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Things to do in Mataró

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The top 33 attractions in Mataró

Beaches in Mataró
El Varador Beach
Varador Beach(Varadero, in Castilian) is the main beach in the coastal town of Mataró. Facing the city's urban core, it is just under a mile long and 50 meters wide, fairly decent. It is a typical beach of the Barcelona coastline, straight, with Golden sand which is neither too thick nor too thin. It is flanked by two breakwaters (the South is that shelters the marina) and separated from the town by the railroad tracks, another factor common to the beaches on the northern coast in Barcelona. It offers a multitude of services and, being highly accessible for both locals and those traveling within the Renfe network it is widely used. In any case, for a largely industrial population, having a beach is a privilege ...
Shops in Mataró
Jardiland is a shop specializing in gardening, pets and decoration. We often go to buy the soil for our the small garden and make the most if it to buy some other things for the pets, sand, food and some candy. My son loves looking at the fish tanks, and the assortment of hamsters, rabbits and turtles, among others, that are on display. For those who like plants, here you find everything from seeds and pots to garden tools to spend hours spent on this hobby.
Of Cultural Interest in Mataró
Coll I Regàs House
After asking around a bit in the old town of Mataro, I found the house i Regàs Coll by Josep Puig. The guide explains that this house was restored by Caixa Laietana and has been declared a place of national cultural interest. The facade has sculptural elements by Eusebi Arnau. One of the things I liked most of the interior is the skylight, which gives spectacular light to the building. The whole house is full of columns, stairs, fireplaces etc. If you like the architecture of this time, you must visit.
Historical Monuments in Mataró
Roman Baths of Iluro
Two thousand years ago, Mataro was a prosperous Roman city Iluro. Not many remains from that distant past can be found in the capital of the region of Maresme. In the 60s the remains of what were the local public toilets were found in Can Xammar, which testify to the importance Iluro had at the time. The ruins are located in a fairly deteriorated which is under reconstruction. Indicative panels give an idea of ​​what these buildings were at the time.
Churches in Mataró
Basilica of St. Mary
Plaza Santa Maria has one of the most important basilicas and emblems of Cataluntya. A building that was constructed in 1675 to replace the old Gothic church, of which only the base of the bell tower remains. Before this there was a Romanesque church that has been a documented since the XI century, and even before then there was a Roman temple. The surviving Baroque church was designed by Ercole Turelli. It has a Latin cross plan with a single nave covered with a barrel vault with lights. On either side are side chapels opening with a pointed arch and the transepts are crowned with domes. The chancel has a Byzantine type dome. The main portal includes the monumental organ of 1927.
Markets in Mataró
El Rengle
I was struck by this small market in the centre of Mataró. It´s configuration is really original: a row of stalls that open like wings around a central axis. The late twentieth century building incorporates modernist elements(forging, ceramics) and is work of the famous architect Josep Puig.
Of Cultural Interest in Mataró
Historic Centre of Mataró
Mataró is a city on the north coast of Barcelona known mainly as an industrial center and for its beaches, easily reached by commuter network with the Catalan capital. Despite being eminently industrial it has over two thousand years worth of history, from its origins as a Roman urbs. It houses remains of almost all ages, and its historic centre is in the process of being restored. A maze of alleys surround the basilica of Santa Maria, in which the visitor can discover places with a rancid taste, typical of another era. A very different image of Mataró...
Harbors in Mataró
Museums in Mataró
Cemeteries in Mataró
Cemetery of the Capuchines
Many people are reluctant to visit cemeteries. The truth is, jokes aside,they are quiet places, often well kept with important artwork. In regards to this cemetery, located on the top of Mataró in the grounds of what was once a convent of Capuchins, I can assure you it is well worth a visit for its landscape (splendid view over a bright Mediterranean) and its architectural legacy. This is an area of ​​respectable dimensions, very carefully and I was struck by its amplitude. I would never want to live here, but of course, I've seen much worse ... Located on the hillside overlooking the town, and if on top, the open space dominates, at the bottom you will find a set of decent monuments. The entrance hall in the form of mini-Pantheon is very striking. In short: Recommended.
Of Cultural Interest in Mataró
From a trip to Amsterdam we brought back some tulips to plant and this is how beautiful this white tulip grew on the balcony of my house. We have a balcony full of flowers I love watching them and taking photographs.
Statues in Mataró
Sculpture Mataró
Mataró sculpture in Plaza del Ayuntamiento, opposite the Museum, is the work of Manuel Cusachs. It is bronze on a granite base and was donated to the city by the Caixa Laietana. It is an allegory to Mataro, represented by a youth and is inscribed with the verses of the poem "Mataró" which Josep Punsola i Vallespí (1913-1949) dedicated to his hometown.
Of Cultural Interest in Mataró
The Peixateria
The old fish market of mataró is neoclassical and, fortunately, has been left untouched. It is decidedly nineteenth century, with a colonnade at the front and mythological allegories. A priori, the furthest thing from the modest place it was supposed to. Now it's a bar and souvenir shop and the square in front is very nice for a drink.
Villages in Mataró
Squares in Mataró
Embassies in Mataró
Gardens in Mataró
Montenegre Parc I Corridor
Montnegre Parc I Corridor is ideal for walking, I love to hang out on a Sunday morning to breathe fresh air, surrounded by nature where I can enjoy a leisurely walk, without stress.
Music Venues in Mataró
Room Montmartre
A new proposal was opened in Mataró (Barcelona), distinct and bold. La Sala Montmartre is different from the typical commercial places of this city as it has an artistic space where good, live music is the star, it is a place for musicians and for people who love music and like to see and hear live music.