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Things to do in Tallinn

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The top 93 attractions in Tallinn

Cathedrals in Tallinn
Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
The Russian Orthodox Cathedral is one of the major tourist spots of Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. The first thought I had was its resemblance to Russian cathedrals. The reason for this similarity is that the architect was the Russian, Mikhail Preobrazhensky, from Saint Petersburg, a character ve also designed cathedrals in Florence, Nice, Vienna and Sofia. It was during the period when Estonia was part of the tsarist Russian empire when it was built (approx 1900), as a symbol of the domination of the empire over Estonia. It is dedicated to the Prince of Novgorod, Alexander Nevsky Yaroslavich. Visually, it's a beautiful building, striking and original, both for its history and its decoration, on the inside as well as the outside.
Squares in Tallinn
Town Hall Square (Raekoja Plats)
The Town Hall Square was and has been the center of life in the city for centuries. It's one of the most significant monuments in Estonia: the City Council and the surrounding houses. These include the old pharmacy, the oldest in Europe still in operation. Many of the restaurants and outdoor terraces are located in neighboring houses and streets. We were in a market square which had a great atmosphere. It really is a nice place at the heart of Tallinn.
Historical Monuments in Tallinn
Walls of Tallinn
The beautiful city of Tallinn is surrounded by a walled complex of great value, which have been perfectly preserved. It could be the location of a medieval movie. With more than 2 kilometres of stone, it is one of the best preserved walls around Europe. In addition, the watchtowers are still preserved in the wall, 3 of which you can visit. And this is just outside the old town. What saved these walls is wonderful fairy tale.
Cities in Tallinn
Toompea Hill
There is an UNESCO World Heritage Site in this city. It's a viewpoint where you can observe the entire old town. It's worth climbing the stairs to get there. I came from Helsinki, Finland, by ferry and spent an unforgettable day walking the streets that transport you back to the Middle Ages. It's well worth it!
Churches in Tallinn
St. Olaf's Church
Strolling along Pikk Street, a long street running through the centre of Tallinn's medieval town, you can find this beautiful, enormous and imposing church surrounded by trees. This church was the tallest building in Europe, and currently it has a height of 124 meters (originally measured 154 meters). By all accounts, the tower of the church, which can be seen from many parts of the city, was made this tall so that merchant traders could see her from afar, bringing their goods to Tallinn.
Historical Monuments in Tallinn
Great Coastal Gate and Fat Margaret's Tower
The Great Gate of the coast (Suur Rannavärav) and Fat Margaret Tower (Paks Margareeta) were constructed to defend the city on the coast and impress visitors. It is the 1st monument that tourists see ve are coming on cruise ships when they arrive to port. The door is in the great wall of the city, situated on the north side of the Old City next to the harbor. During the XVI century reconstruction added Margaret tower, which has a diameter of 25 meters and a height of 20 meters, built to protect the harbor. Throughout its history served as a storehouse for weapons and gunpowder and as a prison.
City Halls in Tallinn
Tallinn Town Hall
The city hall of Tallinn is the only one in Gothic style in north-eastern Europe. The history of the building dates back to the 13th century. Its tower is 64 meters high, and has been topped since 1530 by a weather vane depicting an old warrior which has become the symbol of the city, the Vana Toomas. The building constructed, of gray limestone between 1371 and 1404, is in the late Gothic style. On the façade are two colorful dragon-shaped gargoyles dating from the seventeenth century. From the tower you can see a panoramic view of the city. The first time I saw the tower was when I went up through the narrow streets of Tallinn, its palaces reminded me of Sleeping Beauty, it is a medieval city, and this building seems to be like something from a Disney tale.
Of Cultural Interest in Tallinn
At number 11 in the Town Hall Square is the oldest pharmacy known in Europe, starting in the year 1422 and has been open uninterruptedly until today. To go inside it is really impressive because its décor is more or less true to its history. We learned that today it continues to provide preparations of herbs for different ailments. Your visit is highly recommendable.
Castles in Tallinn
Toompea Castle
We found this close to the Eesti Meeremuseum. Toompea Castle (meaning "the Danes Castle") is a castle on the hill of Toompea, in the center of Tallinn. The hill was one of the most important sites in Tallinn during the times of Danish Estonia, in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, and the name of the hill was the same as the name of the city. The Danes then began to refer to it as Castrum Lyndanisse Danorum ("Castle of the Danes"). According to one hypothesis, the name translated into ancient Estonian language as Taani (n) Linna, which would eventually be shortened to Tallinn. The oft rebuilt Toompea Castle makes an imposing addition to the skyline.
Streets in Tallinn
Long Street (Pikk Tanav)
Pikk Street is one of the main streets in Tallinn that crosses almost all of the old city. It begins at the entrance to the city, by the coastal door next to [poi = 120153] Fat Margaret Tower [/ poi], and ends in the middle of old town street leading to Pikk jalg. To explore the city, this is one street I recommend you stroll along from which you can enjoy the area's beauty, and its architecture with colourful houses and cobblestone streets. You'll also pass by the [poi = 120155] Church of St. Olav [/ poi] or the Gallery of architect Jacques Rosenbaum, one of the country' most important. At the end of the street, you reach crossroads to go to the city's [poi = 27484] Main Square [/ poi], one of the main tourist spots in Tallinn. It's certainly a walk to remember.
Museums in Tallinn
Estonian Open Air Museum
In this tiny town of Rocca Al Mare, there is the incredibly large, and hard to find, Estonian Open Air Museum. The museum retains most of Estonia's oldest wooden structures. These are mainly farms and houses, about 72, but there is also a school, a fire station, a chapel, and even a windmill. Everything in the museum was still being built up to 150 years ago and you can watch rural people sewing, preparing bundles of branches for decorating or building fences, and people building with real wood from the forest. You can even see how they cooked and ate. The museum is really big and, remember, there is a map at the entrance. It may take about two hours to walk it. It's suitable for a long walk so you can get lost for a while.
Palaces in Tallinn
The Parliament of Estonia (Riigikogu)
The Estonian parliament is in the country's capital, Tallinn, by Toompea Castle. The exterior of the palace is traditional, in the classic style. The Riigikogu sessions are held in the main hall, which is the most prominent room in the building. The high vaulted ceiling is painted lemon yellow and fluted. It is separated from the wall by a hidden ledge with zigzagging lamps. The parliament is located in an exceptional spot, high on a hill, with the view of the tower behind the Parliament of the tower, and the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in front, making for a lovely postcard!
Flea Markets in Tallinn
Sadama Market
Upon arrival at the port of Tallinn, the first thing you see besides the boats and a nice view of the city, is a small market of souvenirs that are typical of the country and the city. Clothing and wool sweaters hand-knitted hats for the harsh winter and, above all, things in amber, a gemstone made of resin. It is a expensive rock, with a pendant with a single stone which can cost about 50-70 €, so it is better not to look at them. Well, you can look at them because they are very nice. Besides that, there is an object that not only sold in this market, but also in many shops which are the houses candleholder, which emulate the colorful houses of the historic city center. Beautiful.I love it! I do not know if it is open for the whole year, I guess I will be open when there are tourists in the area.
Cathedrals in Tallinn
St Mary's Cathedral (Toomkirik)
Looking out over the city and close to one of the most beautiful viewpoints in the city, the Cathedral of the Holy Virgin Mary is located, a medieval building which dates from 1233. Historically it was the church of the German nobles ve lived in the city. Its exterior, is white, very different from the interior, which is completely decorated with family crests. It is located in the center of the hill known as Toompea, another important city street and which stands out for its medieval atmosphere(very very nice). As I said, I really liked its white facade, so clean and well maintained ...
Churches in Tallinn
St. Nicholas' Church
This church was built by German merchants in the year 1230. St. Nicholas was the patron of merchants and sailors. The style is late Gothic, but more was added in later centuries. Like much of Tallinn, this has come under fire, in this case, due to the bombardment of Russian troops during the Second World War. Everything inside was destroyed, and there was no time to hide the valuables before the attack began. The highlight of the collection is the Dance of Death, a twenty foot-long piece of art by the painter Bernt Notke, located in the Chapel of San Antonio. Highly recommended.
Cities in Tallinn
Tallinn Old Town
Completely surrounded by walls, this part of the city has been named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It is here that the tourist activity is concentrated, with different restaurants and medieval shops. Celebrities have often come here, so the city has become more famous, and here you can find all sorts of things aimed at tourists - carts selling candied almonds, restaurants, medieval-style stalls ... it's a relatively small area, and well worth visiting.
Historical Monuments in Tallinn
Pikk Hermann
Hermann Pikk, also known as the Great Hermann, is a tower in the Toompea Castle, located next to the Parliament building of Estonia, on the hill of Toompea in Tallinn. The first part of the tower was built between 1360-1370. The tower was later rebuilt to a height of 45.6m in the sixteenth century. A winding spiral staircase of 215 steps allows visitors to reach the top of the tower.
Streets in Tallinn
Katarina Käik (St. Catherine's Passage)
Beautiful place and you can take beautiful pictures

The best things to do in Tallinn

The main attraction of the city is its medieval historical centre, where you'll find
the majority of things to do in Tallinn. It's divided into two parts. In the Upper Town, also known as Toompea, we find things to see in Tallinn such as the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, the Cathedral of Santa Maria, and the Parliament of Estonia, one of the most famous buildings in the city. In this part of town, bursting with Tallinn attractions, you can also visit two doors of the old wall in addition to several viewpoints with great views of Tallinn.

In the Lower Town we can also find other unmissable places to visit in Tallinn like the Town Hall Square, nerve center of the city, the Church of the Holy Spirit, and the Church of St. Nicholas and St. Olaf Square. If you travel in summer, then of course you'll find plenty of stuff to do in Tallinn if you go to the beaches.
The most popular are Pirita Beach and the beaches of Kakume and Harku in the district of Haabersti.

Kadriorg Palace, the Kumu art museum, the ancient fortress, Patarei Sea Fortress are other attractions in Tallinn you should not miss. Also on the waterfront is the Lembit, a submarine, and the Suur Toll, an icebreaker; both now serve as museums and are other attractions in Tallinn that you should not miss.

Still not sure about what to do in Tallinn? Minube's users offer their recommendations for the best Tallinn activities.