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Things to do in Namur

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The top 26 attractions in Namur

Cities in Namur
I highly recommend a stop in Namur and Dinant a few miles apart. Many people who go to Belgium focus on the Flemish cities such as Bruges, Ghent, Antwerp .... And Belgium is not only Flanders! To the south is the Walloon region, fully recommended. A getaway to Namur and Dinant on the same day is highly recommended ...
Citadels in Namur
Namur Citadel
The Namur Citadel is an alternate point of interest of all the places to visit in Flanders, Belgium. The Citadel closes at 5 in the winter and 10 p.m. in the summer. It's very nice to stroll through this fortress. Also you can take a boat trip but this summer only. Inside the citadel can do several routes. The wonderful route will test your foot strength. And the route scenarios including the odd museum.
Cathedrals in Namur
St Aubin's Cathedral
A magnificent cathedral built in the early 18th century. It has a curved limestone pediment showing a balanced mix of classical and baroque voluptuousness. The interior is elegant and bright thanks to the huge dome. The greatest treasure of the cathedral is the Diocesan Museum, rich in gold objects, offers a valuable VII century Merovingian shrine.
Historical Monuments in Namur
Belfry of Namur
A circular stone tower originally called St. Jacques Tower, since 1999 a World Heritage Site. Work began in 1388, its present appearance dates from the 16 century. After the destruction of the Church of S. Pierre in 1745 and its civic tower in 1841, it was established as a municipal clock, giving order to the opening and closing of the city gates. Now temporary art exhibitions.
Nightlife Districts in Namur
Place Marché Aux Légumes
This secluded and beautiful place is also called the Old Market Square. It has retained the same appearance since the 18th century. It's where many of the city's residents come to have a drink or a coffee in the sun. It also houses one of the most popular churches of the old town, the Church of San Juan Bautista. Sadly though, there has not been a lot of reconstruction or preservation of the temples of the country.
Churches in Namur
Eglise Saint Loup
One of the main monuments of Namur to be a masterpiece of Baroque style in Belgium. In addition, two centuries later, it fascinated Baudelaire. The Church of the Convent of the Jesuits was erected between 1621 and 1645, and is a magnificent example of XVII century religious architecture. The interior surprises with marbles and plant motifs making it magnificent both inside and out.
Museums in Namur
Musee Archeologique de Namur
You'll find the Namur Citadel in a great location, on eight acres of green landscape at the confluence of the two rivers. Apart from its historical aspect and the magnificent views, from April onwards you'll see diverse attractions that will definitely make the visit more fun, especially for children, there is a tourist train or underground can be visited. Below is the Archaeological Museum, in a Renaissance building in the mid-sixteenth. It contains a rich collection of antique prehistoric and Gallo-Roman, and an interesting copy of the plan of the ancient city.
Of Cultural Interest in Namur
Arsenal de Namur
Among the university buildings and the River Sambre and built in seven months, between 1692 and 1693, during the siege, when Namur had an important military role. Vauvan, a military engineer during the reign of Louis XIV was commissioned to build it. It was used for logistical purposes & as a store. It now houses university departments.
Museums in Namur
Groesbeeck de Croix Museum
The 18th century mansion still retains the name of their former owners and attempts to recreate the life of the aristocracy in the Age of Enlightenment. Showcases with art objects, sculptures by artists from Namur, glassware and silverware etc, a pleasant French garden adds beauty.
Shopping Centres in Namur
Rue de Fer
Near the railway station is the tourist office in the middle of a small park, and a stone's throw away, the main shopping area of ​​the city starts. The Town Hall and the Museum of Fine Arts are in this square that houses the Angel, where they sell delicious ice cream, and there are several art deco buildings, "The Belfry" or the Opera House are also close.
Of Cultural Interest in Namur
The Namourettes exist only in Namur (at least under that name). They're water buses that allow you to travel easily and cheaply in the city; so they mix business with pleasure! It's really great to be able to enjoy these small boats to explore the city and enjoy a different view of Namur. Namur is a city of water, at the confluence of the Sambre and Meuse, and it would be a shame to come here without taking advantage of this very special aspect! The path from a terminal to another costs only €2 for an adult. Actually, you have to pay 50 cents per stop, so if you are only doing a "stretch" the cost is very low ;)
Theaters in Namur
Theatre de Namur
This is a magnificent building which was destroyed by a fire and rebuilt in 1863 in an Italian style using sandstone, which is very rare in the area. Renovated a few years ago in 1998, it has a modern interior. Garouster, a French painter, decorated the ceilings of the lobby of this magnificent theater. It has several bars with terraces at the entrance, where it's nice to have a drink.
Rivers in Namur
Meuse River
They say river cities have a special charm, and Namur confirms this. Best view to appreciate the old Walloon capital and the new river Meuse (Le Meuse) are taken from different viewpoints along the Route Merveilleuse that takes us into the formidable and rugged citadel. The Meuse has captivated me, as it's been a long time since I've seen such a beautiful river that blends nature, landscape and architecture. Sitting on the banks of this great river, enjoy it from the viewpoints or take a ride in one of their river cruise is a must-do in Namur. The whole river will enchant you, but places like Namur will leave you hypnotized.
Museums in Namur
Musee Felicien Rops
Felicien Rops is a designer, illustrator, and cartoonist born in Namur, Belgium. He lived in the nineteenth century, and had a distinguished career, and is famous in the city; The Felicien Rops museum pays tribute to him. Many drawings are displayed, some of the most famous! The collection is visible on two floors and part of the establishment is devoted to temporary exhibitions. There, in the courtyard of the museum, is a pleasant garden exhibiting photographs related to the Meuse.
Squares in Namur
Place d'Armes
Place d'Armes and one of the main squares of the city of Namur. When I was there, we couldn't fully enjoy it because they were erecting a large tent to host an event there. At the end of the square, you will find the city congress center. At the foot of the congress, there is a symbol of the city, statues representing two characters and snails. Snails are very important to Namur, because the locals are nicknamed that, as like the Belgians, the Namur are known for being slow! ;)
Gardens in Namur
Parc Louise Marie
Throughout our walk through Namur we encountered this curious and original park, a recreation center in the city, and we went there to rest and relax. Built in 1880 as a boat shelter, Constantin Smits landscape project is responsible for the retrieval and entertainment area of the villa. It has all the elements that characterize European parks and gardens: waterfall grotto (which reminded us of the Retiro Park), central basin with running water, but what stands out are the remains of the bridge built by the Dutch, which was the gate of Brussels between 1815-1820. Remains of ancient walls that characterize Namur, a piece of history become park.
Castles in Namur
Château de Namur
Located in the highest part of the whole citadel, and in the vast forest that contains the Garden of flavorings, lies one of the most beautiful buildings in the city of Namur, it's castle, which now houses one of the most luxurious hotels. Romantically surrounded by roses, and right at the top, away from the hustle and unique surroundings. It also has a restaurant where you can taste local cuisine. Its a real treat to enjoy this landmark of the city of Namur!. Beautiful corner.
Rivers in Namur

The best things to do in Namur

Wondering what to do in Namur? There are so many things to see in this Belgian town, such as the range of great monuments and museums. You can start your tour of plaes to visit in Namur with the citadelle, a fortress built between the thirteenth and eighteenth centuries. The Eglise Saint-Loup, the Palais des Congres, the Cathedral of St-Aubain, and the Place d'Armes are other attractions in Namur that are worth visiting.

Other Namur attractions include its interesting museums, such as the Tresor d'Hugo d'Oignies, Felicien Rops Museum, Musée des Arts Anciens du Provincial Namurois - Tresor, and the Musee de la Collegiale Ste-Begge or African Museum. If you love museums and want more stuff to do in Namur, there is also the Centre Archeologique de la Grotte Scladina or Parc Louise-Marie, which are especially nice to walk to on a nice day.

Some of the best Namur activities include visiting the two beautiful parks in the city, which is highly recommended, especially if traveling to the city with children. If you need more things to do in Namur, you can swim or boat in the Meuse Valley, bike, enjoy one of the city's famous festivals. April hosts a traditional day of folklore, a great festival of street theatre is held in May, and in September the Festival of Wallonia is held, as well as the International Francophone Film Festival.

For more things to do and places to visit in Namur, search Minube for must-see sights, food recommendations, and testimonials from other travelers to the city.