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Things to do in Comillas

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The top 55 attractions in Comillas

Palaces in Comillas
The Whim of Gaudí
It is very pretty, but it costs 5 Euros, you can see it in no time and there is no guided visit. But you have to see it because it is beautiful and it was made by Gaudí. Comillas is a must stop. You can see the Palacio de Sobrellano in the background.
Villages in Comillas
At the end of the 19th century, Comillas was gorgeous: splayed out along a large sandy beach and surrounded by enormous cliffs battered by the pounding surf. Life in the town revolved around the small fishing port and the historic district with its arch-lined squares, cobblestone alleyways, and homes of noble families. The Villa de los Arzobispos, named such for having been home to numerous prelates, seduced the first Marquis of Comillas who undertook works to embellish it even more. That’s how Gaudí, Joan Roig, Cascante Colom, Joan Martorell, Llimona i Bruguera, Vallmitjana, and Lluís Domènech came to leave their marks on some the most important Modernist buildings in Cantabria. These days, a visit to Comillas is a fascinating experience full of things to see and enjoy. The impressive Palace of Sobrellano and its pantheon-chapel, the university, and El Capricho, Gaudí’s would-be summer home, all embody the essence of Modernism, a style characterized by a heavy Gothic influence, the presence of motifs inspired by the natural world, curved forms, and asymmetry. But Comillas doesn’t stop there. The ocean breeze sweeps you around the narrow little streets and towards new little corners to discover. One of the most interesting was the Punta la Moira panoramic viewpoint, or the cemetery built on the remains of a 15th century church and presided over by an imposing winged statue. This small village by the sea is a truly moving place.
Palaces in Comillas
Palace of Sobrellano
This amazing building is also called the Palace of the Marquis of Comillas since it was built on the same place where his house once stood. It’s was designed by the Catalan architect Juan Martorell. It was built in the late 19th-century Neo-Gothic style and was furnished by Cascante as well as the painter Lorens and the sculptor Joan Roig. The Chapel-Pantheon is also part of this palace and is famous for its beautiful marble mausoleum. The furnishings were designed by Gaudí. It’s one of the most iconic buildings in this charming little village and, thanks to its location right at the entrance of town, gives a welcoming salute to all those who enter. If Comillas is well-known as a prime example of Cantabrian nobility, then this is perhaps the most fitting symbol.
Cemeteries in Comillas
Cemetery of Comillas
Although visiting a cemetery might seem strange, this isn’t your average graveyard. It’s located in the highest part of the town of Comillas and offers one of the best panoramas of the entire coastline. Inside, there’s a parochial church dating back to the 15th century and numerous Gothic ruins. What strikes your attention most of all is the statue of the Angel of Death (by the sculptor Llimona Bruguera) looking out over the Cantabrian sea. Another highlight is the Modernist facade which was declared to be a Monument of Cultural Interest in 1983.
Beaches in Comillas
Comillas Beach
I spent the afternoon strollling with my girlfriend, walking along the beach and looking at the shells that stay where the water reaches. In the afternoon we sat watching the sunset, and took some pictures. Pretty typical, but no less beautiful.
Universities in Comillas
Universidad Pontificia de Comillas
At first, this grand building was a Catholic seminary whose goal was to train seminarians from all over Spain. Then in 1968 it was transferred to Madrid and opened to all lay Christians. It was designed by Lluis Domenech i Montaner. Currently the complex is owned by the Government of Cantabria and is the headquarters of the International Centre of Spanish Studies.
Squares in Comillas
Constitución Square
The beautiful square where the town hall is located is situated in the heart of Comillas. The set of houses surrounding the 18th Century square, while the church dates back to the 17th Century. In the basement of these houses you can find numerous cafes and taverns where you can sample a good red wine and Iberian sausage. We also found a great grocery store specializing in specialties, such as lobster pudding, cheese boards from the region, handmade pasta. A good place to enjoy some wine and pamper yourself!
Harbors in Comillas
Port of Comillas
Comillas port is located at the left end of the beach and is protected from tides and storms by a high dike, creating an interior basin several metres wide. It dates back to the seventeenth century and was largely funded by the residents of the municipality of Comillas. It currently has very little activity, given the small number of fishermen.
Shops in Comillas
Alma Zen Craft Shop
Besides visiting the church, enjoying a glass of wine or buying some Cabrales cheese, you should visit one of the best craft shops in the area. Tastefully decorated and filled with gift items, textiles and home goods, Alma Zen is a good choice for cutting edge artefacts or for those looking for crafts from the East, India and Morocco. There are prices for all pockets and an interesting collection of fabrics and quilts. You can buy everything from plates and candles to a beautiful wrought iron bed. You won't be disappointed.
Statues in Comillas
Marqués de Comillas Monument
Antonio Lopez y Lopez, immigrated to Cuba where he made his fortune, helped Alfonso XII, financed the war of Cuba. Thanks to this, he was given the title, Marquis of Comillas. His friend, Angel Perez, donated a meadow to the city, to make it a monument to Marquis. The place is awesome, quiet and ideal for relaxing
Churches in Comillas
Parish Church of San Cristóbal
This church was established in the year 1648. Inside you can see the image of Santo Cristo del Amparo, who is the patron saint of fishermen, and whose feast is celebrated every year between the 11th to 17th of July. It is known as the Feast of the Holy Cristo del Amparo. It has three naves and a tower composed of four heights prismatic and surmounted by a pinnacle pyramid style. It is located in the heart of the fishing village of Comillas, in the Plaza of the Constitution, which is the Old City Hall and where you can see the typical architecture of the area.
Of Touristic Interest in Comillas
Fountain of Three Pipes
I can not say anything good about this place ... We sat on the terrace for a snack and to have a beer. We ordered fried calamari, mussels and a scrambled eel. The portions were bad, and following were the hot mussels and they tasted very strange, with frozen breaded and the gulas seemed watery, a bad experience at the center of a big city like Comillas.
Cemeteries in Comillas
Forests in Comillas
Historical Monuments in Comillas
Festivals in Comillas
Celebrations of the Holy Christ of the Amparo
On my last visit to Comillas, it happened to be the Feast of the Santo Cristo del Amparo , an event held every year and this year it was held on the 15,16 and July 17, of the year 2010. They are a parties and celebrated by comillanos, and a lot of things are organized such as the donkey race, log cutting contest giant bagpipe contest Cantabrian side football tournament, dessert contest , etc ... City Council also organizes workshops Comillas puppets for children,Cantabrian market,big heads parade, fireworks, dances, musical performances from bagpipes, etc ... And for the more fussy on Saturday 11th they organized a popular meal with sardines and chorizada and Monday 12th popular hot chocolate. The act that opens the festival is the hoisting of Labarum Cantabrian and the 2 acts that most unites all comillanos is the descent of the Holy Christ of the Shelter from the parish church of San Cristobal to the pier and pier to the church always accompanied by a group of pipers.
City Halls in Comillas
Churches in Comillas

The best things to do in Comillas

Looking for things to do in Comillas? Many know this city because of its university, the Pontifical University of Comillas, which is the leading university in Comillas - although it has now been moved to Madrid. The old buildings of the university are one of the best examples of Modernism in the area.

Thanks to the various places to visit in Comillas, the city has become one of the most interesting in Cantabria, especially from the architectural point of view.

There is certainly no shortage of stuff to do in Comillas. The city houses modernist buildings like the Palace of Sobrellano and Chapel Pantheon, the Pontifical University, and of course the Capricho de Gaudí, all of which are important Comillas attractions. Don't forget that the city stands out as one of the few places outside Catalonia where Antoni Gaudí worked, and his works are one of the essential things to see in Comillas.

Other great attractions in Comillas include the Comillas Sobrellano Palace or the Marqués de Comillas, the Church of San Cristobal, and the Cave of La Meaza. Another example of the great range of Comillas activities is the beautiful beach where there are plenty of outdoor eateries to enjoy the local cuisine. The most typical dish is sorropotún, a delicious stew with potatoes, onion, pepper, and tomato.

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