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Things to do in La Baule-Escoublac

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The top 22 attractions in La Baule-Escoublac

Beaches in La Baule-Escoublac
Villages in La Baule-Escoublac
La Baule-Escoublac
A 9 kilometer long line of sand. This would be the best definition for La Baule, in the Pays de la Loire. An ideal place for water sports and spending time by the sea. Its beaches are considered the most beautiful in Europe and it is the summer destination of many French people. But it isn't just the La Baule beaches which are good. The gardens and parks are a wonderful reflection of the natural heritage of the area. In Pornichet, the whole family can have fun in the playground 'Chic et Choc'. A great place to spend a family vacation. Le Pouliguen provides a unique view of the bay around it, it is a beautiful place to visit.
Streets in La Baule-Escoublac
General de Gaulle Avenue
This is the main street in the area. If you happen to be visiting La Baule, sooner or later you'll pass by De Gaulle Avenue. It's the busiest street there, it's lively and totally emblematic of the city. It's also where the majority of stores, clothing boutiques, restaurants, bars and nightclubs are. Specifically, you can find the famous confectionery Manuel, and the delicious Fraiseraie ice cream parlor. During the summer in the square of the chapel there is often entertainment, like concerts, whose schedule is available at the Tourist Office, located at the end of the street. There is also a chapel where sometimes there are concerts of classical music. Every year in late August is the traditional balances market where traders sell their stocks, which can be interesting. It runs in 5-10 minutes and can be accessed by car and can drive.
Historical Monuments in La Baule-Escoublac
Coastal Architecture
La Baule Tourist Office offers you the chance to explore the city's architectural heritage on bike, a ride lasting 2 hours. Depending on the style you choose, you can learn more about the regional style villas (Breton), built in the Belle Epoque, Art Deco and contemporary artstyles. To take part, you just have to make the booking through the tourist office, where the price is 6 euros per person. I did the tour of Art Deco, in the area of La Baule-les-Pins, where I saw the architectural work of Adrian Grave. This well known architect built throughout the nineteenth century, private villas in this area, and the former resort of La Baule Les Pins, which remains a busy place today. The house that I liked the most was inspired by ships, from where it takes its windows shaped like portholes, a bow to the front and marine colors. Many of these homes are classified as "exceptional" heritage in the city, making it an attraction that no one should miss!
Tourist Information in La Baule-Escoublac
Segway Ride
The Tourist Office offers an unusual attraction: Segway tours around the city and its surroundings. The Segway is a type of electric scooter that moves by the rider leaning forward or backward. It can go at a speed of up to 20 km / h and can be used from the age of 12 or weight ot 40 kg. It is very easy to use: you learn to drive in just five minutes. It is ideal for family outings, as it is original and fun. There are several routes to choose from, the one we chose took us to the Escoublac forest through charming streets lined with pine trees, surrounded by the magnificent Belle Epoque villas. It's a good way to discover or rediscover the city while having fun!
Horse Racing in La Baule-Escoublac
Horse Rides
Every evening from 8pm, you have the opportunity to ride horses on the La Baule beach. You can ride alone or with a companion from the equestrian center. The latter requires, however, a little riding experience or have obtained a level 2 gallop. The rides usually last between an hour and 90 minutes. Before touring the bay, the horses go through the woods and along trails lined with pine trees. Generally they go from the main beach to Benoît beach. Most of the time the horses walk along, reserving trotting for less frequented areas. Sometimes you can see the horses led by their riders into the water, it's awesome! The show is fantastic, especially when horses gallop along the water at sunset. The bay of La Baule is one of the few places that still allowed horse rides, so enjoy!
Kitesurfing in La Baule-Escoublac
Passagers du Vent
The Yacht Club Passangers du Vent is a sailing school in the bay of La Baule, a 10-minute walk from Avenue de Gaulle. It can be rented, you can do courses or have private catamaran lessons or windsurf, for all ages. You can also try water skiing and flyfish (a yellow buoy for 6 people also known as "the banana"). I had the opportunity to try this activity with some friends and it was fun. Towed by a motorboat, the flyfish is a simple challenge: stay on it for as long as possible! Easier said than done ... Sailing's interesting as you can do it alone or in groups, in fact, there are family packages. I liked the view of the bay of La Baule the most, which makes the journey worthwhile. I recommend booking the day before or several hours before, because it;s so busy.
Nightclubs in La Baule-Escoublac
Villa la Grange
This is a great club among the few that still exist in La Baule. There are no blinding lights relying instead on candlelight. A rather curious feature: the ceiling is super low (you can almost touch it with you hands raised), so that the temperature rises very quickly. Fortunately, it has a outdoor garden, which also serves as a smoking area. The club hosts famous DJs every weekend.
Markets in La Baule-Escoublac
La Baule's central market is where I love to go to start my day. Just 5 mins from the Avenue General de Gaulle and the promenade, it is the ideal place to buy oysters from Brittany, famous Plougastel strawberries or a tasty cake from La Baule. Some stalls stand out, like the seller of honey with the glazed hive, or one of the fruit and vegetable stalls where you can buy pealed green beans. The building is in itself interesting. It was built in 1912, and will be renovated in 2012 to mark the centenary of its foundation, and it will be given a modern look by laying down solar panels. It is a very lively place, where there are merchants and customers every day from 8-2pm. And it is a must for gourmets and gourmands!
Theme Parks in La Baule-Escoublac
Parc Des Dryades
This is a large green space in La Baule Les Pins. This park has many ornamental plants, many of them from Japan. The Japanese influence is seen in the traditional decorations such as the temple doors, and in the provision of the small forests for a Zen atmosphere. And that is what attracts many families, in addition to the children's play area. There is also an outdoor theater, where performances are put on during the summer. But what makes this a special place for me is the presence of many contemporary artworks which make it an attractive place to relax among nature and culture. To get there, simply follow Lajarrige Avenue, in La Baule Les Pins, 10 minutes from the seafront.
Casinos in La Baule-Escoublac
The Casino District
A few steps from the Avenue General de Gaulle is the Casino district, which gives the city its distinguished reputation. This attractive center is very popular with customers looking for high-level activities, like Casino games. It's the same clientele that look for a quieter atmosphere too, on Benoît beach or in the Casino's shopping centre. In the latter, you can find shops of semi-luxurious ready-to-wear items which are perfect for a classic wardrobe, such as polo shirts. Nearby there is also a carousel for children. But what I recommend is taking a walk by the wall which is completely pedestrian. It is very nice after lunch at a beach restaurant like Season's, or the famous Castel Marie-Louise.
Spa in La Baule-Escoublac
Thalgo la Baule
What's better than a good massage given by expert hands? Or a session of beauty treatment to feel good both inside and out? Anxious, stressed and aching? Looks like someone needs to listen to their body and take a break. Trust yourself to others. You're in good hands. The team of experts who will treat you in the thalassotherapy centre in Thalgo La Balue guarantee a therapeutic treatment in absolute peace and tranquility. Thalgo La Balue is a test center that seeks to prevent, treat and cure modern diseases and problems related to lifestyle, such as fatigue, stress or tobacco dependence. A short stay will help you improve your quality of life. There are specialised treatments for all types of people. Inspired by marine aesthetics, the centre has developed very effective natural techniques.
Spa in La Baule-Escoublac
Relais Talhasso la Baule
If you are after a relaxing holiday you should visit Relais Thalasso La Baule in Pays de la Loire. No matter what season it is you can enjoy the best seawater treatments in France in one of the world's best relaxation treatment centres. Thanks to the mild climate throughout the year in La Baule, Relais Talhasso designs different programs that combine the water of the Atlantic Ocean with more invigorating massages. There are theatres, shops, cinema, restaurants, tours and a large thalassotherapy center of the highest quality located 30 meters from sea. For those who don't know, thalassotherapy is the simultaneous use of preventive and curative treatments under medical supervision. Relais La Baule Talhasso uses resources from the seabed such as salt water, seaweed or sea mud for their programs. Which can be adapted depending on what's ailing you.
Beaches in La Baule-Escoublac
La Baule Bay
Here you have a great view over a big part of the Bay of La Baule in the middle of a storm one night. When we were there the rain being to fall in less 3 minutes. This type of landscape at night is common in this region at the edge of Brittany. It is one of the most beautiful beaches one can see in Europe.
Beaches in La Baule-Escoublac
Airports in La Baule-Escoublac
Casinos in La Baule-Escoublac
Bars in La Baule-Escoublac