things to do in Loira Atlántico

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The top 527 attractions in Loira Atlántico

Museums in Nantes
Machines of the Isle of Nantes
Les Machines de l'Ile is an absolutely fantastic artistic project in an environment that whisks you away from normal life. The concept of distinct mechanical animals (they fly!) makes dream come true for both children and parents! This suggests that the drafts of Leonardo Da Vinci have actually come to life. All projects are the latest in technology, just like this tree that will be built on the island of Beaulieu and will be self-sufficient in terms of energy. An interesting project from both an artistic and organic standpoint. Do not miss the elephant ride, it´s great!
Castles in Nantes
Château des Ducs de Bretagne
The Castle of the Dukes of Brittany, with its interior and surroundings, is definitely worth a visit. It has been beautifully refurbished. A walk through the gardens will also provide a nice view of the monuments, like the Cathedral or The LU Tower, for example. If you have time, you can also enter the Nantes History Museum, which is a very modernist museum.
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Gardens in Nantes
Gardens in Nantes
Jardin des Plantes de Nantes
The Botanical Garden, is another of the famous Green Areas of Nantes. Animals like ducks and deer can easily be spotted wandering about. There are seven acres of "rare plants", medicinal gardens, child gardens ... A real treat to take a walk, read a book ...
Cathedrals in Nantes
Nantes Cathedral
This cathedral is a magnificent Gothic building built on the ruins of the old cathedral. The majestic facade is even more beautiful since its restoration. The interior of the cathedral is quite unusual and particularly impressive. The whiteness of the limestone tufa, the imposing size of the nave, a 103 meters long and 37.5 meters high, it has an effect of power, strength and grace. And you can admire the tombs of Francisco II and Marguerite de Foix (parents of Anne of Brittany) at the beginning of the sixteenth century.
Shopping Malls in Nantes
Passage Pommeraye
The Pommeraye Passage was a nineteenth-century arcade that currently functions as a shopping mall and it's as charming as it is retro. Shop accessories, fashion, comics ... It connects two of the main streets of downtown Nantes.
Cities in Nantes
I have a doubt about Nantes because business trips can't be enjoyed or lived like an excursion for pleasure. But between meetings and papers, at Nantes it seemed like a picture frame of a film about fairies and princesses. With haunted castles, impressively clean streets in special shade of gray, typical of the French capital and the palaces of the Loire. Not surprisingly, Nantes is the entrance to that path of amazing and magnificent castles.
Museums in Nantes
Le lieu unique
The famous biscuit factory Lu is a symbol of the city of Nantes. The original building of Lu (Lefèvre Utile) has been converted into a curious cultural activity center for contemporary art. It´s full of references to the old factory but focuses a lot on independent creativity.
Historical Monuments in Nantes
Théâtre Graslin
Graslin Theatre is in the center of the district of the same name in honor of Jean-Joseph-Louis Graslin (1727-1790) receiver-general of the kingdom farms and ve participated in land management in the western part Nantes. The theater was built by architect Crucy (1749-1826) on an ancient Greek model respecting the golden number in 1788 and Crucy was inspired by neoclassical architecture. Thus, 12 steps provide access to a plateau where 7 Corinthian columns (Greek theater specific) support the pediment decorated with 8 statues. These statues were built during the French Restoration through the work of architect Molknecht. Don't forget the particularity of "the Italian" room in the theater which is one of the rare vestiges of eighteenth-century rooms in France. Restored in 2002 it has resumed its majesty of the eighteenth century.
Museums in Nantes
Musée Dobrée
This museum is located close to The Natural History, and the quartier Graslim, in the center, unfortunately the refurbishment means it will be closed until 2015. The museum consists of two museums, the Archaeological Museum, and Thomas Dobrée Museum itself, with its precious collections on display in nineteenth-century palace. It includes Romanesque and Gothic sculptures, tapestries, furniture, paintings and various decorative elements. A highlight are the Egyptian archaeological museum pieces.
Islands in Nantes
Ille de Versailles
Built on a former swamp, the island of Versailles and sun garden which opened in September 1987. It recreates a particularly Japanese atmosphere with its Zen garden, exotic plants, waterfalls, rocks and other. Here we also find a captaincy, a restaurant and Erdre House, which showcases the flora and fauna of this river. It provides a pleasant contrast to the architecture of the city center.
Museums in Nantes
Jules Verne Museum
The Jules Verne Museum showcases the amazing stories of this writer´s novels. Located in a house from the late nineteenth century, the museum is in the Loire region. The whole world can be discovered here. Everything is exciting, especially the man of letters in the form of models and the posters of old movies based on his works and his writings. I definitely suggest dipping into a world populated by strange creatures and heroes of all kinds.
Wetlands in Guérande
Guérande Salt Marshes
An excellent and magical place, Guerande grows a precious white treasure throughout France. You'll never know what treasure you can find here! Hint: It's "white gold" and it flows everywhere. Do you know it? Another clue: This 'white gold' crystallizes under the joint action of the sun and wind before being hand picked by man. It's Guerande salt! The taste of this product is essential to the region's cuisine. Experts can distinguish its flavour. Les Salines de Guerande is one of the 100 Highlighted Tastes of France, a place that enchants visitors. A place where water flows through a tangle of networks of canals and ponds. This place is one of the most visited in Guerande. Having been in existence since the Iron Age, hundreds of tourists come to see workers traditionally preparing the salt. The salt marshes are charming to stroll through and see the thousands of birds that fly over the place at sunset.
Museums in Nantes
Natural History Museum of Nantes
Housed in a magnificent building, formerly the Palacio de la Moneda, this interesting museum showcases important collections of zoology, paleontology, ethnography, minerals, etc. I would particularly recommend seeing the stunning skeleton of a whale, a highlight, or the reptiles or amphibians living in its "vivarium ". Facilities for disabled access. Open 10 to 18. Closed: Tuesdays, 1 Jan, Easter Lu, 1 and 8 May, 1 and 11 November, 25 JAN. Price: 3,10 € (-18 years: no charge), Free entrance on the 3rd of each month.
Of Cultural Interest in Nantes
Médiathèque Jacques-Demy
The Médiathèque Jacques-Demy on Quai de la Fosse is a great place for book lovers. It's a library, but it also holds reading workshops, book signings, exhibitions, and more. I particularly liked the newspaper area with the impressive archives.
Citadels in Guérande
Guérande is a village across France, and its salt is famous in the country. This city, called the West Carcassonne, are behind medieval walls that look like stone that is impassable. But nothing is further from the truth, the people are festive and friendly to everyone. Between the Atlantic and the marshes of Brière, the Loire River Vilaine south and north, the city is bathed by waters that have made it the biggest producer of salt in the region of Pays de la Loire. Guérande imposes enough when you are facing the walls. The latest Dukes of Brittany were in charge of this fort. It is a jewel of the military architectural heritage and is the only city that still retained its outside intact. Its battlements conical slate and granite facades give us an idea of ​​the effort involved when it was being built. This medieval city of ancient customs has a mild climate. Outside Guérande, the salt act as mirrors that reflect the profile of its walls Perfect place for photographers! If you are thinking of the Pays de la Loire, I recommend the salted butter caramel Guérande. This is a toffee, as we've all eaten but with a salty touch. It is one of the products of western France and of Guérande. It has many uses, and it is common for multiple flavors frostings, bathing pancakes, muffins, waffles, ice cream and cookies. The development of salted butter caramel is simple and fast. There are many formulas for confit. They can be more or less dense mixtures. With a special touch and flavor, this candy is a real treat for the palate.
Squares in Nantes
Place Royale
This square is the heart of the city, and is dominated by a magnificent fountain since 1865 representing the city of Nantes. The square was drawn by the same architect, Crucy ve created the neoclassical building of the Exchange, located not far from here. The Church of St. Nicholas stands in the square, and see the Holy Cross (at its side), with the most beautiful bell tower of the city, surrounded by Angels playing trumpets.
Harbors in Nantes
Navibus is the name given to a water transport service offered in Nantes. The small boats cover three lines in the Loire and Erdre rivers and carry passengers along across the river. Each line has different boats, but all accept passengers (4 in the smallest, 10 in the largest). They are owned by the same company as the tram and the stops are near tram or bus stops. The "Navibus Loire" connects Rezé and Nantes in a short 10-minute trip. The "Navibus Erdre" has 6 stops and travels along the Erdre, a tributary of the Loire. Finally there is the Navibus "Passeur de l'Erdre" which runs between Port Boyer and the university campus. It takes about 6 minutes. Tickets are sold on the boat. Personally, I don't see it as a particularly practical service, as it doesn't offer a lot of stops, but as a tourist, it's a good choice and far cheaper than the dedicated tour boats.