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Things to do in Dallas

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The top 41 attractions in Dallas

Airports in Dallas
Dallas Fort Worth International Airport
International Airport Dallas / Forth Worth is between Dallas and Fort Worth in the state of Texas. It is connected to both cities by various land transport, composed of four main terminals (A, B, C and E) and contains extensive shopping and dining areas which, together with their wide corridors, makes the time between flights pass by. It is an important venue for airlines such as American Airlines, United Airlines, British Airways and is one of the busiest airports in North America, as it has a lot of domestic flights and international connections to and from Europe, Latin America and Asia.
Museums in Dallas
Dallas Arboretum & Botanical Gardens
My parents came here with my husband and I in late March. The tulips were in full bloom, and the trees were just starting to flower! It was a little crowded, even for a weekday, so we were glad we went early. Our only regret was not bringing our lunch with us! Plenty of picnic areas, and photo opportunities. The staff was super friendly, and it was so fun to explore the landscape! They have paved paths, and ramps so every garden was accessible. Wear some good walking shoes, and bring water and sunscreen!
Squares in Dallas
Pioneer Plaza
The unique Pioneer Plaza, situated in the center of Dallas, is where you can find the largest bronze statue in the world. It represents (very realistically) American cowboys driving cattle. The rest of the Plaza is without interest: ten minutes, some pictures and you are ready to go. Incidentally, Pioneer Square has a small parking.
Squares in Dallas
Dealey Plaza National Historic Landmark District
The Dealey Plaza is a landmark in the city of Dallas because that's where JFK died in 1963. The square, a green space with grass and trees, is traversed by three streets: Commerce Street, Main Street and Elm Street. It's in between Houston Street and Triple Bypass Highway. In the same square there's also '"The sixth floor museum", from which the former U.S. was shot. As a curiosity, note that on the road they have marked the point where JFK was shot, although this is best seen in the accompanying video.
Museums in Dallas
The Crow Collection of Asian Art
The Crow Collection is a free gallery in the Arts District showing several pieces of Asian art. Outside of the building, a pair of Fu Dogs stand watch. There is also one of the oldest statues in the museum by the entry stairs that lingers amidst a beautiful and tranquil fountain. There are tables and chairs in the courtyard where many business people and visitors will sit and enjoy their lunch. No photography is allowed inside of the museum. A receptionist will give you a map and tell about any temporary galleries they have on display. In the first large room, you will see beautifully carved gates where they also hold Yoga classes. The vases and bowls on display date back prior to the life of Jesus. Carvings of jade are magnificent in their lighted display cases. One can make it through in about an hour, even if you linger to read the placards. It is definitely a great stop to get out of the heat and take a moment to appreciate artists of long ago.
Museums in Dallas
Perot Museum of Nature and Science
The Perot Museum is a great place for families. There are plenty of interactive exhibits that will keep children entertained for hours! The Leap Frog Forest is a good place to visit after you go through the museum. The water feature is a wonderful place to cool off on a hot summer day. The frogs provide a good place to take some funny photos. The cafe, Leap Frog Forest, and gift shop are accessible without admission. The lobby is where school groups gather, and occasionally local businesses set up tables to share how they contribute to science. Once inside, I recommend taking the escalator to the fourth floor and working your way down through the museum. The escalator moves past the big window, and provides one of my favorite views of the city. There are multiple exhibits on each floor, finishing with a temporary exhibit in the lower level. My favorites included the fossil exhibit, minerals and precious gems, and the human body. Each exhibit offers interactive experiences. In the sports exhibit, visitors can try racing a T-Rex, Olympic runners, and even a cheetah! They can also experiment with stop motion photography to see how their body moves in comparison with professional athletes. In the human body exhibit, visitors can put on a lab coat and become real scientists to look at their own cells! Nearby the body exhibit, visitors can try their hand at building and racing robots, play with electrical instruments and try their hand at programming a robot. The museum has so much more to do and explore. Two adults moving at a moderate pace through the building can make it through in about four hours. If you are going through with kids, I recommend going earlier in the day when it is not as crowded, and plan to spend a full day. The museum has other activities such as group yoga, a birthday party room, and overnight stays for kids aged 6 - 12. Check out the museum website or call for the most current admission rates, or scheduling of special events. They do have temporary exhibits, and 3-D movies. Again, check the website for more details on events and exhibits.
Viewpoints in Dallas
Reunion Tower
Reunion Tower is the perfect place to start or end your visit to Dallas. Located on the West side of the city, Reunion Tower takes you 561 feet (171 meters) above street level to gain an aerial perspective of the Dallas area. Admission gets you up to the observation "GeoDeck," and to the Cloud 9 cafeteria. It also gets you a free digital copy of your souvenir photograph! Printed copies with frame can be purchased at the GeoDeck level. Reunion Tower could be a quick visit, or you can take your time and spend a couple of hours. There are comfortable seating and tables in the observation area. No food or drink is allowed, but this is a great place to sit and plan out your visit. Interactive screens allow you to touch popular attractions, and learn more about them. You may take a walk outside and feel the wind in your hair! There are telescopes located fairly frequently around the GeoDeck. No need to bring quarters; just wait your turn and enjoy zooming in on the sights below! The Tower is open daily until 10 pm. You will have to decide for yourself if you prefer to see the city at night or during the day. Either way, you will get a spectacular view! Don't forget to check out Cloud 9 for a snack, or just to sit and watch the city go by as the restaurant rotates!
Shopping Malls in Dallas
Streets in Dallas
Downtown Dallas
Dallas is a city in Dallas County, in the American state of Texas. Its metropolitan area is the largest in all of Texas, and the fourth largest in the country (after New York, Los Angeles and Chicago). It is also famous for being the city where President John F Kennedy was assassinated.
Museums in Dallas
Texas Fire Museum
The Texas Fire Museum is one of the most amazing places to visit in Dallas, Texas, United States. If you want to make a beautiful memory of this incredible museum, you can do so any time since the people there are very friendly.
Museums in Dallas
The Women's Museum
The Women's Museum is a comprehensive museum of women in the national history of the USA. It is a place that with programs and exhibitions where people can view the past and explore the contributions of women in history. It is situated in Fair Park in Dallas, Texas. They argue that the contributions of women must be part of the storyline and the way to head into the future.
Museums in Dallas
Old City Park: the Historical Village of Dallas
The Old City Park: The Historical Village of Dallas (Dallas) is situated on 13 wooded acres south of the center of Dallas and offers visitors an unique experience. Their objective is to collect, preserve and teach the history of Dallas. It is situated in the old city, and the museum has a collections of historic buildings and furniture, that represent the years 1840-1910. The museum has educational programs and special events for children, families and adults alike.
Museums in Dallas
Paulding County Historical Society and Museum
The Dallas Historical Society (Dallas) was opened in1922, to promote the research of history. The Hall of State is one of the best examples of Art Deco architecture in the USA. The organization the Historical Society is the oldest and most historic one in Dallas. Their aim is to collect, preserve and exhibit historical artifacts.
Museums in Dallas
Biblical Arts Center
The Biblical Arts Center (Dallas) has works that are on display in permanent exhibits and artifacts of modern architecture. There is a spiritual art on display. It Includes various disciplines of art . It is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 10 to 17 hours, Sundays from 13-17 hours and is closed on Mondays.
Museums in Dallas
The Dallas Contemporary
The Dallas Museum Center for Contemporary Art is situated in Dallas in Texas . It was founded in the year 1978 by Patricia Meadows with the understanding that contemporary artists should put their work before the public to thrive. By offering artists a spac "piece of the wall art, as the organization was known, it was filed with contemporary art and cultural scenes of downtown Dallas. As guests of the Meadows Foundation, Dallas Contemporary is situated on Swiss Avenue for over 30 years, since its inception in Art Deco warehouse. Dallas Contemporary presents art in a forum that cultivates artists turns learning, and encourages the community
Festivals in Dallas
Texas State Fair
This is the "Texas Star", located in Dallas, TX.
Squares in Dallas
Thanks-Giving Square
Thanks-Giving Square is a great place to slow down, and appreciate the good things in your life. It's religious ambiguity is a deliberate attempt by the founders to avoid any one affiliation. The square is meant to be a place for anyone, regardless of belief, to come and take a moment to give thanks for the blessings of our lives. The chapel is small, but absolutely breathtaking when you step inside. You may leave a note in the bowl on the alter giving thanks, or take a moment to pray or meditate. The Thanks-Giving Foundation encourages you to lay on the floor, and look upwards. You will see a spiral of 73 stained-glass panels that make up the Glory Window. As the brochure explains, it is the largest display of horizontal stained glass in the world. The Foundation's web-site further describes that in the year 2000, the United Nations declared it the year of International Thanksgiving. The Glory Window appeared on the UN Stamp. After spending a moment in the chapel, take some time to wander the square. Take a moment to appreciate the tranquility of the gardens. Make your way to the Bell Tower, and step inside the Ring of Thanks. If you turn toward the ring, you can hear your expressions of thanks echo! The square is easily accessible by DART, or by driving. This is not an all day event, but definitely worth spending a good hour. Check the website for special events. There are services that take place occasionally, and all are invited to join. Check the website for special events and hours.
Museums in Dallas
Nasher Sculpture Center
The Nasher Sculpture Center is located in the Arts District of Dallas. This is the perfect place to spend a few hours. Be sure to go on a nice day to get the full benefit of the garden. The galleries can be viewed within a couple of hours. Parking is pretty easy as there is a lot across the street from the center. If it's full, there are several other parking options within a few blocks of the center. Flash Photography is not allowed inside the gallery. The staff will be sure to remind you if you miss the signs at the entrance. There are multiple galleries for visitors to explore inside and out of the building. The Center is home to several works by Pablo Picasso, Rodin, and other famous and local artists. The Center is very focused on educating visitors. They sometimes have craft tables available for kids of all ages to enjoy during their visit. Their paper map gives visitors a brief summary of each of the permanent displays. They are well written and give the viewer a sense of who the artist was, and where they got their inspiration. I particularly enjoyed wandering the garden. While you cannot touch the sculptures, you may walk through them. I recommend walking through the curved wall slowly and allowing it to show you that it's much more than a random wall in a garden. Check the website for special events. During the summer months, classes for kids are popular, as are family days where visitors are invited to relax on the lawn. Movie nights, and music events are also scheduled throughout the warmer months. They also have free admission days, which are great for travelers on a budget. The garden does have paved walking areas, and is accessible to all.

The best things to do in Dallas

If you're wondering what to do in Dallas, most people recommend the Ewing Mansion, and they're right! For the fans of the TV show Dallas, one of the most interesting attractions in Dallas is a trip through the show's sets where you'll recognize the places where the characters lived. But, there are many more things to do in Dallas!

The most popular
places to visit in Dallas are in downtown. The wide streets full of skyscrapers are truly impressive. The downtown area offers some of the best things to see in Dallas and gives you a better idea of what the city is really like. For those who like the Arts, some important Dallas attractions include cultural spaces like the Meadows Museum, which holds pieces of Spanish Art from the Middle Ages to the present. Also, the Dallas Museum of Art has works of great value.

Another of the best Dallas activities is taking in a show during the city's famous theater festival. During this time, the city has vibrant cultural offer that you won't want to miss. If you're looking for stuff to do in Dallas with children, the Dallas Zoo and aquarium should be at the top of the list. There's sure to be fun for the whole family with the impressive exotic animals and the star of the aquarium, the dolphins! The Botanical Garden, or any of the city parks, are also perfect for lounging about.

But if you want a place to really recharge, the best places to visit in Dallas are its famous barbecue restaurants. And after a delicious meal, you can enjoy the city's nightlife. Dallas is filled with bars for dancing and after-dinner cocktails.